Six months ago

Stan hissed, his face contorted in barely controlled disgust. The tiny woman before him was cool, controlled and completely composed despite his fierce appearance. He twitched his hands as though to lunge for her but a sharply barked command from Godric stilled him.

"Stan!" The much smaller man said, and Stan knew to back down. When he moved aside Godric saw his tiny, ancient looking visitor and smiled gently. "Please, sister," he held his hands out to the diminutive nun and when she came forward and took them, he kissed her hands gently. "You look well."

"I look old, Godric," she said teasingly, and behind her eyes was the twinkle of impishness he had seen in her when she was younger. "You, of course, are handsome as ever."

Stan snorted and moved to the side, his entire demeanor announcing louder than words his disgust at Godric entertaining a member of the clergy in their nest. Godric pointedly ignored him and led his guest to a chair. "What can we do for you sister?"

"To be honest, I've come to beg a favour..." Behind her in the rapidly growing crowd of vampires, Stan was grumbling knowingly.

"Anything," Godric said firmly, without reservation.

The old nun looked at him gratefully. "We have a young woman in our care at the convent," she said carefully. "To be honest, we don't know much about her at all. We found her, terribly injured, in the street near the church. We've cared for her as best we can, but she wont tell us who she is... she wont talk at all truth be known."

"Surely she should be in a hospital," Godric suggested, "perhaps a mental health facility if she is troubled..."

"And she would be by now... but a number of men, representatives from the Vatican, came and looked at her." He lent in close, her withered old hands gripping his tightly. "They wouldn't tell us anything, but they were scared of her. Terrified. I've never seen anything like it, and two days later we received word that one way or another, her time at the convent had come to an end. We were to turn her out!" She nearly sobbed the last, "How is that Christian, Godric? What could scare them so much they'd put a frightened girl out into the world on her own?"

Godric frowned, "I don't know... You want me to take her, bring her here?"

"She needs a gentle hand, and no one's hand is gentler than yours." She smiled, "you know as well as I do, my church is not perfect Godric. Whatever it is about this child that scares them, she's just a young woman."

"Alright, sister. Bring your ward here, I will talk to her." he looked sideways at the nun who was blushing slightly, "ah, unless you decided there was no way I would refuse you, and she's here already. In the car perhaps?"

"I merely have faith in your goodness dear," she teased him gently.

"You manipulate me shamelessly with your smiles, sister," Godric laughed and leaned forward to kiss her cheek. "Bring her in, we will see what we will see."

Within a few minutes, word was dispatched to the car and a somewhat nervous looking young priest ushered a cloak-wrapped form into the lounge room. The nun beckoned her forward and with a resigned sigh, the girl pushed her hood back and moved forward. She wore a simple, modest, white linen dress and Godric realised it must have been something the nuns had given her.

"Hello," Godric said carefully, trying out a gentle smile, to see where that would get him.

"It's alright dear, Godric is a good friend." The sister told her, and the girl nodded, bowing slightly to him.

"You will not talk to me?" He asked. She smiled apologetically, but said nothing. "Well, what shall I call you?"

"We've been calling her little sister," the nun told him, "she's quite bright and helpful. Once she was up and about she started working in the gardens. Our tomatoes have never been so big!"

"I see. Is little sister agreeable to you?" he asked, still hoping to get some sort of indication that she COULD talk. Unfortunately for him she smiled again and nodded.

"You're doing favors for the church now?" Stan grumbled.

"I do favors for whomever I choose. Sister Angela has been a great friend to our kind, and to me." He said firmly. "Are you afraid of a human girl, Stan?" Godrics eyes were cool and mocking.

"They are trouble. Constant trouble, and if their own church distrusts her,"

"Then, I would think, you would be curious as to why." Godric interrupted. He looked at little sister carefully and lent forward, resting his elbows on his knees. "Tell me, little sister, do you know what so scared the men of God?"

Little sister bit her lip, then stood a little straighter and nodded firmly, defiantly.

"I see." He stood ad held his hands out to her, beckoning slightly for her to come forward. It took a moment for her to screw up her courage, but after moment she came forward and gave him her hands, allowing him to step in close and look into her eyes. They were of comparable height, but she felt somehow like he was huge compared to her. "Are you dangerous, little sister?"He asked softly, feeling for her pulse through her hands to try to see if she would lie. She made a sadly mocking face and looked for a moment like she might cry before shaking her head, no.

Godric stared at her intently for a moment and then lent closer to whisper conspiratorially, "I believe you." Little sister's eyes widened and she swallowed hard, gripping his hands tighter. The expression was past in a moment and Godric wondered at her reaction. "Would you like to stay here, with us?" She bit her lip and looked around at everyone. "You would be safe here. If you need protection, I can provide it." At last she nodded and, in a strangely old fashioned gesture, lifted his hands and kissed his knuckles lightly. "Very well. Sister, you may send anything of hers from the convent, we will organize a room for her here. Then, maybe, once you feel comfortable, you'll explain to me how a lovely young woman so frightened the church."

Little sister blushed helplessly under his slightly cheeky gaze, hints of the boy he must once have been peeking through from behind his eyes. She turned and reached out, again, in a gesture that seemed much older than her, she touched Sister Angela's face gently, her eyes sad.

"You're welcome, child." The sister said and little sister's smile seemed even sader.