Sometimes, Sakura's brother really, really hated Sayoran. No, scratch that- he didn't want that little brat touching his sister. And even if Yukito said that the brat was a pretty good person, despite everything that had gone on, he still wasn't the same brat that had left.

He could feel the change, and Sayoran had, upon arriving back to the castle, had quietly said that he'd be going back to his house to stay the night.

Victory! At least, until Sakura had pouted slightly, protesting against the decision, and the other two strange visitors had shuffled around trying to think of something they ought to do. And Yukito had betrayed him by offering one of them to stay at the palace.

Which led to this predicament right here…

"Kurogane-san? Are you still awake?"

His cute, adorable little sister was visiting a man's bedroom at ten at night.

"Kid, what are you doing here? Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"W-Well, I just wanted to talk to you for a bit-"

"About the boy?" The blunt reply caused the already heavily blushing girl to blush even harder, as the tall, black headed man leaned against the doorway, his long cape still hiding his body, though his headgear was off. "Shouldn't you be asking him that?"

"W-Well, he… I know he won't tell me anything about the more painful parts; he wouldn't want to burden me with them. But- But I want to help him." Her earnest eyes stared up at him, and the man sighed gruffly.

Crimson eyes swept up to look at him peeking around the corner before going back down to the vibrant girl standing in front of him. A single hand descended upon her head. "That's the sort of thing you ask the person himself. He may not tell everything- he probably won't tell you everything, but won't it be that much more precious?"

Sakura smiled as she nodded, and turned, cloth flying in the self-made breeze. She was half-way down the hallway before she turned around to look back at the tall man. "Kurogane-san?"

The man looked irritated as she turned around, but neither of the two men were quite expecting her to hurtle towards him, wrapping her arms around him in a big hug. "Thank you so much for being Kuro-daddy for me!"

"Bwah?" Kurogane seemed to flail for a reply as she took a step back, before she smiled up at him, and took off down the hallway. The man stood frozen in the doorway, as she vanished from sight.

Slowly he turned to where her brother was hiding. "You, come on out. I take it you have something to say to me?"

"Kuro-daddy?" The brother had to ask, as he stepped out of his hiding spot.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT! I'm Kurogane, nothing else!" Kurogane gestured sharply, and the cloak billowed open to reveal an arm of metal.

"Your arm-"

"Hmph. Forget about it." Kurogane turned away, and a long-fingered hand caught the metal part.



"I got lonely without you Kuro-daddy! So I brought along Sayoran so that way we could all have a large sleepover in your room!" The mage smiled up at the gaping, agahst man.

"Absolutely not! Besides, the Kid has got to want to sleep in his own bed for once."

"That's alright, I already made certain that he and Sakura would bump into each other before coming to see you!"

"What does that have to do with anything?"

"But, Kuro-daddy! We can't have a sleepover if we don't have both of our kids, now come on, go find some extra mattresses that can be used as a futon!"

"Why me?" The low growl sent the other man taking a step back, but the blond-haired man didn't look fazed.

"But- Kuro-daddy, Fai-mommy is going to be getting blankets! Afterall, it gets cold during the night! Now remember, get two more!"


"What kind of mommy would I be if I didn't sleep with Daddy? See you in a few minutes!"

Fai vanished around a corner, laughing happily as Kurogane groped for the closest thing to throw- and hopefully crack against the idiots head. He turned away with a groan, and went to the closest, nearby door, throwing it open.

Sakura's brother decided now would be a good time to find his sister before she could get pulled into this madness.

Yukito smiled slightly as he cracked open the door to peek inside. The Prince had been guarding Sakura's bedroom door (she had escaped out the window) and growling at anyone who dared got near.

His smile widened as he took in the cozy picture.

Kurogane lay flat out against the ground, metallic arm out flung, and real arm draped across his chest. Sakura and Sayoran lay perpendicular to him, heads pillowed on his stomach, facing each other, hands entwined. Fai lay on the other side, curled up nearby the metallic arm. Mokona

One drowsy red eye cracked open, before dismissing him as no threat, and lazily sliding close. Another blue eye popped open, regarded him, before a smile curved on those lips, and placed a finger in a shushing sign.

Yukito smiled, nodded, and quietly closed the door. No need to interrupt- it was just a quiet little family gathering, after all.

a/n: I don't see why there can't be family fluff after the manga. I just can't. They've been through so much, so it stands to reason that they probably got closer. So… family fluff after the manga ends.