A/N- I am currently updating all chapters as I am aware of a few mistakes that have been made. This chapter has been updated.

Summary- set during the prisoner of Azkaban. Severus finds out Sirius kept a secret that will change many lives. Contains mpreg.
Pairings- Sirius/Severus Harry/Draco Remus/Lucius

Chapter one

Severus swept through the halls of Hogwarts all the way to the DADA classroom, he strode into the room ready to shout at Lupin for missing a whole staff meeting that he himself had been forced to attend, instead though he got there to find the room empty. He was just about to leave when something on the desk caught his eye, he recognised it immediately.
The marauders map.
He went over to the map and saw two dots in the grounds that struck his interest, Sirius Black and Remus Lupin and they had Harry, Ron and Hermione with them. He ran as fast as he could possibly manage through the halls of Hogwarts, glad that it was after curfew so that none of the students would see their most feared professor in such a state. He ran across the grounds to the Whomping Willow, all the while not even knowing why he was doing this, all it could possibly bring him was more pain. He stopped at the base of the Willow, took out his wand and used it to move a stick to the trunk of the tree and press the knot at the base which he knew would freeze the whole tree. Moving quickly, so as not to be caught if it started moving again, he started making his way through the corridors that he knew so well. He stopped when he reached the room at the end of the furthest corridor and drew out his wand. He could hear voices coming from inside the room and knew he had found the right place.
"I think Harry has the right to an explanation" came a voice which he realised was Lupin.
Severus stepped inside the room without either of the occupants noticing him until he spoke.
"I think there is more than just Harry that would like an explanation"
Sirius gasped as he turned and saw Severus stood in the doorway "Sev"
Sirius started towards Severus but Severus pointed his wand straight at Sirius.
"Don't you dare come any closer Black" Sirius froze at the hatred in Severus' voice "Weasley, Granger go back to the castle. Don't tell anyone what has happened. I will deal with this"

Ron and Hermione made a quick exit. Once satisfied they had actually left Severus turned back to Sirius "I thought you were about to give an explanation. Merlin knows someone deserves one since I never got mine"
"I don't need an explanation, what is there to explain? He killed my parents."
Severus and Sirius turned to look at Harry suddenly remembering that he was there.
"Your parents aren't dead"
"Don't lie it's not fair to anyone Black." Severus cut in "For once in your pathetic life tell the truth and explain to the kid and everyone else why it is that his parents are dead"
Sirius turned back to look at him "I'm not lying. Dumbledore is the one that has been lying, his name is not even Harry"
Severus laughed "Please enlighten us then Black as to what it is"
"It's Raven"
Severus and Remus both gasped as the words left Sirius' mouth neither of them believing him.
"NO BLACK RAVEN IS DEAD. MY SON DIED TWELVE YEARS AGO BECAUSE OF YOU BLACK. NOW TELL HIM THE TRUTH" Severus didn't know how much more he could take of Sirius' lies. He wiped away the tears running down his face.
"I'm not lying Sev. This is Raven not Harry" Sirius told him, speaking so quietly Severus only just heard him. "I took Raven that day to James and lily's house but I never left him there. I took him with me Sev; James' parents had taken Harry home early so I took Raven with me. It was Harry there the entire time, Raven was never there."
"So how do you explain him being found there after in the ruins of the house" Severus asked whilst inside he was praying to Merlin that the boy in front of him could somehow be his baby boy.
"I heard what happened and went straight to the house, when I got there it was only Dumbledore there. The next thing I know he had taken Raven from me and I was being arrested and taken straight to Azkaban without a trial. He really is Raven Sev I may have lied to you in the past but I would never lie about this."
"So why did you never tell me?" Severus asked hoping his voice didn't crack too much from the tears now cascading down his cheeks.
"I couldn't Sev"
Severus could not believe what he was hearing,
"Well you were obviously able to tell me you just decided not to. How else would the wolf know? And don't even try lying, I heard him telling you to explain so he must know."
Sirius looked down ashamed.
"I didn't know how to tell you Sev."
Severus couldn't even stand to look at Sirius any longer. The love of his life had kept his son from him for the last 12 years letting him think he was dead. He turned around to look at Harry instead. Harry was stood there with tears running down his face, could it be true? Could he really have a dad that was alive? Severus took a long hard look at Harry; he couldn't believe he had never noticed before all the similarities between Harry and himself. He had his son back. He had his Raven back. He rushed forward and scooped Harry up into his arms, Harry hugged back with all his strength scared that if he let go everything would disappear. They fell to the floor holding onto each other sobbing.
"Its okay daddy's here. I'll never let you go again." Severus carried on whispering comforting words to his newly found son.
He looked up and found Sirius making his way towards them. He let go of his son with one hand and pointed his wand at Sirius.
"No, you stay away from us Black. I will not let you near my son ever again."
Sirius stopped in his tracks.
"He is my son as well Sev."
"No, you lost all rights to him when you let me believe he was dead for the last twelve years, and you have no right to call me Sev anymore, you lost that privilege at the same time. Just stay away from both me and my son."
Severus helped Harry up and together they made their way towards the exit leaving Sirius stood there not knowing what to do.
"How can you just let them walk away from you? You lost them once and now you are just going to let it happen again?" Remus asked him bewildered that Sirius would just stand there and let them leave.
"What can I do Remus? You heard what Severus said; he wants me to have nothing to do with either of them." Remus was shocked; he had never heard Sirius so defeated.
"You need to fight for them both Sirius. The Sirius I knew would never just let them walk away"
"You're right Remus I need to fight for them. I will fight for them, my son and my husband."