20 years later

Harry was stood on platform nine and three quarters waiting for his children to arrive back from Hogwarts. He was with his husband, dad, papa, his two father-in-laws, his Uncle Tom, the twins, his eldest son, his eldest brother and his eldest sister. Adrian had finished Hogwarts three years ago but still went to meet his siblings every year, usually Paris, Blaise and Charlie's eldest child, who was now married to Adrian, would go with them but she had decided to stay at home since she was due to have their first child within the next two weeks. Sammy was still happily single and working as manager in one of Fred and George's joke shops. Rose, who was now twenty one, was engaged to a famous Quidditch player named Christopher who she had been introduced to by Pansy's husband Jeff who played on the same team.

Blaise and Charlie arrived just as the train came into view looking like they had not slept the previous night and Blaise was carrying their youngest, two year old Jacob, who seemed to be asleep.

"I am so sorry we are late." Blaise said "Jacob hasn't been well so we got no sleep last night and then he was playing up this morning because he didn't want to come out today."

Before anyone replied the train came to a stop and the children were getting off of the train and finding their parents. It was always easier for the Weasley, Malfoy, Black and Riddle children to find their parents because they always waited in the same lace and there were always so many of them. The first to arrive were Andrea, the twins and Tom's only other child except their twins, with Connie, Blaise and Charlie's third child. Next was Blaise and Charlie's other child Thomas with Lucius and Remus' twins Nathan and Tina. After that was Severus and Sirius' other two children Marcus and Lucy with Harry and Draco's three youngest Matilda, Aimee and Rosalie. They were now just waiting for Harry and Draco's second eldest, Lucas, he had just finished his last year so they all suspected he was saying goodbye to people, until they noticed that the platform was almost empty and most other people had already gone. It was then Harry remembered the letter he had received from Lucas he month before telling them he had something important to tell them that he didn't want to put in a letter. Draco must have been thinking the same because he asked Harry

"Do you think this has anything to do with that letter he sent us?"

Harry shrugged "Give it five minutes and if he is not here by then I will go and look for him."

Just as the five minutes were us and Harry was going to go looking for him they saw Lucas walking towards them holding a boys hand, who they assumed was the boyfriend that he had told them about almost a year ago but they had never met.

For some reason Lucas looked nervous but Harry guessed it was because he was going to introduce his boyfriend to them and the whole family was there.

"Dad, Papa, everyone else, this is my boyfriend Connor Finnegan-Thomas" Lucas announced.

"Wait." Draco said "As in Dean Thomas and Seamus Finnegan?"

Connor nodded.

"I knew it" Draco exclaimed "Everyone else believed they were just friends, no one believed me when I told them, wee this should teach you all that I am always right."

"Erm...Dad, there's something else we need to tell you" Lucas said

"Sorry, carry on" Draco told him.

Lucas looked more nervous than before.

"Connor's pregnant"

Lucius squealed in excitement and launched himself forward to hug his grandson and the person carrying his great-grandchild.

"So how far along are you?" Harry asked

"It was four months yesterday but we didn't find out until I was almost three months." Connor told him

"Well then, it looks like I will have two grandchildren older than my child." Harry replied with a smile

Everyone turned to look at Harry

"You're pregnant again?" Draco asked smiling back at Harry

"I found out yesterday, I am two and a half months pregnant" Harry told him before turning back to Lucas and Connor. "Well my first pregnancy was the same time as my Dad and this time it is going to be the same time as my son's boyfriend."

Lucas cleared his throat "Actually, my fiancé." He corrected

Lucius squealed again "Oh, you have to let me plan your wedding, it had been so long since I got to plan one."

Remus laughed "It was last year Lucius when Adrian got married"

Lucius shrugged "It is long enough."

"Well" Draco said "Looks like we had better invite Dean and Seamus over to discuss some things."

A/N I have ended this hear because if I choose to I can now do a sequel or it could be left. Before I decide though I have another story that I have planned out, it will be a Glee one with a Puck and Kurt pairing. Anyway thank you to everyone that has read this story and I hope you all really enjoyed it. Xx