To this day, James Potter could never remember why he stayed friends with people as dense as Sirius Black and Remus Lupin. They were plainly in love with each other and everyone two years above and below knew it. The incident that solidified it went something like this...


"Prongs, you had better eat something. If you don't, you're liable to fall off your broom," Remus stated bluntly.

"Oh that would be funny!" Sirius laughed gleefully.

"Until I break my neck you idiot. Thanks for the moral support. I really don't think I can manage food right now, Moony," James retorted, a note of faint hysteria in his voice.

"James won't fall as long as he eats something. And you be quiet Padfoot. You're not helping. Really you need to get some food into you or you'll be sick. I'll get Wormtail–" Remus broke off as Sirius's brother Regulus passed them by with a snide, 'Good luck Potter. God knows you'll need it.' James paled even further but showed no other reaction.

The captain of their Quidditch team stood up and walked over. "Good luck today, Potter. We'll all need it with the way the weather is now." James glanced up at the enchanted ceiling of the great hall and took in the swirling grey clouds, pregnant with ice and water and, more than likely, snow and very nearly lost what little food he had in his stomach.

Sirius smiled reassuringly. "Don't worry, Prongs. You really will do fine. You're the best Seeker Hogwarts has ever seen. Regulus hasn'tgot anything on you. I should know as I've beat him a dozen and one times. He's a whimp! And another thing..." Sirius went on in this fashion for some time, at which point, James began picking lamely at his kippers and eggs and, by the time the captain came around again, he was laughing heartily at Sirius's ongoing speech and wolfing down as much as he could reach.

Good, thought Sirius between breaths, He's eating.


Gryffindor won the Quidditch match by a slam dunk of four hundred and seventy points to eighty. At the end of the match, Lily Evans came directly onto the pitch and kissed a stunned James right on the mouth. He wasn't impassive for very long.

Sirius and Remus were next onto the pitch. Remus actually had to hold Sirius up because the dog animaigus was crying with happiness. Remus was very quickly getting tired of this. Acting completely on impulse, he propped Sirius on his feet, tilted his chin up and promptly kissed him.

The pitch was silent save for the splatter of rain on the mud covered ground and the flapping of the house banners in the stands. Sirius's eyes slid shut at the touch of the werewolf's lips against his. They were searingly hot in comparison to the cold rain they were being buffetted with.

Sirius slid his hands tentatively around Remus's waist, nearly moaning when he felt fingers twine themselves into his hair. There was a polite but gruff cough behind Remus and they pulled apart, startled and blushing heavily. They looked up at the sound of the rain getting louder but realized quickly that it was a smattering of applause. It meant, 'Finally. Finally those idiots are together.'