Title: A Fascination with Shaking Hands

Prompt: 'Trembling'

Rating: G -_-;;

Words: 380

Characters: Ciel/Arthur + Sebastian

Series: Manga

Spoilers: Minor spoilers for the first 2 chapers of the curent manga plot. Nothing big but you wont know who Arthur is if you haven't read them. Chaps 38 and 39 to be specific.

Summary: Ciel practices his stalking and seduction skills on an unsuspecting novelist and Sebastian is amused.

Warnings: none

It was skill that prompted the earl to invite the aspiring young novelist to his home, but he was pleasantly surprised by the man who housed that creative spark. Ciel was never the type to tremble or shake in the grip of his emotions. Only extreme mental and physical distress could send the boy into convulsive shivers, so perhaps that was why his guest fascinated him so.

Arthur did nothing without sighing, or flailing, or simply quivering all over. Ciel had no idea how a body could hold that much nervous energy and still be capable of intelligent thought. He wanted to see just how far he could push the writer before the man's mind gave up in surrender...

Ciel smiled wickedly to himself. If he didn't hate cats so much, the earl would have compared his game to playing with a mouse. Sebastian still would, but that was neither here nor there. The butler was obviously enjoying the sight of Ciel toying with his prey, if the pleased smirk on his face was anything to go by.

Of course, Sebastian might be joining in the hunt himself. The demon usually ignored most humans if they promised no benefit to himself or his master, but the dazed look on Arthur's face, when he was offered wine, seemed to intrigue him... But Ciel had the advantage of looking harmless and being nothing of the sort. A kind smile, a few genuine complements, and he would soon have the skittish word-smith eating out of his hand like a trained bird... If the other 'guests' would stop interrupting him.

Ciel was startled from his conversation with Sebastian about said irritating elements by a stifled laugh. So Arthur spoke French did he? Interesting... As was the response the boy got when he motioned for silence. It seemed he might have shattered the young writer's rational mind at last.

The earl nodded, satisfied for the moment, before announcing his intention to retire for the evening. He'd done well enough on a few hour's acquaintance. Perhaps he could convince Mr. Word-Smith to stay on a while, after the retched house party ended. As every predator knew, hunting was all about patience. Ciel smirked. Yes. He could wait... After all, it would only make the trembling worse.