Twilight is owned by Stephanie Myer, her characters & story are utilized in my version. This is my first fanfic, I have no Beta, & generally, am just playing around with this to see if I could do it. I have no idea where I'm going with this, but know it will be M rated as I'm an adult, live an adult life.

Wired by jansails


I was now on my 4th day living in Forks, Washington, returning to live with my Dad, Charlie Swan.

My Mom, Renee, had scraped muddy Forks off her feet within 2 years of my birth, leaving her husband, & my father, Charlie, devastated by her flight out of state to Phoenix Arizona.

Renee tended to be on the flighty side. She probably would have been diagnosed with ADD in her childhood, if it had been a recognized educational & behavioral disorder at that time. But, no, she went undiagnosed & untreated, & I, her only child, Bella, had the pleasure of trying to rein her in, make sure the bills were paid, & there was food in the refrigerator. I even became a great cook, rather than live off of microwave meals & fast food.

But now, Renee had remarried a younger man, & I felt like the proverbial 5th wheel, repelled by their enthusiastic PDA's, & determined it was time to move up to the Pacific Northwest where I was born, resigned to living with Charlie.

Charlie had been great about it, repainting my bedroom with fresh coat of white paint to brighten it up, swapping out my old twin bed for a double. To make my transition smoother, he had also purchased a laptop & printer, which sat on a newly assembled computer desk directly across from the bed.

Charlie took me into Port Angeles to select new bedding, linens, towels, & to buy more appropriate clothing for the Pacific Northwest weather- my current wardrobe from Phoenix would not work here.

I'd spent the first couple of days setting up the bedroom the way I wanted, cleaning the bathroom & kitchen to my satisfaction, & going grocery shopping. Charlie ate at the diner, fast food joints, or pizza routinely, & my cooking was a revelation to him. After my first home cooked meal, he quickly coughed up more cash for groceries, & was on time for dinner without fail.

I had visited Forks over the years during the summers, sometimes Thanksgiving or Christmas, so nothing about it surprised me, Forks was much the same year in & year out.

The only thing new for me was a strange sensation, like my nerves were stretched on thin wires. Electricity seemed to spark across my skin occasionally. It occurred once when I had ventured into town on errands, & then again, when I dropped by Forks High Friday during classes to pick up my schedule, handed over my immunization record, & picked up my textbooks.

I felt slightly off center, which didn't help my normally klutzy self, balance a problem at the best of times. The odd thing was, the weird feeling was stronger at the school than anywhere else, & I hadn't noticed it at home at all.

It was Sunday evening now, I'd surprised Charlie with his favorite lasagna, & he'd insisted on doing the dishes as a thank you. He was now ensconced in his worn leather recliner watching basketball on his flat screen, his ever present can of beer sitting on the table beside him.

I decided to make an early night of it, nervous about my first day of school Monday morning, but I'd realized Charlie had dozed off snoring in his recliner, so I went down & shook his shoulder until he roused. Charlie locked up the house, turned off the flat screen & all the lights, kissed me on the forehead, "Night, Bells", & tromped off to his bedroom.

Now, the house was quiet, I could hear the wind rustling the tree branches against the house next to my window, the smattering of rain being blown against the window panes, & Charlie's low snoring in the background.

I was wrapped up in my grandma Swan's handmade quilt, flannel pajama pants, a thermal Henley, & cozy chenille socks on my feet to keep me warm in the January night.

All of a sudden, that strange feeling come over my body again, like static electricity suddenly raising the hair on my neck, goose bumps along my arms, & my stomach tightened in response. I couldn't just lay there when it hit me, I had to get up, move around, & try to dispel the feeling. I decided to go downstairs to the kitchen & make a cup of hot tea.

If anything, the feeling got stronger when I was standing by the kitchen sink. I looked out the window into our backyard, bordered by dark forest, & felt nearly "pulled" towards the forest. I shook myself off, picked up my mug of tea, & quietly made my way back up the stairs to my room.

Cuddling under the quilt again, I slowly sipped the fragrant chamomile tea, & relaxed when I felt the "pull" dissipate. Drowsy with tiredness, I managed to sleep solidly until the next morning when Charlie knocked on my door, "Rise & shine Bells, time for school."

Charlie had bought a used pickup for me from one of his fishing buddies. It was a faded red Chevy truck, rusty, loud, a gas guzzling tank. But, I loved it at first sight for its' vintage style, which pleased Charlie to pieces.

Pulling up in the Forks High parking lot, I became the center of attention, when Rudy (my truck's new name) decided to backfire, crap.

Great, the wire pulling sensation was back, every eye on me as I navigated the milling students'. I headed for my new locker to drop off the textbooks I wouldn't need until after lunch.

Shoot! The "pull" was getting stronger, in my peripheral vision I saw a tall, lanky, bronze haired guy walking in my direction. I honestly, don't know what overcame me, but as he passed close to me, I turned quickly on my chucks, & followed him. Thank goodness, the class room he walked into was also my new homeroom, because I had ridiculously followed him like he was a giant magnet.

I handed the instructor my student class card, trying not to turn my head around, & stare at the Adonis-like creature I had followed so foolishly.

"Ms. Swan, I'm Mrs. Perkins, welcome to Forks High. Take a seat anywhere; homeroom doesn't have any assigned seats. The announcements will be made shortly, & the bell for classes will ring shortly thereafter. Have a nice first day."

I sat down in a desk 2 rows over from the bronze haired guy (he definitely wasn't a fresh faced boy), just far enough behind him that I could safely stare at the back of his head unnoticed. I realized his pale, white fists were clenched, resting on top of his thighs, & his posture was rigid the whole time announcements were being blared over the loudspeaker. He bolted out of the room at nearly the same time the bell rang out. Oh well, maybe he'd be in some of my classes, & I could get a closer look at him.

"Hey, aren't you Isabella Swan, the Chief's daughter?" a boy with spiky, gelled blonde hair, blue eyes, & a wide grin tapped me on the shoulder.

"Y-yes, it's just Bella, though" I replied warily.

"I'm Mike Newton, your Dad knows my family- we're Newton's Outfitter's in town." He informed me proudly.

"Oh, I'll be sure to tell Charlie- Dad, we met." I responded quietly, hoping to escape.

"Let me walk you to class, what you have next?" he reached for my schedule, pulling it from my hand possessively.

"I can find it just fine on my own, thank you anyway." I grabbed my schedule back quickly, & strode off determined to lose him.

I heard a chuckle over to my right, & saw the retreating back of the bronze haired guy as he turned into a door way.

My first class was English Lit, my favorite, & thankfully, I met a nice, bookish girl, Angela, who shared my interests in the classics. She had long silky, black hair, a straight nose, thin lips, & cool angular glasses.

Angela asked me if I'd like to sit with her later at lunch, we compared class schedules, & happily discovered we had 2 more classes together: Calculus (my least favorite), & Biology, right after lunch.

In Calculus, Mike Newton again tried his best to insinuate himself into my space, along with a curly brown haired girl, named Jessica. I tried not to be rude, but I could tell she approached me for the sole reason of befriending the "new girl", & getting the scoop on everyone else concerning me. Jessica also asked me to have lunch with her, claiming all the "popular kids" sat at her table: Mike, Lauren, Tyler, Eric, herself.

"I'm sitting with Angela, we wanted to talk about the required reading list in English Lit," I declined easily, already feeling uncomfortable with the gum snapping, fuchsia manicured, & hair flipping Jessica.

"Oh, so…you like to read?" she asked.

"Yes, & I'm ecstatic to see so many of my favorites listed this year: the Bronte sisters, Thomas Hardy, Jane Austen, Trollope. Just my speed." I was pretty sure this would forever blacklist me with the likes of Jessica & her entourage, but I really could care less.

"My overall goals are to earn a National Merit Scholarship so I can go away to an Ivy League school, & become a successful writer. Painting my fingernails neon colors, wearing trendy clothes, & dating the jock of the week aren't in my plans." I snarked out.

Jessica's mouth dropped open at my response; I could even see the wad of gum resting on her molars, yuck! Mike Newton looked amazed & goofy all at the same time.

Angela snorted by my side, covering her mouth quickly with her hand. At least, I had one intelligent new friend, & at most, I had branded myself as the newest nerd at Forks High.

French was up next, none of my new acquaintances were there, but I was curious about a petite, slender girl with pale ivory skin, dark spiky short hair that flowed around her like a halo. She wore a chic, black & white outfit reminiscent of the movie, "The Devil Wears Prada", & stiletto heeled black Mary Janes.

She sat alone, absorbed in flipping through the pages of a French version of Vogue magazine, looking like a supermodel herself, except she was way too tiny to march along with the 6 foot Amazons that graced the runways.

Our teacher, Mademoiselle Litman, as she introduced herself, asked the class to announce our names & current level of French language comprehension after acknowledging I was a new student in their midst. I'm sure she meant it to make me feel more comfortable with my classmates, but it was just the sort of thing I hated.

The beautiful, halo-haired girl spoke, "Bon jour, mon nom est Alice Cullen. J'ai appris à parler français tout en habitant à Paris pendant une année."

Mademoiselle Litman's lips pursed slightly as she waved a hand towards Alice Cullen. "Isabella, Alice speaks with a perfect Parisian accent you'd do well to mimic. She's actually lived in Paris, so we can all count on her for a resource in our studies."

Alice resumed perusing her fashion magazine as the rest of us, myself included, revealed our total lack of French language ability.

After the bell rang, I caught up with Angela outside the cafeteria. She pointed out Jessica & Mike's table, saying I could join them if I had reconsidered. I poked her with my elbow, & rolled my eyes, "Puh…leeze. I'd rather eat dirt than sit with vapid & vapider."

Angela giggled in response, & we made our lunch selections, sitting down at a table near the windows. My attention was instantly riveted to what appeared to be a senior couple outside making their way to the cafeteria doors. A huge, brawny guy with short, dark curly hair dressed in pressed khakis, a blue button down under an Irish cable knit sweater held the hand of a voluptuous, beautiful blonde in a lavender jersey wrap top, skinny dark wash jeans, & stiletto ankle boots.

"Holy cow! Who are they?" I asked.

"Oh…they're Dr. Cullen's kids, Emmett Cullen & Rosalie Hale. Emmett's adopted, but Rosalie is actually the niece of Dr. Cullen's wife, who has custody of the Hale twins." As Angela explained, Alice Cullen from my French class appeared with a tall, muscular blonde guy, his arm around Alice's shoulder.

"That's Jasper, Rosalie's twin, & Alice, Emmett's younger sister. They're all couples, kind of a scandal for Forks when they moved down here from Alaska a year ago, but it's not like they're blood related, so I don't see the big deal. They pretty much keep to themselves; they are their own gang of friends, & don't invite anyone into their circle."

A few seconds later, the bronze haired god strode gracefully over to the Cullen's table & sat down, fist bumping the big brawny guy.

"Who…who's he?" I was entranced by his chiseled jaw, slanting eyebrows, strong cheekbones, & rosy, tinted lips, which contrasted with the perfect pale complexion.

"Ah…that's the wet dream of nearly every girl in Forks High, Edward Cullen. He's always alone if not with his siblings, & has turned down the advances of each sex, & I'd imagine some of the staff, too!" she giggled.

He caught me staring, & smirked at first when my blush colored my entire face, then looked almost mad at me, jerking his face away to engage the blonde guy in conversation. It was unusual how all of them had ivory pale, & perfect complexions, not a zit visible.

"I have French with Alice Cullen. She speaks French with a better accent than the teacher, & I think Mademoiselle Litman knows it." I took a sip of my lemonade, glancing at the animated figure of Alice regaling her seatmates with what appeared to be a humorous story.

'Yeah, they're all brilliant, even the big guy, Emmett, who can be a prankster with his family from what I've seen." Angela picked at her salad.

To cover my embarrassment & all too apparent interest in the Cullen's, I asked about our next class, Biology. Angela took the bait, & proceeded to tell me what chapter we were on.

I couldn't seem to help myself when Edward Cullen was around, the annoying sparking sensation increased, & I felt compelled to sneak looks from behind the drop of my brown hair, hiding my face from his & his tablemates' view.

Relief coursed through me when the bell signaling lunch's end rang out. I was tired of fighting the "pull" to approach Edward Cullen, & more than happy to make my way to Biology with Angela murmuring softly at my side.

Dang! Blushing furiously, I could not believe the only seat left in Biology was the lab table Edward Cullen leaned upon with his elbows, his marble white hands grasping a notebook. He glanced up with his amber eyes immediately as I came through the door, & grimaced when he realized I would be his new lab partner.

Great, he can't stand me already. I handed my student class card to Mr. Bannerman, our instructor, & made my way over to the desk, tripping over a book bag lying in the aisle. I recovered, among snickers, dropping my backpack on the table while I seated myself on the wooden stool.

Edward Cullen wore a starched, hunter green button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to just below his elbows, creased button fly jeans, & polished black Doc Martens on his feet. I felt like a Walmart reject in my blue & yellow plaid flannel shirt, buttercup yellow thermal Tee, cream cords, & chucks.

Edward slid the syllabus over to me, & then resumed the fists clenched pose atop his thighs, & rigid posture I had first observed in homeroom.

He didn't utter a word to me the entire class. I pulled my hair down to once again shield my face from him. Even though he never glanced in my direction, I felt exposed, rejected, & wanted to cover myself.

I don't know how he managed it, but Edward Cullen bounded off the wooden stool at the exact moment the bell rang ending the class, which caused me to flinch as he passed behind me.

Angela smiled, commiserating with me; somehow she knew Edward Cullen's attitude had punctured my reserve. "It's nothing personal. He…he's not friendly with anyone other than his family. I've never heard him speak to anyone but the teachers, for the most part. Don't let it get you down."

"I…I won't. It just seemed like he was furious to have me sit down next to him. It's not like there was anywhere else to sit. He could have been less rude about it." I noticed the "pulling" sensation was dampening down all of a sudden as I spoke to Angela, & sighed in relief.

Next up was Art, followed by the bane of my existence, Gym class!

I was curious to see Alice Cullen again in Art, & surprisingly, she noticed me, her unusual honey colored eyes zeroing in. As if she was examining & inspecting me, I'm sure I failed her fashion criteria in my flannel, cords, & chucks. But she looked like she was fascinated with me for some reason, I can't imagine why. I'm an average looking teenage girl, whose one good feature is an abundance of long & slightly wavy, thick mahogany colored hair, falling to my waist.

Alice Cullen had more than her fair share of talents: supermodel looks & the clothes to match, a French accent even the natives' wouldn't fault, & her charcoal sketch of the fruit still life in our Art class put the rest of her fellow classmates lowly efforts' to shame.

Ugghhh… time for gym class, where I was sure to trip, bump, or bruise myself no matter the sport or physical activity involved. Luckily, Coach Clapp didn't make me dress out today, & let me watch as everyone else played volleyball. Jessica & Lauren had rolled up the hems on their shorts & tee shirts, trying to look as sexy as they could given the limitations of gray jersey sweat shorts & tee shirts emblazoned with the Forks High Spartans' logo. Lauren in her bleached blonde bob, thick eyeliner, & lip gloss coated mouth kept giving me the evil eye, for what reason I hadn't the slightest clue.

Yes! The bell rang, & my onerous first day at glorious Forks High was over. After collecting my backpack & textbooks from my locker, I headed to the parking lot, ready to get "Rudy" rockin' on our way home.

Near the main building, I saw the Cullens & Hales getting into a black Mercedes driven by a sweetly smiling woman with caramel colored hair cascading across her shoulders, but Edward Cullen was nowhere to be seen.

It occurred to me then, my "wired" feeling had been missing since the end of Biology, perhaps Edward Cullen had left school before his family? Naaahhh, I'm imagining things, like Edward Cullen would deign to notice me when his sisters look like photo shoot layouts, & even makeup plastered Lauren Malloy had better features than me.

After dinner, I sat down in front of my laptop, emailing Renee, letting her know about my first day, relating the unusual & beautiful Cullen-Hales', & my new friend Angela Webber. I knew if I procrastinated on emailing her, she'd be calling wanting a full report. Hopefully, this would keep her satisfied, & I wouldn't have to give a complete report over the phone.

I knocked out all of my homework, pretty easy to do since I had been an Advanced Placement student in Phoenix, & Forks High seemed to be behind in comparison. My entire required reading list for English Lit was already completed… heck, I still had all my essays from last year. Calculus was the only subject I had to study; math wasn't one of my strong points.

I called down to Charlie from the top of the staircase, letting him know I was getting into the shower before hitting the sheets. I needed the hot pulsing water to relax my tense shoulder & neck muscles, singing Curtis Peoples' "All I Want" (is you), as I shampooed my hair.

The only talent I had, other than writing, was singing. Yeah, me- a spotlight hating semi-agoraphobic- could sing the blues like a whiskey voiced cabaret singer. Charlie & Renee were the only ones who knew of my unusually strong voice. It had changed from the sweet soprano of my childhood to what my mom referred to as a "contralto", whatever that meant.

To Charlie, it meant I could belt out his favorite bluesy numbers. Once he had heard me singing while puttering about my room, Charlie pulled out his record collection, playing his favorites for me. I had learned them all to please him, then turned the tables on him & made him listen to one of my favorites, Jonny Lang's "Lie To Me."

I had introduced my techno fearing conservative father to iTunes & an iPod Nano. Charlie had become addicted, & could be found with his earbuds listening to music, as long as his sports teams weren't on the flat screen.

I stacked my textbooks & homework neatly on the desk, suddenly feeling the electric current resume its' reverberation throughout my body. Why now? I needed to sleep, so I began singing-humming "Lie To Me" as a way to calm myself, hopefully reduce or eliminate the "electricity". I set my alarm clock, fluffed my pillows, spread my quilt atop myself, & closed my eyes, ready for sleep.

Charlie had already come up the stairs, & I could hear his bass level snores behind his door. Geeeez, I need to sleep! I got up & cracked the window open staring out into the night. It was a moonless night, a few stars peaked through a light cloud cover, & all was quiet, not a dog barking, or the sound of a car anywhere.

For some reason, the Etta James' classic, "At Last" popped up in my mind, I hummed a view bars, then softly let loose the rest of the song, sending it out & up into the sky:

At last, my love has come alongMy lonely days are overAnd life is like a songOh, yeah, at lastThe skies above are blueMy heart was wrapped up in cloversThe night I looked at youI found a dream that I could speak toA dream that I can call my ownI found a thrill to rest my cheek toA thrill that I have never knownOh, yeah when you smile, you smileOh, and then the spell was castAnd here we are in heavenFor you are mineAt last

I let go of the last note, sighed & shook my head at my foolishness, I knew exactly who I was thinking of, & slid the window shut. With a stupid, lovesick heart, I wrapped up once again in my grandma Swan's quilt & closed my eyes, drifting off… at last.

A/N: multi POV, from 1st to 3rd, because I'm an AMATEUR, big time.

Song credits:

"At last" by Mack Gordon, Harry Warren (EMI Feist catalog INC)

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