Twilight is owned by Stephenie Meyer, her characters & story are utilized in my version. This is my first fanfic, I have no Beta, & generally, am just playing around with this to see if I could do it. I pretty much SUCK at this, & go from 1st to 3rd person at the drop of a hat. I have a hard time sticking to the POV format, too. I have no idea where I'm going with this, but know it will be M rated as I'm an adult, live an adult life.

Chapter 11

Edward had pulled into the drive leading up to his home, tires squealing in his anger with himself, parked the Volvo, jerked the door open with protesting metal hinges against his strength, banged it shut forcefully, and took off running into the forest behind the house.

He wasn't ready to face his family, knowing Alice had prepared Esme for his mood; Edward did not want to be soothed by her, absolved of his reckless behavior with Bella. Edward knew he deserved remonstrance and contempt for pressing his wants and needs upon Bella when her human nature was overwhelmed by his intensity, his grasping, claiming touch.

Wind whipped around Edward's body as he pushed himself harder, faster, jumping over felled trees, creek beds, and scattered rocks in his path. His vampire senses clocked the position of any obstacle in his way, catalogued each sound for its origin, and registered every scent for its desirability as prey. A wolverine's scent crossed Edward's trail and he veered off to locate the lumbering animal. Wolverines were mean fighters with tremendous muscle strength to rip the carcasses of big animals apart and could grow to the size of a small bear. They were much tastier than deer or elk, being meat eaters, and Edward hoped his prey was of the largest variety simply for the battle he could experience.

Luck was with him, the wolverine he spotted was huge and gnawing, growling over an elk carcass which meant a fierce brawl when threatened over its prize. The wolverine didn't know Edward could care less about the scavenging of a dead elk, he only knew his meal was being interrupted by a fellow predator. Edward admired his antagonist; longish brown fur covered his muscular, stocky body and intelligence gleamed in his black eyes. Edward purposely approached to raise the ire and fur on the back of the wolverine's neck that began snarling, showing his razor sharp teeth in warning.

Edward feinted to the left of the carcass enjoying the immediate direct attack by the wolverine, its rank breath hitting Edward full on as claws and teeth began searching for purchase on Edward's impermeable skin. Enjoying the vicious attack, Edward simply batted away the wolverine's attempts, laughing as it single-mindedly continued trying to sink its teeth into Edward while his claws shredded Edward's jacket and the shirt underneath with the slashing swipes it took.

Tiring of the futility of his opponents' efforts, Edward grasped the wolverine's neck and snapped in a quick flick of his wrist, plunged his teeth onto its neck, locating the jugular without effort, and began pulling the tangy blood into his mouth, sucking deep, draining his prey in no time at all. Edward dropped the limp body beside the ravaged elk carcass, wiped his mouth with the back of his hand and took off running again.

Edward had run long enough and far enough that the sun had begun dipping into the western horizon, signaling the end of another day and prompting his return home. His mind strayed to Bella, wondering if her window would be open or closed to him. Edward avoided the back door to the house, scaled the exterior wall to his balcony doors and slipped in. He stepped into his closet, selecting a fresh set of clothes, and then entered the shower to wash away the grime of his hunt. Edward was calmed by the water running down his body, rinsing away the dirt; he placed his hands on the tile wall leaning his head under the spray as it plastered his hair down. He raised his face to the hot, steaming flow wishing it could sink into his skin and warm his body so he could lay wrapped skin to skin with Bella without her ending up chilled by his contact, his touch.

Edward turned off the water and began toweling himself dry, his mind back to Bella, hoping and praying she would not reject him tonight. He would gladly sit in the rocker all night and watch her slumber if it was all she would permit. He could not stand the thought she might not want him around her tonight. Edward knew he deserved denial of her company after smothering her with his emotions and physical advances, but he hoped Bella would want his presence if nothing else.

Dressing in a pair of black jeans, charcoal cashmere v-neck, he slipped on black Nikes and pushed his hair off his face as he looked in the mirror and sighed forlornly. Opening the door to his bedroom, Edward hoped his family would neither berate nor question him about his mistakes with Bella. He purposely ignored their thoughts and whispered under his breath, "I'll be back later."

Edward flew out the front door, keys in hand, and had the engine started before anyone could delay him even though he heard Alice's mind seeking him. He pressed the accelerator to the floor, gunning the Volvo down the driveway, fishtailing out in his haste to avoid his family and get to Bella. Edward scanned his iPod for something tranquil to calm him and selected 'Claire de Lune", breathing in slow, even measures of breath. Bella's scent still saturated the passenger seat and Edward leaned over and sniffed the headrest to bring in a lush lungful of her tantalizing fragrance, realizing what he had done, Edward embarrassed himself with his addiction for Bella's sweet essence.

Braking the Volvo down the street, out of the glow of nearby streetlamps of houses, Edward steadied himself and listened for night noises in the Swan's house. He could hear Charlie turning the TV off, sitting up in his recliner, gathering his empty beer can as he headed for the kitchen. After disposing of the can, Charlie locked the front door, switching off the lights, and trudged up the stairs, stopping for a second on the landing to say goodnight to Bella.

Edward listened as Charlie yawned, closed his bedroom door, and began readying himself for bed. Bella had responded, "Night Dad," and flipped a book closed, setting it down on her bedside table. With joy infusing every cell of his being, Edward heard Bella get up from her bed, walk over to the window, and push it up.

"Edward, are you there?" she called out timidly.

Utilizing his vampire speed, Edward was in the room closing the window before Bella was completely seated on the bed.

"Oh! You frightened me," Bella gasped out, her hand over her clamoring heart.

"Sorry, I guess I'm a little overeager, aren't I?" Edward stuck his hands in his pockets, head tilted down ashamedly, he looked up through his lashes at Bella.

Bella giggled and threw both hands out to him in welcome which Edward quickly grasped, feeling the jolt of electricity bind them together, and kissed the knuckles of each hand while he settled cross-legged on the bed opposite her. Bella leaned over and kissed Edward's mouth chastely, to let him know everything was okay between them.

"Bella, I'm so sorry, please forgive me, I… I just didn't think about our differences and how I might be too intense, too much at times for you," Edward begged Bella sincerely, his thumbs rubbing a soft, caressing pattern on her wrists as he spoke.

'There's nothing to forgive, Edward. I should have said something earlier when it began to feel too…too much, I don't think I took into consideration you were following your own instincts. It wouldn't have been a problem were it Rosalie or Alice," Bella bit her lower lip, feeling a bit inadequate in comparison.

"Oh gross, Bella…they're my sisters!" Edward whined.

They both burst out laughing then, and Edward dipped his head to bring his lips to Bella's face, placing light kisses on her eyelids, cheekbones, with a last one to her nose.

"Ready for bed?" Bella asked as she broke contact, reached for the covers and slipped underneath, nestling in the bed.

"Okay," Edward stretched out beside Bella, remaining above the covers to keep him from taking things further, giving Bella a needed reprieve from restarting their intense physical relationship. He wrapped his arms about her and begun humming the lullaby he had composed for her.

Bella turned the bedside lamp off, snuggled into Edward's chest, and murmured a soft "Thank you" before closing her eyes, drifting off to sleep.

Edward let out a big sigh, thankful Bella had not rejected him and he once again had her in his arms where she belonged. Bella had slept soundly, only occasionally moving about, most often to fist his sweater in her hand as if to try and pull him closer to her body while she muttered his name aloud. Edward enjoyed running his hands through Bella's thick tresses while she slept, releasing more of her wonderful scent which he lapped up gratefully with each inspiration.

Day began to dawn through the window and Edward kissed Bella's temple lightly while whispering her awake, calling her name, "Bella, Bella love, wake up. I have to leave before Charlie gets up," he reminded her.

"Mmmm-hmmm, okay…I'm, I'm awake," Bella's eyelids barely fluttered as she answered him.

Edward chuckled at her drowsy, sleep-filled face, removing his sweater from her clutches and stood from the bed. He leaned over to give Bella one last kiss on her forehead, "I'll be back after you've had breakfast to pick you up for school, love."

Edward grinned at Bella's lack of response, knowing she had once again reached unconsciousness in a matter of seconds. He set her alarm clock to wake her up in thirty minutes and bounded out the window, happy, looking forward to their day.

Entering his home, Edward was greeted with a smile and wink from Alice who obviously had seen the outcome of his night with Bella. He smiled in return as he climbed the stairs to his bedroom. Edward breathed out a "Thank you," to Alice seeing the clothes she had already laid out on the bed for him. After a fast shower, he was dressed and ready to go. He stopped for a second, went to his desk, opening a drawer on the bottom, pulled out a velvet bag and spilled the contents on the desktop.

Glittering jewels winked up at him, a large cocktail ring, a sparkling solitaire engagement ring, a beautiful heart shaped diamond pendant on a delicate chain, two emerald encrusted hair combs, a charm bracelet with a small heart shaped locket holding a lock of bronze hair, a piano, a boy's head in profile with Edward's birth initials and birth date inscribed upon it, and a small cross were evenly spaced among the links. He picked it up and consciously decided to give it to Bella, listening for Alice.

"She'll love it!" Alice announced & clapped her hands in approval from her room.

Edward grinned again, his smile infectiously bright, and stuck the bracelet in his pocket while making his way downstairs. He stopped and gave Carlisle a pat on the shoulder, "See you later, Dad," bent and gave Esme a kiss on the cheek, "Bye, Mom," startling them both with his outpouring of affection and exuberance. Carlisle and Esme stared at each other openmouthed, and then hugged each other in celebration of their "son" finding love, finding joy.

Edward practically skipped out to his Volvo, making Jasper chortle at Edward's vast improvement in mood from the date he met Bella Swan. Edward drove alone so he could have privacy with Bella, his siblings rode in Rosalie's BMW today, her stiff shoulders and straight lips illustrating her disapproval. Edward didn't care what Rosalie thought, she could kiss his…well maybe not.

Parking at Bella's house, Edward trod the sidewalk to her front porch, knocking on the door to alert her of his arrival. He smiled widely and reached out his hand to claim her hand, reestablishing the thrumming touch between them, the spark igniting, singeing them both with its intensity.

Bella's breath hitched when she felt the familiar surge flow through her veins at Edward's contact, it always amazed her each time it happened. She felt reassured every time, like they were bonded, an invisible chain linking them together.

Edward escorted Bella to the Volvo, strapped her in, and was on the way to Forks High in seconds. After pulling into a parking space, Edward put the gear into Park, released his seatbelt, but kept the engine running and Ra Ra Riot playing in the background:

Can You Tell

Oh baby baby baby babe,
How long am I supposed to wait?
I think about you nightly
Oh, can you tell I'm losin' sleep?

Oh what am I supposed to do?
It's hard to stay cool.
Oh, when you smile at me
and I can notice every time you speak.

My bed's too big for just me
and when you turn your eyes,
I promise I won't care.

Oh baby baby baby babe
Oh baby baby baby please
My head sinks to my knees.
Oh baby baby don't you know
I think about you nightly?

My bed's too big for just me
and when you turn your eyes,
I promise I won't care.

Oh baby baby baby babe
I think about you nightly
I think about you nightly
Oh baby baby baby baby.

When I look in your eyes
I tend to lose my thoughts
Don't forget your stare
Or what was that you said?
Would you let me know?
'Cause I can't read your mind
But can you tell I can't even explain

Oh baby baby baby babe
I think about you nightly
I think about you nightly
Oh baby baby baby
I think about you nightly

Oh baby I can't even explain
How long am I supposed to wait?
I think about you nightly
Oh can you tell I'm losin' sleep?

Oh baby, what am I supposed to do?
It's hard to stay cool.
Oh when you smile at me
and I can notice every time you speak.

Oh baby baby baby babe
I think about you nightly
Oh baby baby baby babe

He turned his body to Bella and reaching into his pocket, hiding the charm bracelet in one of his hands. He released Bella's seatbelt as well and waited as she turned her body to mirror his.

"Bella, I want to give you something that belonged to my real mother. I would be honored if you would wear it for me," Edward's low voice slid across Bella like silk, enticing her agreement. Edward opened his fist and dangled the silver charm bracelet above Bella's hand, encouraging her to take it.

"Edward…it's lovely! Are you sure, this must have great sentimental value for you?" Bella asked before she claimed her gift.

"Yes, Bella, I really want you to have it. If anyone looks closely, you'll have to say it's been handed down through my family. My real initials and birth date are on the boy charm and there's a lock of my hair in the little locket," he explained. Edward clasped the bracelet around her delicate and fragile wrist, kissing her pulse when finished.

Bella could not help the blush which bloomed across her face and shoulders, tinting her chest as well, as she smiled in gratitude for Edward's precious gift. She leaned across the console and kissed his lips tenderly once, twice, and deeper upon the third, humming out a breathy "Thank you" in appreciation.

Edward's hands made their way into Bella's tresses, intertwining his fingers through the chestnut strands and cradling the back of her neck as his lips and tongue delved into her sweetness.

Brother, that's enough; you're making a spectacle of yourselves in the Forks High parking lot! Don't forget to keep it LIGHT, don't overwhelm Bella today. Alice's thoughts shouted intrusively at him, bringing Edward to his senses and reminding him of his responsibility to Bella.

Edward detached himself from Bella's lips saying, "I guess we better get to class before we end up in detention."

Bella giggled and nodded her head in agreement.

As they entered the main hallway, Bella lifted their linked hands, with the one bearing Edward's bracelet, she flicked her wrist to jingle the charms, grinning at Edward, showing off his gift.

Can You Tell by Ra Ra Riot

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