A/N-I just had this idea this morning walking and I wanted to write it down before it disappeared from me. Let me know what you guys think!

She was walking down the road and she saw all the trash on the road. Most of it was the usual trash with a few surprises. A t shirt thrown away, sunglasses, reading glasses and sometimes a scratched up C.D. But something caught her eye.

It was small and at first, she thought it might just be a old Reader's Digest but as she got closer, she realized it wasn't. It was a little diary, a little girl's diary! It had a Irish green velvet cover on the bottom and on the top was decorated in a green hillside decorations and it had a little lock on it.

Fortunately, there was a small nameplate on the cover or she wouldn't know who it belonged to-the name said:

Susan McCrery

1109 Anton wells Road

Shelby, Ohio

"Ohio!" Said the girl who found it. The girl who found it was Sophia McLean, a 19 year old girl in black jeans and a red t shirt. She had flaming red hair that seemed to be curly to other people but not to her.

She contemplated not taking it to the girl and just trashing it on the side of the road but she figured she might as well since she was just walking the roads.

Only thing is, she didn't know it would led her into the...Twilight Zone.