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Sophia was in the dressing room and she almost had the dress on and she was thinking that she couldn't believe she was in there trying on some kind of costume dress from the 1950's...but the more she got to looking at it, the more she realized that it wasn't a costume, it really was a true dress. She got to thinking that this wasn't a costume shop, it was a retail shop...she heard the shop's front door opening and then a woman's voice and Mrs. McCrery's, Mrs. McCrery spoke first, "Helen! How lovely to see you! And you look fantastic in that dress!" "I should I bought it here!"

Sophia could hear sounds of a hug and a small kiss and the woman starting to go through the rack of dresses. Sophia then comes out and she says, "Mrs. McCrery, this dress doesn't seem to quite fit me, I don't think it looks right on me" Ann turns around and looks at the snug fitting dress then says, "No, I don't think so either, what do you think Helen?" Helen looks at Sophia and says, "No dear, that dress doesn't suit you at all in style or color" Ann turns and get a outfit from the rack, a darling rose pink number with a white blouse underneath and Sophia's eyes bug out and she says, "Oh yes, I LOVE that!" "Here, go try it on dear" Sophia quickly gets the two piece number and goes into the dressing room.

She then hears Ann tell Helen in a soft voice, "She's a wanderer, she showed up at our house yesterday with Susan's lost diary and while she was at our house, I was washing her clothes and the washing machine just caught fire" Sophia doesn't see the knowing looks between Helen and Ann. She then hears Helen say, "Well, she'll just have to see our little town and get to know our ways" Sophia ears perk up on that and she wonders , "What?'

She then steps out and the women look at her and they say, "Oh, Sophia! That dress is just perfect!" Helen says, "It looks just grand on you child!" "Oh Helen, this is Sophia McLean, Sophia, Helen Burgess, a great neighbor and friend, not to meantion, faithful customer" Helen smiles and says, "Oh, Ann, well, you get such great clothes" Sophia then says, "This must cost a fortune!" Ann waves it away then says, "Nonsense, don't worry about it!" Sophia beams in gladness and she says, "Well, if you don't mind, I want to go take a walk around town and get some fresh air" "I think that is a great idea, you just go on"

Sophia turns and goes out and looks around at the tree lined streets and she goes futher into town until she gets to the buiness's, the other shops, the movie theater, a small pawn shop, a diner and she starts to notice something...the shops have a definate feel and a look to them ...a 1950's feel, more like 55-57 if she remembers from her history books. She thought it was just her host family but apprantly it's the whole town.

She sees some kids playing on the streets, playing football and chasing each other, nothing unusual but then she sees a little girl push a baby buggy that looks like her mother's toy.

Then she sees a teenager go into a ...phone booth? was that what they were? She looks around and doesn't see any modern things, even the cars are from that era. What kind of town did she come to?