Title: Ample Opportunity

Prompt: Missing

Words: 100

Harry lay sullenly in the hospital wing. Another one of Hagrid's crazy pets was to blame for he and Ginny's absence from the Gryffindor versus Hufflepuff quidditch match this afternoon.

He could hear the crowd and Seamus commentating on the match from there and it was only making him feel worse. He glanced toward Ginny's bed across the room, but she wasn't there. Instead she was locking the door to the hospital wing. With a smirk she climbed into Harry's bed and before kissing him said, "Let's not look at this as missing the match, but as ample opportunity instead."

Author's Note: This is something new for me. My friend DukeBrymin writes these 100 word drabbles that I'm in love with. They are perfect little glimpses in the H&G world. The deal is that you get a prompt word (or words) once a week and have 100 words (sometimes more) to work from. I have been a big fan of this idea and what he has come up with and decided to finally try it myself. This is my first attempt and I'm wishing I didn't have to wait several more days for the next prompt to come out.

I am unsure of the timeline on this…but I'm thinking sometime during 6th year when they were dating.