The Big Leagues.

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My flock of five, including myself were flying over the good ol' state of New York, looking for a place to crash. Seeing as how the sun was going down and just five minutes before I could hear Gazzy's stomach growl from twelve feet away and Angel was obviously tired and starting to fall asleep mid flight, this seemed like a good idea.

'Stop here.'

I jumped slightly at the sound of the ever present voice.'Wow voice, how nice of you to randomly pop up….again.' I though back bitterly.

'You are currently flying over a town called Bayville. Please land.' The voice instructed.

' Uh…may I ask why?'

'Because I can help you and your friends.'

Woah, hold the phone! The voice always referred to the flock as…well "the flock" never as my "friends". So if it wasn't the voice and it certainly wasn't Angel's then who was it? Well whoever it was, I wanted to find out.

"Come on guys! We're stopping here!" I called out to the flock. As usual they followed.

When we reached the ground, I took in our surroundings. Even without my raptor vision, I could plainly see the smartly dressed bald guy in the wheel chair a few yards away.

" Hello Max. My name is Charles Xavier" The man reached out to shake my hand. I took it warily. "I run a school for-"

I yanked my hand back. "Nice talkin' to ya' bye."

"Max wait!" Xavier called. "I can help you and all of your friends. I run a school for mutants like yourselves."

"Sorry, but we've had our fill of schools." I snapped back.

"Wait Max, lets hear him out. I mean a school for mutants dosent sound so bad." Nudge pleaded

"He's a mind reader like me!" Angel squealed.

"Yes, I am a telepath. I am also a professor at a school for gifted youngsters like you." Charles smiled warmly at Angel. She returned the smile happily. "Just come with me to the school and meet the other students and take a look around."

"And then?" I asked

"Well you are more than welcome to stay at the Xavier Institute as long as you like, or leave if you choose so, though I hope that isn't the case."

I looked to Fang for a pessimistic "No" but all he did was shrug his shoulders. Big help.

"C'mon Max its cold out here." Iggy moaned.

"Yeah and I'm hungry!" Gazzy whined.

I though for a moment. " Ugh! Fine, we'll go have a look around."

"Excellent! Follow me if you will." Charles instructed.

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