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Being shoved up against a patrol car, handcuffed, and then bent over the hood was not what Ichigo had expected on his first night ever 'working the corner'.

"Well, well, well. What do we have here?" a dark, husky voice rumbled in his ear, making the normally confident boy blush and shiver as his legs were kicked open and the solid, muscular body of the corrupted cop settled over him in between his fishnet covered thighs. "It should be illegal for someone to be as gorgeous as you, especially when yer only a tramp."

He started to struggle under his captor, but stilled and tensed when large calloused hands were suddenly all over his body, molesting him under the guise of frisking him down for concealed weapons, though it was laughable considering how little he was wearing at the moment. Who could hide anything when all you had on were a long sleeved fishnet shirt that went over his hands, leather booty shorts that showed a glimpse of the cheeks of his ass when bent over like he was, and knee high leather healed boots? He was brought out of his thoughts when a hand reached down to grope him, biting his lip to stifle a moan when it began to massage him through the little bit of leather.

"Heh, quite a nice package ya got there," the voice purred in approval, "Wonder how the other end is…" Before he knew it, his booty shorts were unzipped and caught around his knees as one long finger boldly ran up the crack of his ass.

"A-Ah, no, wait!" his smooth baritone voice trembled slightly, "Please, Officer. Be gentle. This…this is still all new for me."

The digit stilled. "Oh? A virgin whore? That's a new one," the voice chuckled before continuing to gently circle his puckered entrance with the tip of his finger. "You've never done anything like this before, huh?"

"T-This is the first night I – ah! – I've tried something like this. I need the money for school," he shakily explained, inhaling sharply when the finger pushed in slightly before it resumed its circling.

"So I reckon yer family doesn't know you've been trying to sell yerself, eh?" The orange haired boy shook his head in shame. "What's yer name, kid?"

"I-Ichigo. Ichigo Kurosaki."

"Ichigo," the officer purred, tasting the name and deciding he liked it when his prey beneath him shivered at the sound rolling off his tongue, "M' name's Grimmjow Jaegerjaques, but to you, I'm to be called Sir. Got it?" He received a small nod in return. "Good. All right, I'll make ya a deal, Ichi-berry. I won't tell yer family that you've been a bad boy," he bucked his hips against the younger man's firm ass, and Ichigo's eyes went wide, feeling how hard he was, "if you let me punish ya good and proper. Whaddaya say?"

Ichigo hesitated, but nodded reluctantly when he saw he had no other choice. What else could he do but to obey? He didn't want his dad and sisters to ever know he'd tried to become a whore in order to fund his studies. Another quiet moan managed to escape his throat this time when the officer's other hand returned to his cock, and immediately after, he felt a growl rumble inside the chest that was pressed against his back, "Mmm, that was sexy. Let's see what other noises ya can make, Berry-tan."

"Ahhh," he arched, a slow flush crawling across his face as the older man began to stroke him firmly, panting and whining with every pinch and rub to the head of his erection, and letting out a (manly) squeak when the cop dug a short, blunt nail into the slit. The other hand left his ass to play with his sac, fondling it teasingly. "Nngh!"

With every expert touch, Ichigo could feel himself tipping over the edge, and when his tormentor rubbed the little stretch of skin between his balls and his hole, he was lost, seeing white and cumming with a shuddery gasp. A sharp spank swiftly met his ass. "I didn't say you could cum, ya slut," was growled into his reddened ear before he was shoved down to the ground onto his knees, his shorts tangled around his ankles. "Now clean up the mess ya made on my car…with ya tongue." He whimpered at the rumbling authoritative voice of the other but did as he was told, the pink dexterous muscle peeking out from between his lips to take its first lick.

Behind him, Grimmjow smirked lecherously and licked his lips as he watched his prey scrunch up his nose in disgust, but continue nonetheless, feeling himself grow harder as he imagined how that cute little tongue would feel on his dick. "All right, enough." He grabbed a fistful of the boy's bright orange hair with an impatient hand when he deemed the car cleaned enough, and hauled him up to face him, pinning his body with his own back against the hood as he attacked those soft, tempting lips of his.

"Mmh," Ichigo mewled and parted them wider when something wet and warm demanded entrance, trembling lightly as Grimmjow ate at his mouth and licked up the traces of cum that he hadn't swallowed yet. The officer groaned at the flavor; his little slut tasted divine. He wrapped the boy's long legs around his waist, the booty shorts hanging on to one ankle as he ground their hips together suggestively, making Ichigo throw his head back, breaking their kiss, and leaving a trail of saliva between their lips as he cried out erotically at the delicious friction.

Grimmjow pushed the fishnet shirt up enough to reveal two rosy nipples and drank in the vision below him hungrily: miles of soft, smooth skin over toned, lithe muscles, attractively flushed cheeks, pink kiss swollen lips open and panting heavily, and beautiful lidded honey brown eyes looking up at him with uncertainty, a bit of fear, and plenty of lust. This one wasn't like any other hooker Grimmjow had met before, a male virgin with a pretty, yet masculine face, and the older man could tell the boy wasn't normally this compliant in nature either, judging by the furrowed brow, which made him feel quite smug that he was the one to undo this enticing creature.

Meanwhile, Ichigo did something similar, noticing how dangerously alluring his captor was with his sky blue hair hidden under his officer's cap, tall, broad frame, and feral cyan eyes set in a devilishly handsome face that were eating him up like a five course meal. He shivered and bared his corded neck to the blunet in defeat, giving a soft mewl when the cop growled and dove straight for the junction of his neck and shoulder.

Grimmjow could feel himself grow harder at the sight of his prey's blatant submission, and couldn't help but lay claim to what was his, biting down to leave his mark. Ichigo whined but let him do as he pleased. "Yer ass is mine," he purred, squeezing the boy's bum for emphasis, making Ichigo jerk in surprise, "I'll ruin you for any other man. You'll want no one else but me once I'm done with you."

"Haaa…yes," Ichigo gasped, but yelped when he was spanked again.

"Yes, what?" Hot blue eyes bore down into him.

"Yes, Sir," he quickly corrected, and moaned when he was rewarded with a buck of Grimmjow's hips.

"Good boy." The blunet smirked before unzipping his pants and pulling himself out, sighing at the freedom from the confining space as he stroked himself leisurely.

Ichigo couldn't look away. The man was big, bigger than him, but well-proportioned to the rest of his body. Suddenly, his hole clenched, and he wanted to know what it'd feel like to have it sheathed all they way inside him.

"Heh, ya just winked at me," Grimmjow rumbled, giving him a toothy grin, and he averted his eyes, his face as right red as his nickname. "Aww, don't be shy now, berryhead. We're just getting started." The blunet thrust his hips, their naked erections rubbing up against each other and making them both groan. Then, he encircled the two cocks in one large hand and stroked once, before gripping them in a firm fist as he began to rock his hips into his hand, the other holding Ichigo's hip still.

The feeling was incredible, sending jolts of pleasure tingling all over Ichigo as he arched his virgin body up into Grimmjow's, his mouth hanging open as he panted harshly from the sensations. "Uhhn!" He mewled again when the evil, evil man took one of his nipples into his hot, wet mouth and suckled on it, further driving him insane with pleasure before switching to its twin.

"Mmm, I can't wait to feel yer tight little ass squeeze around me as I fuck ya, pressing yer little erotic button from the inside as I hold you down, stretch you open and make you scream. Do ya want it, Ichi? Does yer hole feel empty without my dick?"

The dirty words made him blush, his breath hitch, and his cock twitch in excitement, "Y-Yes, Sir."

"Heh, then yer comin' home with me."


After a blur of colors and movement, Ichigo then found himself on his back, hands cuffed around a wrought iron bedpost above his head as Grimmjow did as he promised and made him scream and beg and cry and cum, bullying him and forcing his body into orgasm after intense orgasm as he violated the boy over and over again until Ichigo blacked out from the ecstasy.

The next morning, he woke up with a moan, biting his lip and fisting the pillow his head was laying on as he came down Grimmjow's throat, shuddering violently in pleasure when the blunet purred and swallowed every drop of his spunk. He mewled as he was assaulted with a rough good morning kiss, his nose scrunching up cutely at the taste of himself on Grimmjow's tongue, but for some reason, it was much more bearable than before.

The cop uncuffed him and finally stripped them of their clothes from last night, then led him to the bathroom for a shower together. There under the hot water, he washed while being kissed, groped and molested some more before they got out and dried themselves, Grimmjow throwing on a new uniform, and Ichigo in the clothes he had on last night.

Taking something out of his wallet, the officer then snagged Ichigo around the waist and pulled him close, ensnaring him in another deep, probing kiss. The orange haired man melted, returning it eagerly as he curled his hands gently against Grimmjow's chest before they broke apart with a gasp, and Grimmjow flashed something green in front of his face. His eyes widened, "What…?"

"Ya said you were strapped for college cash, yeah? What kinda man would I be if I didn't pay my dues for good services?" the blunet smirked arrogantly. Ichigo didn't know what to say, still too stunned about the amount he was just handed to think properly. "I have a proposition fer ya. Why don't ya become my own personal 'male escort', eh? Think about it this way: I'll be yer only exclusive client, so ya won't hafta let another stranger ever touch ya again, and from last night, ya seemed to like my touch just fine. I'm a bit possessive like that. So, if ya let me see you again, I'll pay fer yer classes. I have more than enough to cover all four years and then some thanks to my job and an inheritance my gramps left me. How does that sound?"

"But, why…?" Ichigo turned big brown eyes up at him and tilted his head in awed wonder, "You've only just met me."

"Do I need a reason?" Grimmjow grinned and pecked his lips, "I'm a pretty good judge of character and I liked ya the moment I saw ya standin' at that corner, looking all shy and cute and awkward, fiddlin' with yer shirt like that. Ya also practically had 'fresh meat' written all over ya and didn't look like the usual type to walk those particular streets in town. I'm lucky I got to ya first." He absently thumbed the mark he'd left at the base of his berry's neck, before licking at Ichigo's lips sexily, "So whaddaya say?" he purred out seductively.

Ichigo looked down, biting his lip in thought. He couldn't believe how things turned out, but it was better than what he'd expected when he'd left his apartment last night. How could he have expected to be jumped by a sexy hunk of a man, who happened to be a bad and kinky cop with all the solutions to his problems? With this kind of money, he could afford school and maybe help his father pay the bills. Coming to a decision, the younger man took a deep breath as brown met blue. He smiled, and Grimmjow couldn't help think how young and even more beautiful the boy was when he smiled like that, "I say…yes, Sir."


Weeks passed and a routine was quickly established. On weekdays, Ichigo would go to his classes during the day, focusing on his studies, and do his homework at his apartment to free up his night to spend with Grimmjow after the man came to pick him up when he got off from his shift.

To his pleasant surprise, it wasn't all about the sex, and he got to know the man. He learned that Grimmjow was actually a decent, charming guy underneath all the layers of badass, despite bending the rules and doing things according to his own moral code. Ichigo also found out the man loved eating home-cooked meals, even though Grimmjow only knew how to make the basics, when the he had made the mistake of making dinner over the blunet's place one night, and ever since then, Grimmjow had demanded he make dinner every time he came over.

He didn't mind though. Cooking had also been a passion of his, which Grimmjow later found out and exploited whenever he could, among the other things he learned about his berry, like his fondness for Shakespeare, soccer, and a good cuddle session on the couch watching a movie, his intelligence and high marks when it came to his academics and his artistic skill and ambition to become a great painter even though he was going to school for medicine to take over his family clinic when the time came.

Weekends though, were a tad different. On weekends, Ichigo had until noon to do as he liked, but when 12 o' clock rolled around, Grimmjow would swing by to pick him up and take him to work with him.

That's where he currently found himself, handcuffed and on his knees under the officer's desk, fishnet covered thighs wide apart with vibrator shoved up his ass and a cock ring at the base of his aching erection as he licked and suckled Grimmjow to full mast. "Mmm, yeah, that's it Ichi, like that," the older man leaned back in his leather chair, a hand cradling the back of his head, "Fuck, yer gettin' so good at this…"

Ichigo felt himself blush and moaned around his mouthful, but continued to suck enthusiastically, bobbing his head in Grimmjow's lap as he felt saliva and cum dribbling down his chin. Finally, he sensed Grimmjow teetering on the edge and pulled out another trick he'd recently mastered. He swallowed.

Grimmjow lost it. The older man snarled, fisting Ichigo's bright orange hair to hold his head still and fucked the boy's mouth with short, hard thrusts, "Ya little bitch, ya love this, don't ya? Yer pretty pink lips, perfect fer sucking dick, wrapped around my cock. Hungry, baby? I bet ya are. Fuckin' cum slut. Take it. Fuckin' take it!"

Whimpering and turned on so hard by the harsh naughty words, Ichigo could do nothing but yield, opening his mouth as wide as he could when he heard a rough growl from above before he felt Grimmjow cum in his mouth, the older man holding his head to his groin so he was forced to swallow all of it.

After a few heartbeats, he was tugged off Grimmjow's dick and up to straddle his seated lap, his fishnet long-sleeved shirt pushed up enough so that it was over his head and out of the way, caught around his shoulders, before his lips were being licked and nibbled at for a kiss. Their tongues danced and slid against each other wetly, leaving Ichigo panting for more. "Please, Sir. Let me touch you."

"Ya wanna touch me, baby?"

"Yes, Sir."

"All right…" The blunet reached for the keys on his belt and unlocked his handcuffs from behind his back, and almost immediately after, Ichigo's hands went straight to the man's hair, knocking off his officer's cap as he ran his fingers through the soft, silky sky blue locks. Grimmjow gave a deep purr and cupped the boy's bare ass in his hands, squeezing the firm flesh and he attacked Ichigo's neck with lips and teeth.

"Mmn," his berry sighed, grinding down on his returning erection, and whined when he massaged the cheeks in his hands, squishing them together to make him feel the vibe inside him that more intensely.

"Ya want it, Ichi?"

"A-Ah, yes, Sir…so much…"

"Me too, baby. Me too. Hold on, just lemme-"

"Naa!" He bit his lip, trembling when the vibrator was pulled out and was replaced with the two warm fingers, thrusting in and out of his hole to make sure he was still slick and loose enough before he was hovered over Grimmjow's renewed erection and steadily led downwards, slowly impaling himself on his beau's long, thick girth. "E-Ehh…" His tongue stuck out as he panted, body shuddering as he adjusted to the intrusion before his shaking hands came up to tug and unbutton Grimmjow's uniform shirt, revealing a gorgeously sculpted torso. He moaned happily as his hands explored the hard planes and angles of skin and muscle, fingers gently circling around the man's nipples.

He received a growling purr at that and did it again, rubbing his cheek against Grimmjow's and slipping his arms around his broad shoulders before he was lifted up, and then dropped back down, humping – practically bouncing in – Grimmjow's lap in search of release.

"Ah…a-ah…ah-! G-Grimmjow, Sir, permission to c-cum?"

"Not...yet, Ichi. Just…a little more…" his beau groaned, and Ichigo whined a little in protest, suddenly squealing when he was given a sharp spank. "Hush. You'll cum when I tell ya to."

"Yes, Sir," he mewled and nosed his dominant blunet's face placatingly, parting his lips for him when Grimmjow playfully nipped at them. Then, the man growled and gripped his berry's hips steady in his hands, bucking up roughly and hitting that special place inside Ichigo that made him shriek like a banshee.

"Uhn, yeah, that's the spot," he grunted and continued to nail the little gland dead on, listening and getting off on all of the earnest, explicitly sexual noises Ichigo couldn't stop himself from making. Grimmjow gritted his teeth and simultaneously thrust up one last time as well as removed the cock ring around Ichigo, timing their climax perfectly as white invaded their visions for a few mind-blowing moments.

"Grimmjow!" he heard Ichigo cry out just as he came, the boy's toes curling within his knee high boots, and he couldn't help but purr in complete and utter satisfaction when they slowly came down from their orgasmic high, the strawberry limp against his chest in a satiated slump. Ichigo had called out his name, and damn if it wasn't sexy as all hell.

"Fuck, that was good," he sighed, carding his fingers through his hair as the other hand stroked his boy's back, "Ya still conscious, Ichi?"

"Mmhm," was his mumbled response, causing him to chuckle before carefully urging the boy off his lap.

"Up ya go, Berry-tan. Time to wipe down." Ichigo got up obediently and turned around, already knowing what to do as he bent over the desk and spread his legs, unintentionally showing off his red, puffy, recently used hole that was beginning to ooze out cum down his thighs to meet his tights. Damn, what a lovely, sexed up sight of debauchery. Grimmjow had to clench his jaw to prevent him from ravaging his exhausted berry again when a lidded honey brown eye peeked over a shoulder to look back at him in sleepy innocence, swallowing down a groan as he pulled out a drawer and rummaged around for a spare washcloth he kept for such occasions.

He carefully cleaned them both up, getting a long, drawn out, lethargic moan from Ichigo when he passed the cloth across his entrance. Shit, if the berry kept this up, he won't be able to go to school tomorrow.

Luckily for the poor college student, Grimmjow (just barely) refrained and managed to clean himself up before tossing the cloth into the laundry basket he kept here at work (for long shifts) and straightening their clothes, slowly pulling Ichigo's leather booty shorts back up where they belonged and tugged down his fishnet shirt. He didn't bother to button his own shirt back up, and knew his berry certainly didn't mind when he pulled the younger man back into his lap, cradling him in his strong arms while he reached for the files he'd been working on before he'd been interrupted earlier by a frisky Ichigo.

The boy hummed contently and nuzzled into his beau's wonderfully bare chest as he settled in for a nap. Grimmjow will probably want another go before the day is done here in the office, so he'd better rest up until he was to be taken against the desk or something.

Not that he was complaining, of course.



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