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["A-aaah…! Hnnn!"]

Ichigo's breath stuttered in his chest and he bit his lip, eyelids falling shut at his own obscene noises coming from the speakers as he sunk down on the long, fat cock waiting for him. He couldn't suppress a heated moan from leaving his throat when he bottomed out, the noise echoing from in front of him while he shuddered and waited for his beau's next move.

Large hands that had been grabbing his hips steady separated in opposite directions, one going south to fist his erection and stroking it languidly as Grimmjow slid his knees under Ichigo's to spread the boy wide. The other hand headed straight for a perky pink nipple.

Ichigo arched into the touches as the older man established a rhythm, thrusting up quickly before slowly pulling out only to buck up sharply again. "Watch the screen, Ichi," a gruff voice husked into his pinkened ear, "Don't close yer eyes."

He moaned softly but obeyed, and his already flushed face grew hotter at the explicit images on the flat screen TV, watching himself getting finger-fucked that fateful night which seemed so long ago by the same gorgeous blunet cop impaling him now.

[The door swung open and banged against the wall; thankfully, there was a rubber stopper on both the wall and the bottom of the door or else there'd be a nice sized dent where the doorknob crashed into, but neither Grimmjow nor Ichigo hadn't paid it any mind.

In fact, they hadn't paid anything any mind, too focused on attempting to suck the other's soul out through their mouths like starved dementors(1). The orange haired boy moaned wantonly into their passionate liplock, heart pounding and breathing heavily through his nose as Grimmjow continued to eat at his lips, nipping and licking and sucking the pliant, juicy flesh. The blunet's hands busied themselves with their heavy petting as he backed the smaller male towards the bed.

A light shove had Ichigo falling back and bouncing once on the mattress before the older man immediately descended upon him as Grimmjow untucked and unbuttoned his uniform top with rapid, long practiced motions before molesting him further, not giving the strawberry blond time to do much else but return the hurried, almost frantic touches. Soon, the boy's hands were captured in bigger, stronger ones, and quicker than he could blink, his wrists were securely handcuffed to the wrought iron bars of the headboard above his head. Then his fishnet shirt went along with it, bunching near his armpits enough for Grimmjow to swoop down and suck a pink yummy-looking nipple into his greedy mouth.

"Nyaaa~" he mewed, biting his lip sexily as his body arched up into the warm, moist cavern. So good…

Once it was thoroughly covered in his glistening saliva, Grimmjow switched to tend to the other bud until they matched in their wetness, blowing on them and watching them pebble up into rosy, enticing little peaks.

Predatory blue eyes looked up into warm honey, and the older man smirked at the adorable blush dusting his prey's cheeks, moving in for a steamy little kiss. He nibbled on his lower lip gently and gave it a small tug with his sharp, white teeth before trailing his kisses down the offered throat, down Ichigo's panting chest, and over the dip of his navel while his talented fingers loosened the boy's leather booty shorts in no time at all.

Ichigo tossed his orange head back with a loud, broken moan, taken by surprise when he was abruptly engulfed in tight, wet heat. "Nnh! Sir!" he whimpered, writhing sensuously against the soft sheets as the blunet teased and licked the head of his length, kissing down the underside of his shaft lightly to suck on first one ball, and then the other before going down even more. The berry boy then jumped when Grimmjow's sinful tongue touched the small stretch of skin between his sac and pucker, moaning deliriously as the larger man's strong hands cupped his bum and massaged the soft yet firm cheeks.

Grimmjow drew back and savored the erotic vision before him, licking his lips lasciviously, "Look at how hot and bothered you are. Such a naughty view should be captured on film, yeah?" He ignored his prey's suddenly panicked gaze and stuttered protests, reaching over to his bedside table where his camcorder conveniently lay. Turning the device on and making sure he had a blank tape inside, the blunet adjusted his viewfinder, and hit the red button, recording Ichigo all laid out for him like a gourmet buffet, his body flushed with arousal and trembling all over.

He zoomed in on the boy's rouged, gorgeous face which he turned away in embarrassment before zooming out a little to focus on the strawberry's rucked nipples. "Such pretty, slutty nipples…"

"D-Don't say that!" Ichigo protested, and whined pathetically when his tormenter rubbed and pinched the already abused nubs. "Sir, p-please…don't…"

"Hush," he murmured, his one available hand caressing the toned muscles and soft, supple skin of Ichigo's stomach before grasping his aching cock.

"A-aaahn!" the boy shivered, spreading his legs farther apart unconsciously and bucked up into it. He continued to make soft, breathy noises as Grimmjow stroked and squeezed him, all the while the camera continued to film his every twitch, every moan...

"Fuck, look at ya. So sensitive…like a woman." The cop then let go of Ichigo's throbbing dick and presented two fingers to the younger man's lips, "Suck 'em real good, cuz that's all yer gonna get."

Ichigo did as he was told, opening his mouth to take the fingers in and covered them liberally in his saliva. They pulled away and suddenly were nudging at his entrance, one slipping in, and then the other. He whimpered a little, teeth clenched as he tried to adjust to the intrusion, but his eyes snapped opened wide when Grimmjow hit something inside him.

"A-aaah…! Hnnn!" He cried out, back bowed and shaking awfully as waves after waves of pleasure slammed into him. Turning his head into his arm, a little pink tongue peaked out from between his lips as the blunet continued to tease him mercilessly. "S-Sir! Please…ah, ah!"

"Please what?" Grimmjow rumbled back, his voice soft and deep as blue eyes darkened in lust.

"P-please, put it in," Ichigo begged, "I need your big, hard cock in my ass…deep inside! Please, fuck me! Claim me…make me yours~!" Big brown watery eyes looked up at him, and Grimmjow felt his self-control snap.]

"Ah, ah! Grimmjooow," Ichigo panted, now faced down and fisting the sheets propped up on wide-spread knees with the blunet draped over him in between them, thrusting into him savagely from behind.

"You should look at yerself, Ichi. Ya sound so slutty, moaning like that fer me," his beau whispered hotly in his ear, "Look to yer left." Ichigo did and blushed, realizing their bedroom vanity had been relocated to stand by near the foot of the bed, reflecting the image of him getting fucked good back to him. He moaned desperately and brought a hand up to Grimmjow's cheek, pulling him down for an open-mouthed kiss.

[With a loud growl, the officer pulled away, unzipping himself and freeing his neglected erection with a sigh before reaching into the bedside drawer for a condom, thankfully already lubricated. "Yeah, I'll fuck ya. Fuck ya so hard, you'll want no one else, ya sexy lil' bitch." With one hand, he tore the little tinfoil package with his teeth before unraveling the rubber over himself while he expertly kept the camera steady for the best shot.

Scooting closer, he lifted one of Ichigo's mile-long fishnet covered legs and hefted it over his shoulder, making Ichigo turn on his side before pushing in without pause. Ichigo cried out at the penetration, "Big! So big! It hurts!"

"Hush, it'll get better," Grimmjow muttered, straining a little with sweat trailing down his temples as he tried to keep still. "Relax." Fuck, this little tramp was tight!

The smaller male sobbed quietly, but nodded as he sniffled. He was just thankful the man gave he time to adjust. Minutes of comforting touches to the younger man passed before Ichigo finally wriggled a little and Grimmjow took that as a sign to move. Slowly, he pulled out, only to snap straight back in. The teen gave a little moan of pain but didn't tell him to stop, so he pulled out again and repeated his actions at a different angle, this time pulling another kind of sound from the boy.

"Heh, already found it, eh?" he smirked, zooming out more to get all of the delectable berry beneath him, before he focused on capturing his dick pistoning in and out of that stretched puckered hole hugging him so snuggly. "Damn, yer squeezin' me so good."

"Ah! Ah!" Ichigo was lost, so overwhelmed from the sizzling sensations running rampant through him. He couldn't hold it in anymore when a hand came around his leg and tugged on him just once before he came with a hoarse cry, spasms wracking his frame as he spilled all over himself, making himself sticky.

Rumbling, Grimmjow plunged into him faster when Ichigo clenched down on him and came deep inside the boy with a groan.]

"Ah! Ahn! Griiimmmm! I'm coming!" the orange haired male cried, and released all over the sheets below him.

"Fuck!" Grimmjow growled, and thrust in one last time before cumming himself, shooting his seed deep within Ichigo's insides. They collapsed with a huff, out of breath and sweaty like they've just ran a marathon.

Once the two calmed down some, the older man grinned and nuzzled his little lover's damp sherbet hair, murmuring low in his throat.

Ichigo blinked and then smiled tenderly, "I love you, too, Grimm. Happy Anniversary." A calloused hand enveloped his own smaller one, two matching rings – one in platinum with a large octagonal-cut citrine quartz stone set in the middle on his beau's left ring finger, and the other in gold with a large cushion-cut aquamarine gem as it's center around his own(2) – gleaming softly in the soft, dim lights of the room. They were promises to each other, promises for the future.

Up on the TV screen, Grimmjow had turned the camcorder so that he was also now in the shot, laying over his prey and murmuring more filthy things he was gonna do later that night to a red, blushing Ichigo, saying he'll punish him for cumming without permission again until he pounded the lesson into him, before the cop cut playful cyan eyes to the lens and winked salaciously as a resigned yet anxious Ichi nuzzled his face with a soft, tired little smile for the camera.



1. Sorry fer the Harry Potter reference! XD

2. Ichigo's ring: http:/ / 2ols. com /item_6999_459086859-Cushion-Cut-Aquamarine-Diamond-Mens-Ring. htm (without spaces, and click on the picture to see a more brilliant picture of it)

3. Grimmjow's ring is the exact same design, except for the cut of the stone which looks like this: http:/ / images. google. com/ imgres?imgurl=http: / / www. atggems. Com /img/citrine_759pt_fancy_&imgrefurl=http: / / www. atggems. com/ (without spaces, and then add the rest below. I know, ridiculous work just to see a picture but it's so pretty!) Photos_&usg=_ZteVFu2Cp0sph_fVDwJGDl52Qqc=&h=353&w=343&sz=110&hl=en&start=0&zoom=1&tbnid=B9kE0JSgu7UtHM:&tbnh=159&tbnw=161&prev=/images%3Fq%3Dorange%2Bcitrine%2Bgemstone%26hl%3Den%26biw%3D1272%26bih%3D565%26tbs%3Disch:1&itbs=1&iact=hc&vpx=314&vpy=180&dur=547&hovh=228&hovw=221&tx=103&ty=80&ei=XW8pTaDZNMPflgfx9ZmRAQ&oei=Lm0pTb-ELsP38AaAk8jKDQ&esq=6&page=1&ndsp=12&ved=1t:429,r:1,s:0

Hope yu can see/find it, if not, go to google and type 'orange citrine gemstone' and search the images. It's the second one, should be octagonal shaped. 83

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