Interior Psych office. Shawn is lounging on the couch, surrounded by crumpled tissue. There is a knock on the door and Juliet comes in.


Shawn: Jules. What are you doing here?

Juliet: I came by to see how you were feeling. Why aren't you at your apartment?

Shawn: I got locked out.

Juliet: What about Julio?

Shawn: Apparently the sno-cone cart has wheels.

Juliet: You don't say.

Shawn: Julio wheeled off into the sunset. Never to be seen again.

Juliet: Maybe you should have given Gus the spare.

Shawn: That's what he said when I asked if I could sleep on his sofa.

Juliet: Ouch. Well, are you doing any better anyway?

Shawn: Actually yeah. Turns out there was merit to the whole "resting" thing after all. I'm ready to go back to work right now.

Shawn starts coughing and Juliet pours him glass of water.

Juliet: You don't actually work there, Shawn.

Shawn: That hurts Jules.

Juliet: You're right. I'm sorry. And I'm glad you're feeling better. You must be at the tail end of this. Jessica came back to work yesterday.

Shawn: Who's Jessica?

Juliet: You know, the other detective who works undercover a lot?

Shawn: Oh right. Man, that girl had be tailing her boyfriend all across town last week.

Juliet: Oh?

Shawn: Yeah, and the guy wasn't even cheating. He was disappearing to shop for engagement rings. Complete waste of time. Did you bring me soup, Jules?

Juliet is flustered but looks down to the parcel she's brought with her.

Juliet: It's sweet and sour from the Chinese place around the corner. I would've cooked but…

Shawn: I love that place.

Juliet: I know.

She moves over to give him the soup and Shawn starts coughing again. When he finishes he blows his nose noisily. When he's done Juliet reaches up to feel his forehead. Their eyes meet and she slowly lowers her hand.

Juliet: I… I think your fever has gone down.

Shawn: Jules, I need to tell you something. Do you remember yesterday when we found you. I told you I was Joe Camel cool and Lassie was terrified?

Juliet: He didn't actually piddle himself, did he?

Shawn: No, he did. Like a Pekinese puppy during a thunderstorm. But I… wasn't totally cool. Not Joe Camel cool, not even Danny Zuko cool. Definitely not Fonzi cool…

Juliet: Shawn?

Shawn: The thing is Jules, I was worried. I didn't want anything to happen to you. I don't want anything to happen to you… I want ... Dammit, if only it weren't for Gus.

Juliet: What does Gus have to do with anything?

Shawn: Well you see. I already extended my hand towards him. Now, I could take it back, but I'm pretty sure Emily Post has some pretty strict rules about retracting a proposal

Juliet cocks her head and reaches behind Shawn lift a bottle of cough syrup from the end table.

Juliet: Shawn, how much of this did you take?

Shawn: What? Oh, just the recommended dose. With a Nyquil chaser. But Jules, I'm trying to tell you something here.

Juliet shakes her head and presses a finger to his lips.

Juliet: Tell me later.

Shawn: But…

Juliet: Get some rest. Sleep it off. I'll call in the morning and, if you still want to, you can tell me then.

Shawn: I'll still want to.

Juliet: I'm sure you will. Get well soon, Shawn.

As she moves to leave Shawn sneezes.

Juliet: Bless you.

Shawn: Thank you.

Shawn stares at his hands for a moment and then runs his hands over his arms as he watches her leave.



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