Code Avatar

By: C.C.

Chapter One: Lelouch

On the streets of the now fallen city of Omashu were two people with a peculiar look that said simply that they simply don't belong here.

The man was nothing but a young man of maybe seventeen. He had sleek, black hair, a sharp face, and mischievous, violet colored eyes that were hard to miss. He wore a black uniform with a golden rim and the pants were the same, but on the shirt, there was a strange emblem on either side of the collar.

The girl with him wore a strange suit that some might think would look something like an alien would wear, and others would think that it was the strangest jail suit that anyone had ever seen, but that's not what people really notice when they see her. What they notice is her long, sleek, green hair that ends just above the waist.

They stood side by side, and looked at their surroundings.

"Is this the place?" asked the girl with no emotion in her tone with her soft, calm, and lovely voice.

"Yes, I believe it is," answered the young man with his drastic tone. With everything he says, his voice goes from higher to lower just in his natural way. Once you hear his voice, you never forget it. It's like listening to the voice of an angel.

"Well, who is it that we're looking for?"

"If my information is correct, we're looking for a being known as the Avatar. He's suppose to be the most powerful being in this underdeveloped world. He can control all four of the natural elements."

"Well, does this person have a name?"

"I believe that it's Avatar Aang, the last Airbender. Once we find him, we can make a deal and get the help we need."

"Do you think that someone who can control the four elements is any match for the Knightmares?"

"It all depends on how you play your cards."

"Alright," said Sokka, "now, if we're going to get to the Earth King, we need to go through a place called the Serpents Pass. That'll take us to the outer wall of Ba Sing Se."

Sokka was a sarcastic, meat loving guy, and that's pretty much most of his identity. He's got the hair from the bottom of his ear to about a centimeter above the top of his ear shaved all the way around his head, and the part that wasn't shaved off was pulled back into what the Southern Water Tribe would call a wolf's tail. He wears it because he think it makes him look like a warrior.

"The Serpents Pass?" said Toph.

Toph was Aang's Earthbending teacher, even though she was blind, but that's what really made her the best choice. Because she's blind, she's mastered something that is key to Earthbending; neutral jing, which means that she's learned how to wait and listen before she attacks her opponent. Her blindness is her biggest advantage not only because of that, but she can see everything through the vibrations that her feet pick up, which is why she gave Aang the nickname "Twinkle Toes". For her young age, she's an extraordinary Earthbender.

"That sounds like a death trap," said Toph.

"I'm not sure that I wanna go through a place called the Serpents Pass, either," said Katara.

Katara is Sokka's sister, and Aang's Waterbending teacher. She got a lot of training from their trip to the North Pole. Her signature thing is her hair loopies in front of her face, but in the back, she had her long, dark hair in a braid. Her eyes were large and blue, and her kind hearted personality was one reason that Aang was in love with her.

Aang was twelve years old in mind and body, but because of him being trapped in an iceberg for a hundred years, he's a hundred and twelve, but they just say that he's twelve. He's bald, and on his head where he should have hair, he has a large tattoo of an arrow, and he had the same markings all over him. He was free spirited, energetic, fast, happy, carefree guy who loved to have fun even in the worse case scenario. Also, he's the Avatar.

"The Serpent's pass?" said Aang, jumping out of the river from swimming and his water bending practice. "I'm not sure about that, either.

"Well, it's the only place that we can cross on foot, I mean, it's not like we have Appa here to fly us," said Sokka.

"Sokka, can't you be more sensitive to things like that?" said Katara.

They all looked at Aang to see if Sokka's remarks had done anything to him. Appa was Aang's flying Bison, who was stolen by Sandbenders out in the desert. Finding Appa was their second reason for going to the great city of Ba Sing Se.

"It's ok. I know I was upset about loosing Appa before, but I'm fine now," he said, looking at them all in a calm way.

Katara seemed confused, but she let it go for now.

"Well, do you have any other ideas," Sokka asked everyone, "cause the Serpents Pass is the best bet right now."

"Well, if there's no other way, then that's the way we'll go," said Aang, speaking for everyone.

"You know," said a voice from behind them, "There's another way then the Serpents Pass."

They all turned around to find a strange boy with black hair and violet eyes, and right behind him was the girl with green hair. Now, they were wearing things that people in the Earth Kingdom would wear, and the green haired girl had a straw hat on top of her head that had a strap going under her chin.

"Who are you?" asked Aang.

"My name is Lelouch vi Britannia, and this is my friend and companion, C.C. We came to you because we need you to help us."

"Help you with what?"

"From what I've noticed is that you're in a war just as my people are. I wanna make a deal with you. I can win your war easily, but in return, I need you to help me win mine."

"Where exactly are you from?" asked Katara.

"I thought you'd never ask," said Lelouch. "This word is a parallel world to my own. I'm from a world that is similar to yours, but yet, in a way, very different."

"You're from another world?" said Katara, surprised tone and expression.

"In our world," said C.C., "we're also in a war that deals with the whole world. One country, Britannia, is now in control of one third of the planet, and they're still growing. They're quite a bit like your fire nation, and although we can't bend any of the four elements the way you can, we have our own strengths, and we wish to help you so that you may help us, a trade off. Are you willing to oblige?" Her tone was expressionless as she spoke, as was her face.

"The Fire lord is a ruthless leader, and he plans to destroy the world in his own image," said Aang.

"As does the Emperor of Britannia. Like I said, our worlds are very similar," said Lelouch. "If you will accept us into your group, I assure you that you'll win this war. It'll be one of the easiest things I've ever done."

"Then why haven't you won your war yet?" asked Sokka.

"I only said that our worlds were similar. Though, you can control the four elements, I have something that's more complex and more difficult to use, but it's very useful in combat. My world is more complex then yours, so it'll be easier to win."

"Aang, I'm not sure about this," said Katara.

"Well, he's from another world, so that gives us fresh material, and if he's as good as he claims he is, then I say that we should give him a try," said Aang. He walked up in front of the tall figure of Lelouch (for he was a midget in comparison), and bowed. "I promise to go back to your world with you if you help win us this war. You have my word."

Lelouch smiled, then stuck out his hand for Aang to shake it. "A handshake will be good enough," he said.

Aang looked up, saw the hand, then shook it with gratitude.

"Now, as I was saying about the Serpents pass," said Lelouch, "there's another way. Right over here there's a place where ferry's cross over to Ba Sing Se. You're friend missed it."

"I would've caught it if I wasn't blind!" exclaimed Toph.

Lelouch stared at Toph as if he were trying to figure her out. He was questioning why they would have to have a blind girl traveling with them, and why she acted so normal. It was as if she wasn't blind at all.

"Sorry," said Sokka.

"Serpent's Pass is the only way, hu?" said Katara, sarcastically.

"I believe introductions are needed," said Aang. "I'm Avatar Aang, but just call me Aang. This is Katara," he said, pointing to the person as he said their names, "Sokka, Toph, and Momo."

"May I ask what Momo is?" asked Lelouch.

"He's my flying Lemur."

And that was the start to the crossover between two similar, yet very different worlds.

To be continued…

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