Code Avatar: Lelouch and the Airbender

By: C.C.

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Chapter 40: Lelouch's Twist of Sides and Minds

Though it was not yet entirely apparent, everyone knew one fact. Times were changing, not only for the Britannians and the Black Knights for the Avatar and his people as well. These two worlds would never be the same again. Zero, whether he be dead or not, was dead in the eyes of the Black and New Knights. He was a traitor. If he was to get them back, he would have to find the weak spot and hit them hard.

There's also the matter of the new agreement that he's made with the Fire Lord. He has them on his side now, but he only really needs them to get rid of Schnizel and Charles.

Lelouch sat in the room that the Fire Lord had provided for him and began to plot out what he was going to do. He sat on his bed with full focus on his face, content and preoccupied with his own thoughts.

'I need to figure out exactly what I'm going to do from here. Now, Schnizel thinks that he has the Fire Lord as his ally when in truth he knows that they're going to turn their back on him once they get what it is that they need and most likely take over the Avatar world.'

"Any luck?" asked familiar voice standing in the doorway with one hand on the rim as she leaned over onto it with her gentle, golden eyes looking over at Lelouch.

"Hmph," he said, closing his eyes as he looked at the ground, "you are too curious, C.C."

"You've told me your plans before. Why not now? What's changed?" she asked, standing upright as she started to walk over to him.

He looked up at the green haired witch and snickered. "Everything's changed, but even more everything's changing. I can't just come out and tell people my plans anymore, even you. You never know who is listening in, who you can and can't trust. Things are even more unreliable than they use to be."

She took a deep breath as she flipped her hair behind her and walked over to a chair in the corner of the room. "Fine. Be that way. Just don't expect me to help you," she stated in her usual nonchalant tone.

"And how could you help me?" he asked, jerking his head over into her direction.

She just looked at the wall and didn't say anything. It was like he wasn't even there. The black haired demon rolled his eyes and went back to plotting, but it didn't take him very long to figure out what it was that he was going to do next. After mere moments he was grinning his devious grin. He had a plan.


The New Knights had been carefully considering things back over at HQ while preparing for anything that might come their way. There was still training, and they would have meetings to discuss the matters at hand every day and decided that they would soon take their options to the Earth King for his advice. They knew that they would need a lot of help if they were going to get far.

In the meantime, the Earth King had never been more stressed with the idea of a War. He had to tighten security in every direction and still try to keep order within the walls of the city. He wasn't completely sure about how involved they would be with this War but yet again he didn't know much about what was going on. He didn't really know that there were two Wars going on in the same place. Battle strategies, Generals, and everything that you could think up about War was what was running through his head, and he was still learning all about it. They had an inexperienced, naïve King when it came to matters like these because of his in exposure to War and the outside world as a whole.

That's why this would be easy for some.

The fact that the Earth King was naïve and inexperienced with battle and was merely a figure head all this time would make this easier on the enemy of his people and the side that he was fighting for. The enemy had exactly what he needed.

Lelouch smirked at his simple plan. It's funny that he never really thought of it before with his brilliant mind of War and, well everything. He's just played such a small role in this so far that it wasn't much to think about, but the thing is that he could play a huge role, one bigger than he would ever imagine. The Earth King could become his new figure head, and he would never know that he was actually working for the same side as the Fire Nation.

Then there's Schnizel to put into the equation. He doesn't even really know that Lelouch is alive, so it's a good thing that they think he died in that explosion. That gives him another advantage. He'll catch him completely off guard.

He walked into the Earth King's Palace with his cape, mask, and determination to get what it is that he needs to make this War an easy win, even for having Schnizel as an opponent.

The guards saw him and didn't pay him much attention because, surprisingly, the news of Zero's death had not yet reached the inside of the city from all that's been going on over at the lake outside of the walls.

The Earth King was sitting in his elegant attire with his firm grasp on the sides of his chair. His eyes were fixed to a focus point from thought all until the moment Zero walked into the room with his head held high as he stood before him.

The Earth King looked down on him with curiosity. "You bring back news?" he asked, straightening his posture with a firm look.

"Yes, in fact I do," replied Lelouch with a hidden, devious smile that spread all across his face. "I actually have a few things that I need to say to you."

The Earth King nodded as he sat back in his chair, prepared to listen.

"There is a power that is known as the Power of a King, but not just any person can attain it. Not even just any King. It's rare to find a person who has this power, but that's not all that I have to say. There was a battle just right outside the city, one against my Brother and the Fire Nation. They have attained this power due to the one person that I know did; my brother, Schnizel. Yes, I must apologize for my world's War has entered into yours because I came here. They came here to kill me, but it didn't work out so much for them. I never died, and though they tried, they had fails that were apparent that I survived. How are these two topics connected? The power is known as Geass. It comes in different forms. The power to read minds, the power to change a person completely, the power to freeze time where it is. You could name off just about any power and it can be in a form of Geass. The one that my brother has is the power of absolute control. He can give any order to a person and they will have no choice but to obey it. He has used this power on the entire New Knights group, on everyone except for me, my friend C.C., and the Avatar. We alone escaped. I only with I had a Geass power so that I could do that to him."

"So your Brother has taken up the entire New Knights, and he's your enemy?" said the Earth King for clarification.

"To put it into simple sense, yes he did. To make matters worse, he's joined up with the Fire Nation, so the New Knights are now your enemy," replied Lelouch.

The Earth King could not believe his ears. He started to rub his temples and groan to let out some of the stress in any way possible.

"I'm sorry to say that some of the people you could once trust you can no longer trust," said Lelouch, walking up closer to him.

The Earth King sighed and then looked up at him with his face behind the mask. "So what is it that you propose we do?"

"I propose that you help me even further than you already have. I need more than just Earth bending citizens. I need your armies. I will go on and continue to build it up, but put me in charge of the armies and I can get our friends back from the enemy. Along the way, I'll also bring down the Fire Nation so that this world can finally be in peace again."

He considered this for a moment. "Alright," he said. "I give you full control with the armies of the Earth Kingdom."

Lelouch nodded and smiled with satisfaction of his success. "Thank you, Your Highness. Now, remember, if any New Knight members besides me, my friend with the green hair, or Aang try to tell you otherwise, then you can't believe what it is that they have to say. They might try to get you against me."

He nodded as an acknowledgement, and he started to walk off when there was a noise that said that the door was opening. At the sight of Katara, Zuko, and Kallen walking through the door, he hid behind a column to see what it was that they had to say to the King.

Katara was the one who stepped forward to speak. "Your Highness, we have some sad news to report," she started as she looked up at the King.

He sighed at the sight of what he believed were to be lies. "Speak then."

Katara nodded and then began speaking with confidence in her tone and fire in her eyes. "Zero has gone missing. We once thought that he was dead, but recent events have proved otherwise. We believe that he might be dead, though there is a chance that he is still alive. He also has Aang with him for reasons that we're not yet sure of. We know only one thing. We can't trust him if we find him alive. He has the ability of complete and absolute control. He can make you do anything he wishes with this power and could take all of us as his figures. He could and would give you any command and you would have no choice but to do it."

"Why do you speak lies to my face? I know. It's because you're under someone's control," said The Earth King as he stood up and pointed. The trio had a confused look on their face.

"Under someone else's control? Where is that coming from?" asked Kallen looking from the Earth King to Katara and Zuko.

Lelouch snickered as he came out from his hiding place. "Don't you see, Your Highness? The Power of Geass has turned them against me. They believe that I am their enemy when really they are now lost in the orders given to them by my brother."

They all turned as he spoke and came out to see him with his mask. They stared in disbelief and slight fear of what would happen.

"Lelouch!" said Katara, narrowing her eyes as she tightened her fists.

Zuko's expression went from nonchalant to anger in a matter of seconds. His fists were clenched hard and his knuckles were making fire as he started to breathe in a way that would create his dangerous fire.

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