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Chapter 1

"I can't believe its over," Belle commented to Sienna, hopping out of Maggie's car, her short pigtails swaying in the gentle breezes. "I mean," she called, jogging slightly to catch up to the rest, who were now walking down the stairs to the sunny beach, "in a couple of months we'll be in different colleges and everything will be different."

Sienna smiled in understanding, and was about to reply when Jason's mouth covered hers in longing. Sighing happily, she let every other thought escape her- Belle, the other's teasing, everything - and focused on themselves. On their own. Together. Their time of peace stretched out before them for miles. Infinite.

Together, they slowly settled into their usual spot, enough away from the rest of their class to be alone, but not enough to appear out of place. Sitting down, they took their places, Jason on Sienna's blanket, Maggie on VanDyke's, Zach and Brad to their right, and Erin, Belle and Adam on their left. For a while they each did their own thing, with Brad, Zach, Erin and Belle playing volleyball with others, only stopping long enough for Belle to snatch the camera from Adam's grasp and drag him into the game, making sure to set numerous points up for him to score. VanDyke and Maggie meanwhile split their time between swimming competitions and making out romantically opposite Jason and Sienna.

As the sun began to dip from it's high point, everyone gathered around for lunch and gossip, where the girl's immediately launched into various tales, Sienna stopping frequently to tickle and kiss Jason. Zach, Brad and VanDyke resulted in eye rolling and mocking groans, only sharing the same awe with some of the more immense story lines. Then, in the middle of the current topic, Belle repeated the comment she had made earlier, biting her lower lip, quite tensely. "I'll be on my own,"

"Mmm," Sienna said, pulling herself away from Jason's embrace reluctantly. "Of course you won't, honey. Things won't be that different, and, besides," she smiled brightly, "weren't you the one who said once "different doesn't have to be bad? We'll have a lot more free time between classes for one- plenty of time to meet up for our get togethers, even if they're only for an hour or two."

"Plus," VanDyke added comfortingly to Belle, arms going around her, squeezing playfully. "The places we're going to are near each other. A couple of hours drive away max."

"So we all could meet up nearly every weekend if we wanted to," Sienna concluded.

"Ha," Maggie chuckled. "Speak for yourself, girl. You and Jason are practically next door to each other- you could see each other every night if you wanted to."

"We do," Sienna sighed, and kissed him again, which resulted in another round of wolf whistling and eye rolling.

"And so could you and Michael," Erin said enjoying the last of her apple, "where I'm stuck North with Brad and Zach. Great."

"You know you love us, Erin," Brad grinned, obviously unaffected by her tone, where Zach rolled his eyes.

"It's not that North," he smiled.

"Also," Adam said, sitting up on his towel. "The supernatural element involved here will make sure we'll stick together, keep everyone safe and protected and what not. High school with va…,uh, umpires," he improvised as a newbie couple walked closely by, "was hard enough, what with all the fights, kidnappings and deaths we had to constantly deal with. This year will no doubt be the same, where, taking everything into account, I couldn't imagine College on my lonesome."

"Then, let's make a pact, guys," declared Belle, her eyes glistening fiercly. "To meet up regularly and constantly. We'll throw parties like we do know, except ten times as better –"

"Hell yeah!" everyone interrupted.

"To always be a part of each others lives. To help and protect one another, and to never ignore them in their time of need."

"Well said, Belle," Jason applauded, smiling thinly, as his phone suddenly vibrated twice, before playing the intro to the Teletubbies. "Dani, when will you ever grow up?" he muttered angrily, as the others chuckled silently while he took the call.

"Who is it?" Sienna asked curiously when he hung up frowning slightly, her hand reaching for his.

"Danni. She said something's up at home. Sorry guys, I'm gonna have to go." He stood up and gathered his things, from the little picnic scene.

"Is everything okay, Jase?" Sienna asked worriedly.

"Yeah," he said. "It's probably my mom worried about some little thing. She's been like that recently, what with all the 'scary` stuff that's been happening, and me going away soon. She struggles sometimes to get back into the routine of things, that's all. Especially now with Bianca." He didn't look up at that last part, eyes staring down at the sand below him. Silently, he forced himself to meet his best friend's gaze. "Do you need a lift back now Adam, or are you alright here for a little while?"

"I think I'll stay here and keep the women company," he said, moving closer to a laughing Erin. "I'll see you later."

"Later then," he said quietly, and, giving Sienna a quick peck, he grabbed his gear, waved a final time and walked away.