Title: All Jokes Aside

Author: VFCGurl

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Inspiration: A very awesome person by the username 'Leahelisabeth' requested this story to me as a one-shot for my other series 'Agony' and I very eagerly accepted and then asked to take it one step further when I suggested we turn it into the story you're about to read. If you love the idea, thank her. If you love the actual writing, thank me. If you love the grammar and the spelling and whatnot, thank my Beta. Either way, they're clearly more awesome than I.

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Summary: When facing your fears becomes real, Sam gets to see how hard it is to hunt what you're afraid of, especially when they're after you for something you didn't know you were a part of. (Pre-Season. Teen-chesters, as some of you prefer to call it...Sam's 14 so Dean's like 18/19 -whatever.)

Just letting you know, beside the fact of what they're hunting and where they're hunting, this is a drama/angst story. There will be blood. There will be violence. There will be torture. Ha ha. Enjoy (:

-Chapter One:

Rock, paper, scissors. It is known around the world as a child's game. But to Dean and Sam it was much more than that. It was a way of life. To them, it was the only way to make decisions. When they were younger, whatever Dean said, went. But not anymore. Once Sam hit the ripe age of six, he came to the firm conclusion that he should have a say on how the show was run. The only way they could compromise, with a fair chance for each of them, was this: rock, paper, scissors.

They had just come from a hunt. A werewolf in the backwoods, taking whoever happened to cross its path. It would claw them to shreds, and then eat their heart. Dean and John had taken this on themselves, telling Sam he needed to 'man the car' which told Sam they were afraid he'd get hurt. So he didn't argue. Instead, he gave his fake 'it's okay, I get it' smile and watched them go into the woods. It didn't take them long to kill the werewolf though. Sam could see the smoke from the fire from the front seat of the car. A few minutes later, Dean and John emerged from the woods. There was blood on Dean's silver tipped crossbow. He gave Sam a reassuring smile before he and their dad opened the trunk to pack up everything they needed.

John opened the driver seat door and Dean opened the passenger seat door. He gestured to the backseat of the car, and Sam frowned. Reluctantly, Sam rolled over the seat and into the back. He lay down and look backwards out the window. He stared at the upside-down trees as they blew in the wind. Within seconds, the car started and they were moving once again.

*All Jokes Aside*

But that was about five hours ago, now they were in the middle of a town that seemed half-dead. Every once in a while a car or two would pass them. John, of course, knew where he was going; but to Sam it looked like a place you wouldn't want to be caught dead or alive in.

"I'm pretty sure there's a Wendy's and a McDonalds around here," John says as he drives. "Never really been in that one. It's kinda out in the middle of nowhere, but then again everywhere we go is. So what'd you say? You guys up for that?"

Instantly, Dean smiles at the thought of food. He sits up and turns around toward Sam. He shakes his leg, trying to wake him even though he was already awake.

"Hey, dude, you hear that?"

Sam nods.

"So Wendy's, right?"

Sitting up, Sam shakes his head. "I want McDonalds."

John smiles slightly, knowing what's coming. Here we go, he thought.

Dean shrugs. "And I want your Science teacher. But we can't always get what he want, can we?"

"Dean," John says in a warning one. He rolls his eyes in response, slamming his fist down into his open hand. Instantly, Sam knew what that meant. He did the same. They both had their game-faces on like this was a huge deal. But to them it was.

They both stared at each other with fake intensity and John laughed at their extreme dramatics. The boys slammed their fists three times in synchronization and then let their hands fall into whatever hand shape they chose.

Of course, Dean picked scissors and Sam picked rock.

Dean knew what was going to happen. It's what always happens. And he only picks rock so Sam can win, to give him a sense of control. Because we all knew what was going to happen, right? Dean was going to lose; Sam was going to win. Dean had to settle for whatever Sam wants to do and Sam feels accomplished. Losing was just a small price Dean had to pay to see his brother smile. Putting his hands in the air, Dean shrugs.

"McDonalds it is."

Sam smiles. "Ha."

"Shut up."

Like a kid, Sam sticks his tongue out at Dean then lay back down, trying to count the trees that flew by.

Dean searched the car quickly and found a stray pen in the cup holder and flung it over his shoulder, clipping the side of Sam's nose.


John looked up at the rearview mirror and smiled.

Sam threw it back but it missed Dean terribly. The pen hit the glass of the window and fell into Dean's lap. Dean picks up the pen, turns around to Sam, and shakes it.

"It's amazing you don't miss your mouth when you eat, dude. I'm like a foot away from you and you didn't even graze my hair," Dean teased. He threw the pen gently at Sam and watched at it hit the center of his chest and roll onto the floor.

Sam chose to stay silent for a moment

"Whatever," Sam mumbled.

Dean hit the side of Sam's leg. "I was just joking, kid."

Sam shrugged. "I'm fine, and I'm not a kid."

Dean smiled. "You're fourteen, Sam. Get over it. And stop pouting."

Rolling his eyes, Sam turned his attention to the window. Again, Dean hit his leg.

"C'mon. I'll buy you a Happy Meal."

Sam smirked, and looked back at Dean.

"I'm too old for a Happy Meal," Sam states.

Dean laughed. "Dude, you get chicken nuggets and fries. It's the same thing, just without the toy and the box. You're a kid, Sammy. Just face it."

Both John and Dean laughed. Sam, on the other hand, didn't find it funny at all.

*All Jokes Aside*

When the joking finally stopped, they arrived at the McDonalds. There were exactly two cars in the parking lot. John, of course, pulled into the furthest to the door and reached into his Jean's pocket. Dean never really understood why his father had the tendency to park so far away, especially with all of these open space. John took out two twenty dollar bills and handed them to Dean, who declined by putting his hands up.

"Uh uh, Dad. Let the man do it," Dean says, taking a quick glance at Sam who tried not to acknowledge Dean.

John smiled. He took hold of Dean's hand, opened it, and plopped the money in his palm.

"Just go."

Dean groaned as he pushed open the car door and stepped outside. He leaned back in and tapped on the seat.

"C'mon, grumpy."

Sam crawls over the seat and out the passenger side door that Dean held open for him. Dean ruffles his hear. "Cheer up, dude. I'll buy you a sundae," Dean says waving the money in his hand.

Sam shakes his head. "Stop trying to bribe me."

Dean shrugged. "Something's gotta give sooner or later. Eventually you're gonna want something."

Sam rolled his eyes, but Dean could tell he was just playing. "What I want is for you to leave me alone."

Dramatically, Dean covers his heart with his hands and gasps. "Feisty, Sam."

Both Winchesters laughed as they entered the abandoned McDonalds. No one was inside, but considering the time, it was understandable. But what Dean found weird was the fact that there was only one row of lights on. It gave the place a creepy edge to it. Everything was silent as they walked in.

"Maybe they're closed," Sam says in a soft voice, looking around.

Dean shakes his head. "Better not be. It's not even midnight yet."

Sam looks down at his watch. "It's 11:58."

Dean shrugs. "Exactly. Not midnight."

They walk up to the counter and Dean bangs on it. "Hello?"

Almost immediately, a girl with dirty blonde hair came from the back and around to the cash register. She smiles at Dean and Sam. Only Dean returned the smile.

"Welcome to McDonalds, how may I take your order?" she recites. The girl sounds dead;her voice is dry and slow. Her eyes have a dark coloring around them. Either this girl was two seconds from falling asleep or she needs to go a little easier on the eyeliner.

Dean looks over the menu overhead. "Yeah, can I get two double cheeseburgers and large fries with that." Dean looks down at Sam.

"What do you want, Sammy?"

"I want what you and dad got," he responds quickly.

Dean raises his eyebrows. "You sure? Large fries and everything?"

Sam nods.

Shrugging, Dean turns back to the girl. "Make that three double cheeseburgers and large fries."

"'Kay," she says, suddenly full of life. "Your order will be right out."

Dean nods and walks over to one of the empty tables while they wait. Seconds later, the girl returns with three large cups. Dean nudges Sam, telling him to go take care of the drinks. Without argument, Sam gets up, grabs the cups and goes to the drink machine.

"What do you want?" Sam asks, filling up each of the cups with ice.


Just as Sam was about to press the button for the Pepsi, a Ronald McDonald came from around the corner. He had a smudged, crooked smile and horrible, faded makeup. His jumpsuit was dirty and his hair was a mess, but he still smiled. His striped long sleeves were ripped off and his biceps were showing. Both of his arms had scars all over them like he'd been cut multiple times as a kid. Ronald approached Sam, his arms outstretched, trying to give him a hug. Once Sam caught sight of the poorly dressed Ronald McDonald, the pure sight of the clown made his heart skip a beat. He dropped Dean's cup onto the floor, ice flying and all. He backed up, but Ronald was persistent on getting that hug from Sam.

"Hey, man, can you knock it off? He doesn't like clowns," Dean calls from his seat.

Ronald shoots Dean a dirty look and continues to walk toward Sam who was currently frozen with fear.

Dean stands. "Hey, Giggles!" he called to the creepy clown.

Ronald stops.

Dean walks over to him, putting himself between the clown and his brother. "I said back off. He doesn't like clowns. It's not funny."

At first Dean thought he was imagining it. But in that moment Ronald's eyes turned pure black. He smiled evilly at Dean, then looked past him, at Sam like he was blood and Ronald was a vampire. Dean didn't like that one bit. He pushed Ronald back a few steps.

"What the hell's your problem, dude?"

At that second in time, Ronald looked even more evil than he did a second or two ago. Swiftly, he grabs Dean by the throat and squeezes tight. And before Sam even had a chance to react or even say something, he flung Dean across the room. Sam felt his heart pound when he watched Dean crash into the table across the room.

The only thing Sam could think of was to run.

As quickly as he could, he ran for the door. He knew their dad would know what to do. Frantically, he tugged on the door but it wouldn't budge. It was locked.

Sam turned around, out of breath and heart pounding as he watched the evil clown walk toward him with a disgustingly creepy smirk on his face. The clown cracked his knuckles as he approached the youngest Winchester.

"We're gonna have fun tonight," Ronald says, his black eyes shining in the moonlight.

Again, Sam tugged at the door, hoping that by miracle it would open. But of course it didn't.

One thought ran across Sam's mind : He's lock inside with his worst fear.

Sam and Dean were just served a big burger of Mc-trouble in the world of the 'Golden Arches'. And no, you cannot supersize that...

Bum bum buummm! Starts off kinda slow, I know. Sorry. But! It's gets better. Scout's honor (:

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