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- Chapter Seventeen :

The loud banging on the bathroom door made Dean snap out of the staring contest he was having with the wall. His eyes shut and snapped open in a second. He sat forward, alert. He looked up at Sam who surprisingly still had his eyes open. He, too, had then fixed on the door that was now shaking because of whoever was hitting it. Slowly, Dean stood. He nodded at Sam, trying to tell him that everything will be okay. He looked around for a weapon, but there wasn't any. The only thing he had was the bar that was keeping the door closed. If the took that away, it would swing open, making them vulnerable to whoever was out there. Dean took a step forward cautiously. He swallowed the lump in his throat and told himself to be a man.

Dean made his way across the room and held his hand out in front of the pipe locking them in. He licked his lips and tried to calm his racing heart. Again, he looked back at Sam. He was scared. Terrified, really. He didn't know what to do and he couldn't do much. He could barely move without being in horrible pain. Dean sighed, forcing himself to look away.

In one quick movement, Dean yanked the pipe from the door and stammered backwards. The door violently slammed inward, inches from clipping his nose. The air bushed Dean's face as he moved backwards. In his hand he kept the pipe in a tight grip. He felt the sweat on his hands making his grip slippery. But he tried not to let that bother him. He just kept telling himself that he had a baby brother to protect and nothing was going to keep him from doing that.

Ronald stumbled in suddenly; taken by surprise when the door was suddenly easy to open. He held his hands out to block his fall as he ran into the thick plastic wall that divided the entrance of the bathroom from the main part of it. Air rushed out of Dean's lungs when he noticed the pitch black feature in Ronald's eyes. Dean backed away. But without hesitation, Ronald charged him. Thinking quickly, Dean raised the pipe and it caught Ronald in the throat. He fell to the floor but Dean knew he was far from being finished.

Almost instantly, Ronald jumped to his feet. He swung at Dean, catching the side of his face. Dean kept his balance.

"How the hell did you get out?" Ronald yelled.

Dean didn't answer. He kicked at Ronald's leg, making him a little unsteady. But Ronald brought a hard punch to Dean's stomach causing him to drop the pipe. He watched it hit the floor in what seemed like slow motion. He wasn't going to lose it, though. Just as he hit the floor, he grabbed it again. Dean kicked at Ronald from the floor. He got him right in the thigh. Ronald stumbled back holding his leg while Dean forced himself to his feet again.

That circled each other, tauntingly. Dean watched Ronald's every little move, knowing that it would be the one that would catch him off guard. Dean could feel Sam's eyes watching him closely, probably praying that he'll be okay. It was just like Sam. He was the one who's been loosing flood for hours, but he's worried about Dean.

Ronald lurched forward, catching Dean in the chin. Dean's teeth bit the bottom of his tongue. The sudden pain made him cry out. He bent over forward, holding his mouth. Taking that as his golden oppertunity, Ronald grabbed Dean's shirt, pulling him forward. He kneed Dean in the head twice before he ran him head first into the sink. Sam heard the bump when his head came in contact with it, he cringed.

Satisfied with himself, Ronald smiled. Then his vision swooped to Sam who was on the heater, still. Sam noticed him and tried to stand. He forced himself off the heater and onto the floor where he propped himself up against the wall for support. He couldn't out run Ronald, that was obvious, but when he got close enough Sam did take a swing at him. He landed it clean, but it didn't do much. He was too weak to have much power behind it. But still, he was twelve years old. He didn't have much strength yet. Especially not against someone like Ronald.

The clown laughed as he lifted Sam off his feet and out of the bathroom.

Dean tried to fight the darkness, but he couldn't. The last thing he seen was Ronald taking his brother out of the bathroom and Sam desperately reaching for him.

*All Jokes Aside*

From the corner of his eye, John seen someone very tall carrying someone over their shoulder. Almost instantly, he felt his heart skip a beat when the only possibility of the person's identity being one of his boys. He couldn't tell how tall the person was. He couldn't tell if it was Dean or Sam but he knew it was one of them and he found himself hoping with all his heart that they were alive. He honestly had nothing else to hope for.

Moving cautiously, John followed the person into the deeper part of the kitchen. He had no clue why they were going in the kitchen, but he needed to find out. He pressed his back to one of the freezers and looked over his shoulder to get a better look without being seen just yet. He seen the person was dressed in a yellow jumpsuit and he shook his head. What the hell was this? Is that the clown for McDonalds? Pushing the thought aside, he looked down at the person he was carrying. It was definitely am. John dropped his head, closing his eyes for a second trying to control his nerves and his anger at the same time.

Sam's head bobbled back and forth and John held his breath. Once the clown-looking person turned his back, John charged.

John locked his gun around his neck and pulled his back. The clown was taken by surprise and John could feel his body tense up. He elbowed John in the stomach twice, but he kept his grip. John yanked backwards honestly trying to pop his head off. He couldn't help but glance over at Sam who had fell to the floor when John attacked the man who was carrying him. His eyes were closed and for the first time, John noticed the horrible wounds on his stomach and the paleness to his face. John squeezed harder.

"You son of a bitch!" John yelled, continuing to choke the mystery person.

*All Jokes Aside*

John yell echoed off the walls of the play pin. Bobby quickly exited it and rushed toward the way he though it was coming from. From the corner of his eye he noticed the bathroom light breaking the darkness and was drawn to it. Maybe John was in there?

When he entered it, he felt his heart fill up with relief and worry all at once. Dean was on the ground, bleeding from the front of his head on the floor. But he could see the steady rise and fall of his chest and knew he was alive. Bobby rushed over to him.

"Dean," he called out, shaking him.

Almost immediately, Dean's eyes peeled open and his first expression was shocked.

"Bobby?" he breathed, not believing it.

The older man nodded.

"I'm here, son. It's okay now. You're gonna be okay."

Dean looked around frantically, he grabbed Bobby's shirt collar.

"Sam," he says. "He took Sam, Bobby. I gotta get him back."

Bobby nodded.

"We'll get him back. Don't you worry."

With that, Bobby helped Dean to his feet, making sure he was able to walk on his own. Once he was sure Dean would make it for now, they rushed out of the bathroom to look for John and Sam.

*All Jokes Aside*

Somehow, the clown broke loose of John's death grip. He pushed John back and went running deeper into the kitchen like a punk. For the time being, John didn't care. He dropped to the floor and pulled Sam into his arms. He tapped the side of his face.

"Sam wake up," he calls. John cautiously looks around, expecting the person to rush back in any second. He felt his heart speed up when Sam's eyes didn't open immediately. He shook him harder.

"Sam please wake up. C'mon, kiddo, open your eyes."

Just then, Sam's eyes fluttered open slowly and John cracked a smile. Sam blinked at him, clearly confused, but he didn't have time to explain now. Sort of overwhelmed, he pulled Sam into a hug, carding through his hair for a moment.

"I'm so sorry," he apologized, feeling guilty for everything he had been though.

Out of nowhere, a bright light was shined on he and Sam. Before he had a chance to react, he heard footsteps approaching him and someone call out, "Dad!"


John brought himself to his feet, Sam still on his arms. Dean hugged him, too and John was more than happy to see him alive. Bobby joined in on the hug, too.

But the reunion was cut short when there was the sound of something dropping in the back of the kitchen.

"Ronald," Dean whispered.


"Ronald," he repeated. "He was one of the ones that did this to Sammy."

John pushed Sam into Dean's arms and gave him a look that told him to stay where he was. Bobby and him charged forward.

From where Dean was standing he heard a lot of yelling, things being thrown and the sound of a struggle. Then there were gunshots and Dean flinched a few times. He stayed quiet though, looking down at Sam every once in a while. There were heavy footsteps more yelling and people falling. He hoped it wasn't his dad or Bobby. There was more yelling a few more gunshots then it was dead quiet.

Dean gulped.

What had happened?

Suddenly, he seen his dad running out from the back with red-ish looking blankets in his hand.

He immediately threw one over Dean's shoulders and draped one over Sam, too.

"Go outside, Dean. As fast as you can!"

Dean had heard that before. And he wasn't about to take any chances. He bolted for the door with Sam in his arms. There were footsteps behind him and seconds later there was a loud blast, and a huge heat wave knocked him off his feet. He and Sam hit the ground hard and slid a few feet. Dean could feel glass shattering around him. Everything was so loud he couldn't even hear his heart beating. The whole McDonalds was up in flames.

Someone gripped him by the wist and pulled him into their arms. Sam was taken from him again and he was being carried.

Seconds later the cool wind from outside hit him, making him more alert. He pushed the blankets off his face and looked up at Bobby who was carrying him. Looking to the right, he seen Sam in his father's arms.

Dean sighed.

They were safe.

Once they were at the car, Bobby let him back on his feet; while John gat Sam settled in the back seat.

"What happened?" Dean asked, scratching the side of his head.

"The only way to kill them is to burn 'em," John explained with his head tucked in the car. "We sprayed gasoline on Ronald and a bunch of it got to the bottom of the stove. Luckily Bobby seen it. So I grabbed the fire blankets as quick as I could to put around you two. Then, it just... blew."

Dean was quiet.

He felt Bobby lead him into the back seat also. Then, he and John got into the front.

"We need to get you two to the hospital now," he says softly but sternly.

Dean nodded.

"What exactly are we gonna tell them?" he asked. "because being attacked and tortured by an evil clown and his followers doesn't exactly sound realistic..."

John and Bobby smirked.

"We'll think of something."

Dean rested his head on the window as the car was put into drive and sped away. He looked over at his father and never felt so happy and relieve to see him. He always knew what to do and what to say. Dean wanted to be just like him.

"You always so," he replies as he looks out the back window at the hell house they were held in. He couldn't help but smile when the last of it caught fire and burned to nothing in the ground. And he smiled even brighter at the thought of Ronald and Sugar being trapped in there.

Dean shook his head when he thought about how this all started. He looked down at Sam and sighed. And he couldn't help but think : We should've just went to Wendy's like I said...

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