Summary- All Human! Bella Swan moves to Forks to live with her father, Charlie and her brother, Emmett. Two years ago Renee took Bella with her when her and Charlie got divorced and now Bella's back! She was best friends with Edward, Alice, Jasper and Rosalie before she left. When she comes back she joins the football team that Edward, Emmett and Jasper are on. What will happen when Edward and Bella get together?

Swans- Charlie(42), Emmett(18), and Bella(17)
Cullens- Carlisle(39), Esme(39), Jasper(17), Rosalie(18), and Edward(17)
Brondons- Amy(mom)(40), John(dad)(40), and Alice(17)

Chapter One
Bella's POV

Grr I can't wait for this flight to be over! Here I am stuck in the middle of a fat guy who's stuffing his face with chips and a little boy who is picking his nose! So gross. Finally after 20 more minutes of that the plane lands. I get my bags and all that stuff then make sure my brother, Emmett, wasn't anywhere around. Emmett called me before I left Phoenix to tell me he was picking me up so I was going to play a little trick on him. I went in a cornor and changed into a guys shirt, then some sun glasses to hide my eyes and I put my hair in a hate. I looked in the mirror to make sure I didn't look like myself but something was missing. My mustache! How could I forget! I lquickly took it out of my carry on and then looked in the mirror. Perfect, I would so date me.

I found my huge brother standing at the baggage claim with a sign that had Isabella Swan written on it. I struted over to him, erraning myself so stares.

"Hey dude, Emmett right?" I asked in a guy voice, he looked at me confused.

"Uh yeah. Who are you?" He asked then he got really scared, "Are you the guy I stole the money from? Dude look I'm really sorry I didn't know it was yours, I-I-" I cut him off.

"What? No I'm Isabella's boyfriend, she didn't tell you." He calms down but then goes red. "I'm Rob by the way."

"Where is my sister?" He asked through clench teeth.

"The bathroom, I think she's on the rag. So what up my man?" I put my hand out for a high five but he keeps him fist balled up at his side, I was trying VERY hard not to laugh.

"Uh why are you here?" He asked still angry and confused.

"I'm moving with you guys! Isn't that great? We can like do each others nails!" I said in a gay guys voice.

"Yeah sounds fun! I chipped a nail yesterday at football practice." Wow I can't believe Emmett said that!

3 more minutes later

I kept talking to him in the gay guy voice but I couldn't figure out anything else to say. Finally I knew what would piss him off, "So Emmett maybe I can like dump Bella and we can go see a movie or something?" I was right, he looked mad, angry, weirded out, and horrified.

"Dude I'm not gay and if you even say one word to make Bella cry I will beat you up trust me I've done it plunty of times!" He says pointing a figure at me to get his point across. I wonder whose he beaten up for me? I couldn't think of anything else to say so I finally decide to end this little game.

"You know you can't hit girls right?"

"What?" He asks looking at me like I'm crazy, I sigh and take my mustache, hat and glasses off. "Oh my god! BELLA!" He picks me up in a Emmett bear hug and spins me around. "I'm missed you little sis and you freaked me out!"

"I missed you too! But can you put me down people are staring!"

He drops me, making me land on my butt then helps me up, "Sorry, are you ready?"

"You drop me on my butt and all you got to say is sorry? Yeah I'm ready."

He rolls his eyes then takes my bags, "Bells I thought you football a little falls not gonna hurt ya." We walk to his Jeep and get settled inside before he starts asking me questions.

"How have you been Bells?" He asks driving out of the turminol.

"I've been good, you know the same as when I talked to you on the phone this morning." I shrug.

"You know that was a mean trick you played, I thought you picked another loser boyfriend."

"It was funny, you gotta amitt that!" I said nudging him with my elbow.

"Do you have a boyfriend?" He asked serious.

"Okay Em look at it this way, if I had a boyfriend do you think I would be moving here?" Yeah I would still be moving here but he doesn't know that.

"Guess not!"

"How about you and Rose? Are you still dating?"

"Yep!" He answered with a huge grin on is face. Rosalie Cullen and him have been dating since freshman year, she was also one of my bestfriends before my mom took me away.

Two more hours later and Emmett pulls up to our old house. I'm bouncing in my seat as he puts it in park, when he cuts the engin he jumps out of the car and runs into the house leaving me to get my bags.

"Sorry Bells, guys come out here!" Emmett yells from the front door. Four people come running outside and over to me, I reconize them all right away.

"Bella I missed you sooo much!" Rosalie says coming up and hugging me.

"I missed you too. I missed all of you!" I said looking around the room. There was all of my best friends I know since we were 2. Alice Brandon, Rose Cullen, Jasper Cullen, and Edward Cullen. Jasper and Emmett grab the bags from me and we all walk into the old house. Oh how I missed this house.

"Bella what are you wearing?" Alice yells with a horrified face. I looked down and noticed I still had the boy shirt on.

"Oh this it's...umm Rob's shirt." I said smiling. They'll have to meet Rob soon. Emmett let out a little laugh.

"Who's Rob?" Edward asked. I hadn't noticed before but he looks a lot more...manly then 2 years ago. His messing bronze hair is still messy, he was wearing a shirt that showed off his six-pack and his emraled eyes, one of my favorite things about him, are piercing into mine.

"Rob's my boyfriend, he's coming later!" I said and Emmett brusted into laughter.

"You have a boyfriend and didn't tell us? And why are you laughing Emmett?" Jasper asked mad. He was always like a second brother to me.

"Oh I met this guy earlier at the airport. He is a character!" Emmett said laughing.

"Okay well I'm going to go freshen up see you guys later!" I said and walked up the stairs to my old room. It still looked the same as when we left two years ago but cleaner.

Two years ago seemed so long ago but I remember it like it was yesterday.

*2 years ago*

"Bella catch!" Edward yelled throwing me the football. It was finally summer. Charlie and Renee were fighting as always in the house so like whenever they fight I come to my buddy Edward to get my mind off of them.

"Why are they fighting this time?" Edward asked as I throw the ball back to him.

"Renee is yelling at Charlie because he works to much and then Charlie got mad and told her that if he didn't work and Renee kept shopping like she's been that we'd be broke." I said and caught the ball. Just then my mom came storming out of the house with two suitcases and grabbed my hand.

"Lets go Bella!" She said pulling me to the car.

"What?" I asked confused, she started pulling me to the car.

"We're leaving!"

"I don't want to mom." I look at Edward and he standing there shocked.

"Renee let her go she's staying here with me!" Charlie, my dad, yells at her.

"No she's not, she's my daughter and I'm taking here."

"She doesn't want to go with you." He screams at her, his face red with anger.

"Mom don't take her!" Emmett yells running out of the house. Renee pushes me in the car then gets in and starts driving before I can even get my head around what is happening.

*End of Flashback*

After I was done getting ready in something I knew Alice would like I walked back downstairs.

"So Bells tell us about Phoenix!" Alice said after I sat down on the floor facing them.

"Well-" I said and my cell phone rung. I got up and answered it walking up the stairs, knowing Alice or Rose would think it be "Rob" and try to listen.

"Hello." I say answering it after I close the door.

"Hello is this Bella Swan?" A man answered back.

"Yes who is this?"

"This is Couch Hanon from Forks High School. I was calling because I saw that you were a great receiver for your Jr. High football team and I would like to know if you'd like to play on our schools team?" He asked.

"Yeah sure I would love to!" I said. I loved to play football. People always say that only boys can play but I think girls can do anything boys can do just as good and some times better.

"Okay great the first practice is after school tomorrow." He said and hung up. I knew that Emmett, Edward, and Jasper were all on the team but I didn't want to tell them. And Alice and Rose were cheerleaders for the team. I walked back down the stairs and Alice was at the bottom of them jumping up and down.

"Who was it? Was it that Rob guy?" She asked with a huge smile.

"Yeah. Emmett will you drop my off at the grocery store and pick up Rob at his hotel?" I asked him. We talked about this on the way here and we already had it planned out.

"Sure." He said. We told them to wait here. Emmett drove to the store and I got out to put my "costume" on.

"Who really called?" He asked as we were on our way back.

"Renee." I said knowing he'll drop it, he's still mad at her for taking me away.

"Who should I flirt with first!" I asked Emmett as we were walking to the door.

"Edward." He said. We walked in and headed to the living room. I watched how Emmett walked so I wouldn't look like a girl walking. I walked in and saw that Alice and Rose looked happy and Jasper and Edward looked like they wanted to kill me well "Rob", they're so protective of me.

"Yo what up my peeps?" I said in a gangster voice, all their expressions went blanked and they just stared at me.

Alice broke out of her blank state first, thank god, it was getting akward and I haven't even started yet. "Hey I'm Alice! Bella's BEST friend!" She said shaking my hand.

"I'm Rosalie!" Rose said from in Emmett's arms.

"I'm Jasper." Jasper said shaking my hand firmly.

"And I'm Edward." Edward said doing the same thing but like when we would always touch in the past there was a spark, I was sure he would know it was me but he just let go of my hand with a confused look.

"Okay well Rob how long have you been with Bella?" Rose asked.

"3 wonderful months!" I said dramatically.

"Okay." Alice said slowly. I walked over to Edward and sat down next to him.

"So Edward since Bella won't be home for like another hour how 'bout we go some where alone?" I asked in my gay-guy voice. I was trying so hard not to laugh.

"Uh no thank you." He said getting up from the couch. I followed behind him with everyone staring.

"Nice butt." I whisper when I'm close enough then I pinch it.

He stood against the wall.

"I think your hair is soo hot! I'm going to be a hair stylist when I get out of high school!"

"Yeah, I'm sure you would be great at that. Look I'm sorry but umm I'm not gay so can you leave me alone?" He asked annoyed.

"But come on! You know you want me." I said teasingly, I stick my fingure in my mouth and bit down on my fingure tip.

"God, you are annoying!" He says. I just walked away. I sat down where I was sitting earlier.

"Okay story time! Who wants to hear stories all about ME!" I said clapping my hands. "Omg theres this on time when I went bunging jumping off this high bridge and I got this hot guy as my instructor!"

"Yeah umm are you like bi?" Rose asked.

"What would make you think that?" I ask acting affended.

"You were hitting on Edward." Alice says matter-of-factly.

"I'm a girl why wouldn't I like guys?"

"No you're a guy..." Edward trails off when I start taking my hat, glasses, shirt, and mustache off.

"BELLA!" Alice yelled running to me, "Oh my god I thought that your boyfriend was gay but it was you! So were is the real Rob guy?"

"I made him up duh!" I said and looked around. Everyone looked relieved ecpessically Edward.

"Okay so you don't have a boyfriend?" Rose asked.

"Nope not here at least."

"You told me you didn't have one!" Emmett yells at me.

"He's just some guy I've been going out with for a couple of months, don't get your panties in a bunch."

"You didn't break up with him before you got here?" Alice asks.

"I tried but I just couldn't." I get up and walk upstaires as Emmett tries to ask another question, as you can see I hate talking about that kinds of stuff, so I usally just walk away when it comes up.

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