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Happy Families

–Chapter Twenty-Four-

"Ah, ah, ah..." Castiel said softly as his little girl went to snatch the bottle from his hands, "No. Alexa, no."

The baby calmed and settled back in his embrace, a soft sigh escaping her lips as the bottle was lowered towards her. She gently began suckling while Castiel softly sang to her, smiling as she beamed at him around the bottle. Dean watched from the doorway with a smile on his face, knowing their baby was in good hands. Castiel was just the most amazing parent, and Dean knew that their special little girl was lucky to have the angel as a father. She'd been squeaking and crying because she was hungry and had wanted to feed herself, but obviously, Dean and Castiel never let her do anything but touch the bottle as she fed. The little girl made gentle noises as she fed and Dean headed over to sit by Castiel, grinning at his daughter.

"Does it make you go nom-nom?" He asked, "Is that good, tasty formula that you got there, huh, baby girl?"

Alexa giggled and concentrating on drinking her milk while Castiel shot Dean a playful glare.

"You need to let our little sweetheart finish her morning drink." He scolded, watching Dean press a kiss to the baby's soft forehead.

"I'm sorry, Alexa." He said softly, "Do carry on."

The baby flexed her tiny toes and fingers, rejecting the bottle and squealing as she wriggled uncomfortably.

"Okay, okay, shhh..." Castiel soothed, sitting her up to burp her, "Someone's fussing a little this morning."

"Tell me about it." Dean laughed, both he and Castiel letting out more laughter as Alexa burped loudly, "Oh, you dirty girl!"

Alexa gurgled and looked at her toes, watching curiously as they wiggled. She gurgled again with happiness and continued to watch her toes before she looked up at her Daddy Dean, reaching to him and beaming with bright sparkles in her big, beautiful eyes.

"Come here, beautiful." The elder Winchester said, hoisting her up and blowing raspberries on her cheek, before he looked to Castiel and pressed a kiss to his lips.

He loved his family and this time that they got together, just the three of them was very special. Dean held his little girl close, settling her against him and kissing her head gently.

"Maybe we should take her for a walk today." Dean said softly, earning a nod from Castiel, "Get her in the fresh air."

"Let's take her through the park. Just for an hour or so." The angel suggested.

Dean thought this would be a great idea. Since the weather was growing cold, they'd wrap up their little angel nice and warm and take her in the buggy for a walk through the park. They wouldn't leave for at least an hour and a half since it was early and still dark out, but that meant they could spend some time with their baby, just them playing.

"Good morning to you, angel." Castiel said with a smile as he took his daughter for a moment, allowing Dean to settle on the floor with a pillow on his knee before kissing Alexa and handing her over to Dean.

Dean lay her back on the cushion, taking one of her little feet in his hand while supporting her with the other and gently blowing little raspberries on it. Gurgles of joy filled the air and Dean brought his baby closer, nuzzling her belly and kissing it repeatedly.

Time like this was always special, and Dean wasn't going to waste a moment of it.

"Isn't it beautiful today." Castiel commented as he and Dean walked through the park, hearing Alexa gurgle from where she rested in the buggy.

"Yeah." Dean grinned, pushing the buggy along before stopping and pulling it backwards, then pushing it forwards and shaking it a little.

Alexa laughed at the motions, like she got her father's joke and it made Dean proud to think that the beautiful little girl in the front was his and Castiel's creation. She was going to be the girl the boys wanted to date when she got older, Dean just knew it. She'd be the girl that every boy would want, but none could have. She'd be too good for every guy out there.

As they sat on the bench, they turned the buggy around so that Alexa was facing them, both talking to her and making silly faces at her. And she sat there, in her pink knitted hat, scarf and gloves (courtesy of God) and in her little pink coat. She wore black tights, a little black skirt and knitted booties which were hidden beneath her pink blanket that was tucked around her lower half, because it had been advised that babies of her age shouldn't wear shoes. Several people walked by, all casting a glance at Alexa and smiling at how beautiful she was. Dean and Castiel shared proud smiles, before Castiel unbuckled Alexa and gently lifted her onto his lap, not looking happy when he found she was shivering.

"Dean, where's the extra blanket?" He asked, watching his lover rush to get it.

"Is she okay?" Dean asked, concerned for his baby.

"She's shaking...Really shaking..." Castiel replied, wrapping her up snugly in the blanket and holding her to his body, "I'll carry her, we need to get her home and warm."

Alexa began to cry and Castiel hushed her, holding her to his body inside his trench coat and rubbing her back to soothe her.

Upon arrival home, Castiel headed up the stairs to get Alexa in some thick, warm clothes, while Dean unloaded the car. He turned up the heating so the house was nice and warm, and he grinned when he saw little Alexa in her purple baby grow and wrapped in a thick blanket.

"Hey, you..." He said softly, reaching out to her, "You warm now?"

The baby, who was showing signs of colour in her cheeks, whimpered and settled against her Daddy Dean, letting him take her into the living room. It was about time for her morning nap so he got straight on to getting her to sleep.

"She had a diaper change, Cas?" He asked as Castiel entered the room.

"Yes, and I've made up her crib. I'll go see that her room is warm." The angel replied, going to the baby and kissing her head softly, "Sleep tight, my angel."

Dean began to rock her so gently, back and forth, humming Nothing Else Matters to her as he did. And slowly, but surely, Alexa fell asleep.


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