Two Worlds…

A world where people walk down the street's as normal individuals, trying to reach their goals and dreams. Happiness, Sadness, Lost and Hope… all these emotions exists in this a world. A world that is calm…is relaxed … and sometime has its moments of peacefulness.

But there is also a reflection of this peaceful world. An altered world filled with chaos, despair, darkness and helplessness… the supernatural world. A world where death is easily obtainable if one is not able to learn how to survive... who does not have the will to live…who does not carry that flame within them that craves to protect what it vital to them.

These two worlds: Like Light and Dark; Good and Evil; Ying and Yang…

They are complete opposite of one another. Yet, perfectly in sync with each other

Through a number of events these two worlds will colloid.

Involving people who well have to learn to fight…to have the will to live….to risk the peaceful life they once had to protect the ones they love…and to bring peace back to the world they once knew.

… The story begins… with the light of a match…

Thus the Flame begins to burn