Two Worlds


Together...yet separate

A reflection of reality

That is unseen



Individuals sometime wonder...question...or even wish...

That another world could exist

A world they could escape too...

...run away from the problems in life...the pain, the sadness

That pulls you down into the darkness...

As challenges push you...

Hit you...

...and you fall...

The emotions that can torment a person to their very core


Yet ...

Only a few..."chosen" individuals

Get hit with this realization

And are given a choice:

...to fall...





Or to fight on

"Mato...where are you...I'm...I'm sorry,"


"I'm...I'm really...really sorry"

A pair of blues eyes snapped opened at the sudden words that lingered in the air, slowly fading away.

"Yomi...?" the girl whispered softly as she waited for her eyes to adjust to the dark atmosphere.

Mato looked around. Her eyes widened as they franticly looked back and forth, inspecting the unfamiliar environment. It was dark and cold. The air was filled with dust and desolation. Mato slowly stood up as she silently absorbed the new aspect of the world she stood in. The sky was filled with grey pigment clouds that looked like they would burst in tears, allowing the rain drops to fall on the soiled, lifeless ground where the grass was no more and the dirt was so filthy that no living organism could survive on its little food supply. No flowers, no trees, no buildings, no cars. All of civilization itself was gone. Life...was stolen away, leaving the world with nothing.

Mato eyes weakened as she wondered how such a sad place could ever exist, as she stared into the endless path in front of her. Mountains were what remained. The only pieces of nature that survived the impact that created such an isolated, depressing world. Some slowly crumbled to their final resting place while others stayed strong. Maybe those mountains still had some hope that the world would go back to what it use to be...but as Mato started walking she felt that even her hope was crumbling.

Walking was Mato only option to find the answers she need to fill the blanks that kept building up in her mind as she wandered into the unknown territory. Where was she? What had happened when she fell? Where was everyone? More question entered her mind but at that moment, one question seemed to have erased the rest. "Why was Yuu there?" she whispered as her feet stopped. She froze as her words filled the lifeless, cold air. She looked at the ground underneath her as she began to reflect. Was it just her imagination?


Mato body stiffened as she heard a twig snap. She slowly raised her head up and turned to the direction of the noise. Her eyes widened at the figure that stood before her. "A person..." she thought as she stared at the person in front of her.

A pale, tall girl stood a few feet away, black long hair, her bangs covering her forehead. She was wearing a black bikini top and almost similar boots to what Black Rock shooter whore in their last encounter. She had two red horns on the top of her head. Mato felt her heart skip a beat when she noticed what the girl was holding. She held a larger silver saw with small lines imbedded in the steal like blade, blood stains appearing on the chains; projecting to whoever met its raft... would die like its enemies in the past. The girl's appearance alone was one thing, but what caused Mato to take a step back as her body tensed up was the girl's eyes. Her, bright ruby colored eyes met with Mato's blue ones and in seconds her left eyes begin to glow

"That flame," Mato thought as she remembered Black Rock Shooter. Did they know one another? Silence filled the cold atmosphere as they both stared into one another eyes and suddenly the girl smiled. However, it wasn't a smile of kindness. Instead, it was a sinister smile, as she started to walk forward. Mato stared at her face. So expressionless yet as she got closer and closer to Mato, her smile grew wider as she silently prepared the deadly weapon she carried. Mato could feel her heart pounding against her chest as panic started to sink in." Who is she and what was she going to do?" Mato though her legs beginning to shake as the girl got closer and suddenly she heard a voice within...


With those words echoing throughout her body she did just that. She quickly turned and started running to who knows where in such a desolated land, but she knew that she had to get away from that individual, that person. The tall girl smiled as she started running her eyes targeted on her next prey. Mato felt the foot steps behind her as she ran, the intensity of the girl's footsteps getting stronger and stronger, closer and closer and Mato knew at this point she wouldn't be able to make it. She felt her right foot hit something hard causing her to lose her balance. Her eyes widened as she felt her body launch forward and in seconds crashed into the cold remains of dirt and dust. Fear portrayed in her eyes as she looked back to see the girl only a few feet away.

Mato eyes widened as her body started to shiver. She wouldn't be able to escape. She was like a mouse trapped in the corner as its enemy the cat slowly approached. The girl grinned as she raised her weapon and grabbed a long chain with a cross hook at the end which glowed a dark bloody aura. Mato jumped with fright as a loud sound echoed through the air. Like a monster cry that echoed throughout the territory to allow every being and living creature to realize its existence. The saws chains increased in speed as a red glow surrounded its structure.

Mato stared at the weapon that would take her life away and slowly looked up at the person who would claim her life and soul. No remorse, no sympathy...nothing. "This was the end" Mato thought as her vision become blurry. She was going to die...leave the world of the living. Her friends, her family, everything would be taken away from her. "Yomi...Yuu..." Mato whispered as she chocked on tears as they slowly fell from her blue eyes, running down her red cheeks and falling onto the cold, lifeless soil.

Thunder roared through the air as droplets of water started to fall from the colorless sky. The rain beat hard on the two individuals as lightening flashed throughout the sky. Yet, with all the noise the girl's footsteps could be heard as she stepped closer and closer. The tears continued to roll down Mato cheeks as all hope was lost. This was then end and no one could save her from it. She noticed her phone lying next to her, the crystal star keychain slightly glowing. As the footsteps came to a stop, Mato's world seemed to slow down, as if time was slowly coming to a stop. All her fear, sadness, anxiety...all her emotions seemed to have disappeared as she reached out and picked up the light blue phone.

She had only one finally wish. The tall girl raised her weapon up in the air as thunder roared its final cry. Mato closed her eyes as she slowly whispered

"Yomi...please...forgive me..."




Mato eyes were closed shut as she waited for the impact of death to tear her apart. Instead, what followed was silence. She slowly opened her eyes and at that very moment, her eyes widened as her vision came into focus. Someone was in front of her, protecting her, holding off the enemy's weapon with her own. The girl was short, with a mechanical like tail. She had brown short hair and was wearing a black helmet-type piece with white flames. She wore a short dress with a little white bow on the bottom in the back, and black stockings with the same little white bows. She had two mechanical machine arms which were blocking the enemies red glowing chain saw.

The small girl looked over her shoulder and their eyes met. Those eyes that seemed so similar yet filled with darkness that even Mato wasn't able to identity. However, what she could understand was her facial expression. She was telling her to leave...run...get away from here before it was too late. Mato slightly nodded her head to the girl with an expression of gratitude that formed on her face. Mato quickly got up and sprinted onward as fast as she could. She could hear the clashing of metal as she ran farther and farther away, the sounds slowly fading away. Mato ran to the point where she felt the throbbing pain in her right ankle. She fell on her knees as she tried to catch her breath, loud huffs and puffs escaping her mouth as the rain poured onto her body. She felt a weird sensation go through her body as she tried to stabilize her breathing.

At this point she didn't know where she was going or if she was going to make it before that girl appeared. She felt as if her body was slowly weakening every second she wasted. Her vision became blurry as the world began to spin. She heard footsteps slowly approaching her which caused her body to suddenly receive an urge of energy as she would have to prepare her mind for another set of running. She held her phone to her chest as she curled herself up against a tree and waited for the figure to appear. Though her mind was ready to face what was about to occur, her body disagreed as she shiver uncontrollably and water began forming in her eyes. As the figure slowly walked out into view, Mato's eyes widen. She felt her tears over flow from her weak blue eyes as emotions ran throughout her whole body as she stared at the person who revealed themselves from the dark depths of the lifeless forest.

A tall, pale-skinned, blue-eyed girl, with black hair in uneven twin tails appeared before her. Her eyes looked forward and widened as she realized who was sitting a few feet in front of her. They both stared at one another intensely, as thunder raged throughout the sky, rain falling harder and harder on the two individuals.



Mato just stared blankly at the person who she wondered would every cross her path again. Mato slowly got up, as she used the tree behind her as support. "...Black...Rock...huff...Shooter..." Mato whispered as her eyes closed. She didn't have anything left, no energy to run, stand or even speak anymore. She couldn't handle the weakness that engulfed her soul, slowly swallowing it whole as she slipped into darkness. Black Rock Shooter's eyes widened as she watched the fragile girl fall forward. Her instincts kicked in as she quickly ran towards the girl, catching her before she hit the ground. Mato's breathing was hard as her face appeared flushed red. Her body shivered as her lips slowly began to lose color. Black Rock Shooter's eyes quickly scanned the area as if to seek if the danger was near or far. She quickly picked up the unconscious girl and ran into the forest.


Yomi stared blankly at the darkness that surrounded her once again. The familiar dark empty room, the mirror like floor and the strange, weird atmosphere that followed.

"The same dream..." Yomi whispered as she stared at the floor as each droplet created a different mysterious pattern.

She knew where the dream was going to end like... Her questions wouldn't be answered and she would end up waking up with that familiar yet unknown voice echoing in her mind...heart...and soul.

Keeping such a thought in mind she walked straight ahead, her footsteps once again causing the mirror like floor to move outward but as she walked the dream started to change. The mirror like floor started to show pictures. Yomi came to an abrupt stop as she looked at the slide show of images being presented to her. A slideshow of her past and present, her life was being replayed but that wasn't what caused her heart to skip beat. She gasped as Mato's picture came into view. The blue eyed girl standing there with a huge grin on her face. She watched as the Mato in the picture raised her hand, stretching it outward to Yomi.

"C'mon Yomi, what's taking u so long?"

"Mato?...Mato where are you? If your angry at me...I'm sorry...I'm really sorry Mato so please come back to me," Yomi whispered as she placed her hand on her chest.

The reflection stared back at Yomi, as her words echoed, bouncing off the invisible walls and slowly fading away, leaving the empty room to return to its silent atmosphere.


The image started to blur as the droplets that fell from the transparent ceiling began to fall vigorously, the patterns that formed with each droplet blurring the image even more.

"NO! Mato come back!" Yomi screamed

"You still hesitate child..."

Yomi eyes widened as her body stiffened in shock. That voice that was so familiar, so recognizable yet still unable to be identified.

"Will you not challenge the destiny that will confront you? Or will you continue to run away..."

"I don't understand. I don't get what you're trying to explain to me! What do u mean by destiny? How can I challenge it?" Yomi question as bewilderment over took her.

"Remember thy words child..."

"If you hesitate you will never gain...but loss what is precious to that flame that burns within you"

"If you can't face the fears that lay ahead..."

"She will die..."

Yomi stood silently as the words slowly entered her mind. As she raised her head to reply she saw a door, the same white, wooden door with the smooth visible texture and golden door knob. She wanted to walk but her legs wouldn't budge. She wanted to see what was behind the door, what was it hiding...yet her body couldn't sum enough courage to dare reveal the door's secrets and contents.

"You have little time...when u come to your decision and choose the right path...I will return to your side..."

"WAIT! You didn't answer my question" Yomi shouted desperately.

"Goodbye Yomi..."


"WAIT!" Yomi screamed as she sat up. Cold sweat dripped down her face as she tried to catch her breath. Tears filled her neon green eyes. She took a deep breath as she tried to calm her beating heart which could pop out of her chest if it beats any faster. What was going on? She knew that voice...she knew it so well yet she couldn't remember her name.

Her words...those words wouldn't escape her mind. What did she mean? Yomi sat in silence as she tried to collect her thoughts. She gripped her green star, black blanket as she clenched her teeth, the tears flowing down her cheeks. She couldn't stand it. What was this deep pain in her chest that hurt so much? She closed her eyes as she hugged herself and curled into a ball. "Mato...where are u? I...I...need you"

*Ding Ding*

Yomi eye widened. She slightly turned her head at the sound of the noise. Her eye widened as her black and green phone came into view. She starred at the green crystal star cell phone strap that gently dangled off the dresser, glittering each time the small ray of moonlight hit its glass transparent figure. Yomi reached out and picked her phone up. She put the cell phone up into the air as she stared at the green star. This was what bonded them together as friends. How could she have forgotten...even for a second? For a moment her face seemed to lose all emotion.

"Do you continue to hesitate child?"

"If you hesitate you will never gain...but loss what is precious to that flame that burns within you"

"If you can't face the fears that lay ahead..."

Yomi opened her eyes slowly.

"She will die…"

She got out of bed, her cell phone in hand. She picked up the green sweater from her black steel computer chair and slipped on her sneakers. As she was about to leave the room she glanced at the mirror beside her. She stared into her reflection and stopped.


Was that what she was seeing in her eyes? She herself had no idea. But she knew what she wanted and no matter how long or hard it would take she would get it. With that thought racing in her mind she ran out the door.




"Mato... Mato can u hear me?"

Mato eyes flickered as she slowly opened them ignoring the fact her eyes felt so heavy and weak. Her vision was blurry yet she knew someone was with her. As seconds passed her vision began to recover, her sight becoming clearer. Her eyes widened as she realized who was looking down at her. Pale skinned, blue eyed girl stared at her. There was only silence between the two as they're eyes seem to do the talking. Mato eyes widened as she watched the girl lips turn into a weak smile.

"Thank Goodness..." Shewhispered. She got up and walked to the other side of the room. Mato stared silently as she watched her.

"...Black Rock Shooter..." Mato whispered. The girl looked over her shoulder in response.

"...How did you possible end up here Mato?" Black Rock Shooter asked as she walked back to where Mato was lying, a bowl of cold water in her hands. She sat down as she waited for Mato to reply.

"I..." Mato started but stopped as she tried to collect her thoughts. Black Rock Shooter closed her eyes in response as if to tell Mato to take her time.

Mato closed her eyes as she herself tried to recall. She was standing at they're special place on the hill, leaning against the bar staring at her phone...

"... My phone!" Mato suddenly shouted as she sat up.

"Mato calm down its right here" Black Rock Shooter reassured her as she pointed to the table in the corner where the blue cell phone lied on the edge of the wooden table, the blue glass like star cell phone strap dangling gently from the table. Mato felt her heart beating against her chest. If she dared lost her phone she didn't know what she would do. To lose her friendship...the bond she held so dear to her heart...if it was gone...

Mato was brought back to reality by a gently touch on her shoulder as her blue eyes met with an identical pair.

"Mato...rest...when your fever goes down then you can tell me what exactly is going on..." Black Rock Shooter whispered as she gently pushed Mato back down, resting her head on something that looked similar to a pillow.

Mato nodded her head in agreement as her eyes stared at the ceiling.

"Was this all just a dream" Mato thought to herself as she felt her eyes get weaker.

She knew she was in a different world; a different dimension that she knew could exist but did not believe it till she met Black Rock Shooter. Even with such knowledge that another world other then hers existed... she couldn't accept the fact that all of life seemed to have been destroyed. What could have happened that resulted to such a tragic ending? She felt her eyes slowly close as her mind slowly drifted away, darkness engulfing her mind and entering a dream world that was always unpredictable.

Black Rock Shooter watch the girl slowly fall into slumber. She sighed as she stared up at the ceiling. She closed her eyes as she remembered the past, where the world was completely different. Smile formed on her lips as she opened her blue eyes her expression as if her mind had come back to reality.

"Mato...become strong..." Black Rock Shooter whispered as she patted the girl gently on the head.

"Become strong...so you don't become as naive as I was..."

"Don't lose what I wish... to gain back..."

""Don't crumble like the building that once stood..."


"Be like the buildings that still stand"

"… That continues to have strength and hope..."

"Till our world become it's old self..."

"Stand firm...be strong...and don't loss sight..."

"Of what's important to you...as I once did"

"...Right Dead Master..." Black Rock Shooter whispered as at stared at the window


The wind gently whistled by as dust followed with the winds silent rhythm. Dead Master sat at the edge of a rocky cliff, her scythe resting on her lap as she stared across the black dusty rock waste land 20 feet below her which once was a magnificent ocean with dolphins and other living creatures. A smile appeared on her face as she closed her eyes.

"...Will she be able to overcome what's ahead..."

"Or will she fall into darkness like I once did..."


"Yomi...please...time is only limited..."

"So gain courage...so that you can face your destiny"

"And gain what you once lost"

"No matter how hard it gets"

Dead Master got up, resting her scythe on her shoulder as she looked up to the colourless sky. Two green skulls appeared next to her waiting patiently for her command. Dead Master face lost all emotion as she turned her head to look over her shoulder. She slowly turned around to face her foe.

A girl with short, brown hair stood before her. She was wearing a black helmet-type piece with white flames and a short black dress with a little white bow on the bottom at the back. She wore black stocking with mini white bows in front and had to machine arms which where pointing towards Dead Master. A smile appeared on Dead Master face as she stared at the girl. Silence grew between the two as if they were analyzing one another from head to toe.

"Is been awhile...STRength" Dead Master smiled as she greeted the small girl who smiled in response.

"It has been a while Dead Master," STRength replied as she lowered her machine arms down to her sides

The wind blew by, singing a silent tune as the two stood there, smiling.


"Where am I...?" Mato thought to herself as she gained consciousness.

She kept her eyes clothes as she tried to understand where exactly she was or more like where she was going. She felt as if she was moving...like someone was carrying her. She felt wind past by her, flowing through her hair and singing softly as it slowly disappeared. The air smiled damp, almost as if it had just rained. The atmosphere was cold and all that could be heard was footsteps. She opened her eyes slowly.

Her eyes slowly focused so to the dark night. The colorless grey sky was now pitch black with no star in sight. The only light that glowed was the full moon that was the only guide for any living being or creature trying to move around. She then noticed the person who was carrying her. She gasped as she realized who was holding her.

"Black...Black Rock Shooter!' Mato shouted, accidently letting go of her hand which were wrapped around Black Rock Shooter neck and losing her balance. Black Rock Shooter turned her head to look at the girl on her back as she came to a stop.

"You're going to fall if don't hold on tight" Black Rock Shooter replied as she started walking again.

Mato nodded in agreement as she wrapped her arms around Black Rock Shooter neck again, resting her head on her shoulder.

"Feeling better?" Black Rock Shooter questioned as she increased her pace as she started to climb a hill of crumbled rocks.

Mato eyes widened as she remembered what happened. "Ah... I'm sorry, I caused you so much trouble didn't I...uh...I feel much better" Mato stuttered out as her face turned bright red. Black Rock Shooter smiled in response as she continued walking.

Soon silence came between them. Yet it wasn't a silence that made a situation awkward or boring. It was a comfortable silence, as if they were one body, one mind...one soul...

Suddenly, Black Rock Shooter footsteps stopped, which brought Mato back from her thoughts. They had reached a cliff. Black Rock Shooter gently let Mato down and walked to the edge of the cliff. Mato stared at black rock shooter.

"What was she thinking about?" Mato thought to herself as she looked around. Her eyes widened as she slowly recognized what was in front of her.

Her favourite place...the hill top which she loved to go to when she was sad, angry or when she just needed to think. The place where she could see her house, the town, her world where birds sang, the trees and mountains grew stronger and stronger, and where she could see how beautiful life was. Yet...this was the same place, her favourite place now a lifeless scattered cliff of nothingness. Mato placed her hand on her chest as she felt her heart throb against it. Emptiness was the only emotion she could feel as she looked at the vast land of dust and desolation. Was this how her world once looked like?

"It will become this if we don't stop Him" Black Rock Shooter whispered as she slightly turned to look at Mato.

Mato walked up to her and stared in silence.

"How...How could my world become like this? Who would possibly desire something like this to happen to our world?" Mato asked as she looked up at Black Rock Shooter.

Black Rock Shooter stared down at Mato.

Sadness, Emptiness, Anger, Loneliness...There were so many emotions running through those two pairs of eye that stared at her that she had no choice but to tell her the reason.

"This World was once like yours...it was an amazing world. Life was everywhere, the trees were tall with birds and wild life, the mountains were everywhere and the Sun shines so brightly and warmly. The houses were full of wonderful people who cared for one another and would help anyone in need," Black Rock Shooter whispered as she slowly remembered the past.

She raised her hand and pointed to a little broken up area. Mato focused on the area she pointed at. It looked like it use to be a house. Her eyes widened as she looked focused on the structure that was left.

'My...house..." Mato whispered in shock

"Yes...that was where I once lived...back then I was the same age as you. I loved the neighbourhood I lived in and my friends were so precious to me...but...if..." Black Rock Shooter whispered as she couldn't continue. She was silent for a few moments.

Mato allowed her to gain her thoughts as she stared up at her.

Remorse...regret... That was the feelings that Mato felt as she looked continued to look at those identical pair of blue eyes.

"If I hadn't fallen in love with him...then maybe we'd still be all together..." Black Rock Shooter said as she stared up at the dark sky. "If I had kept the people who were close to me, who would never betray me...maybe this world would be the same as it use to be...maybe it would still be alive..."

They both stood in silence as the worlds lingered in the air. Black Rock Shooter eyes widened as she felt someone hold her hand. Mato stood in front of her, holding Black Rock Shooter hand in hers.

"Maybe it had to happen..." Mato whispered softly. "Maybe...that what destiny had planned...since...of this didn't happen...I would have never met Black Rock Shooter...right?" Mato smiled weakly as tears slowly formed in her eyes.

Black Rock Shooter smiled in response. She knelt down in one knee and hugged Mato, who eyes widened at the sudden embrace.

"Mato...no matter what happens...don't ever abandon your friends. Promise me you won't make the same mistake I once did, "Black Rock Shooter said softly as she closed her eyes.

Mato nodded as she hugged Black Rock Shooter. "Okay...I promise" Mato whispered in agreement.

Black Rock Shooter slowly stood up. "You should return now...your friends are worried" Black Rock Shooter said as she took something out of her pocket.

"Ah my phone," Mato said as she saw the light blue cell phone in Black Rock Shooter hand.

"This is your gateway to my world...this place...our favourite place is what bonds us and our worlds together," Black Rock Shooter explained as she place the phone in Mato hand. "So..." Black Rock Shooter started but stopped as she looked to the side.

A big smile appeared on Mato lips as she got what Black Rock Shooter was trying to say.

"I'll come back...I'll definitely come back" Mato replied.

Black Rock Shooter watched as Mato walked to the edge of the cliff. Mato turned her head over her shoulder and waved her right hand as she waved goodbye once more. Black Rock Shooter smiled as she slightly waved backed. Mato held her phone in her left hand, the cell phone strap dangling, the clear blue star glowing a dark blue light. Mato step forward and she allowed her body to fall as a blue light formed around her body and engulfed her. The beam of slight shot to the dark sky, imprinting a star as the beam went through it. In seconds the beam of blue light was gone, leaving the light blue star to slowly fade away. Black Rock Shooter chuckled as she turned around to walk down the hill

"Weird girl..."


Yomi ran hard as she turned the corner of Cherry Street, the pole lights slowly turning on as the sun set came to a close and the moon started to appear. She had checked all over the town, from the bakery stores to the subway stations but she still couldn't find Mato. She had one place left in mind where she still had hope

"The Cliff" she whispered as she turned another corner and started to run up the hill. She climbed to the top she saw a blue light come from the sky which caused Yomi to stop in her tracks. It was a beautiful blue beam that seemed to create a star in the dark blue sky. Yomi soon snapped out of it as she realized that the beam was hitting the peak of the cliff. She nodded her head and continued to sprint up the hill.

Once she reached the top she stopped in her track as her eyes widened. Mato was lying unconscious in someone's arms. A small girl with short brown hair was holding the girl. Her tawny eyes meet with Yomi's green ones. Yomi was about to speak but the words wouldn't come out. She felt as if she had ran a marathon and was so close of achieving her goal but someone snatched it away...leaving her with nothing.

"MATO!" a voice screamed

Two people rushed by Yomi towards the two girls. "Thank you, Thank you so much Yuu for finding my daughter," a women who reassembled Mato cried as she held Mato in her arms. " It's okay...she was leaning against the bars and the bar broke...I'm just glad I got there on time and that she safe but I think she has a fever,' Yuu replied, her eyes filled with worry.

"Don't worry Honey, I'll call one of my friends, she a doctor and lives nearby. Mrs. Kuroi you can come over to my place," the other women who had long brown hair reassured them as she took out her cell phone.

"Thank Goodness...Okay lets go," Ms. Kuroi said as put Mato on her back. "Ah Yomi, thanks so much for looking around the town but Yuu found her. I can't talk much but when Mato wakes up I'll call you," Ms. Kuroi said bowing her head slightly. She passed the tall girl and fasted walked down the hill, Yuu mother right behind her leaving Yuu and Yomi alone.

Yuu started walking towards Yomi with a smile on her face. "C'mon Yomi, don't be so upset. It's not my fault that I got here first...I just happened to find Mato first that's all. Well I better be going, I need to be by Mato side when she wakes up...We are close friends and all," Yuu stated as she stopped right next to Yomi who stood there, clenching her teeth.

"Heh... see you at school" Yuu shouted as she ran down the hill to catch-up with everyone else leaving Yomi alone

A tear rolled down her cheek as Yomi stood in silence. She felt her body go numb and she fell on her knees. The tears kept on pouring down as she stared at the green grass under her. She lost...again. She lost to the person who was slowly crushing her...slowly destroying her friendship... and was slowly winning the war. She clenched her fist as she tried to resist the urge to scream...the urge to cry as loud as she could till the sky and heaven could hear her. As the tear continued to flow she wrapped her arms around herself. Her heart was crying...her soul was so sad...if she lost her friendship with Mato...she honestly wouldn't even know what to do.

She tried to get up but didn't have the strength. She wanted to be the one who was at Mato's side yet she lost the chance. Was she destined to always live like this? To be alone with no one to talk too, no friend to laugh with...She didn't want to experience this all over again... "I just need to suppress them...like always," Yomi whispered


Yomi eyes widened as she those words echoed in her mind

"It's okay to cry Yomi...Don't hold it in any longer"

"Let them out...Cry"

With those last words, Yomi felt as if a bolder was lifted off her shoulders as she let out a cry. She cried and cried. She felt so many emotions that she had locked away flow throughout her body, from both her past and present. Sadness, Frustration, Anger, Regret, she had bottled them all up inside but to be able to let them all out...was something so new.

She looked up at the moon which glowed softly in the dark blue, cloudless sky, the bright slowing stars sparkling gently. A soft breeze blew by. Yomi closed her eyes as the final tears flowed down her red cheeks.

"Thank you..." she whispered.

She felt a gently pat on her shoulder but when she turned her head no one was there. She laughed softly. Though she may not be able to see ...she somewhat knew deep in her mind...that "she" was there.

Dead Master lips formed a soft smile as she gently patted the young girl who kneeled next to her.

"The Gate of Two Worlds"

"Dimension that was once a reflection on one another..."

"Shattered into opposites"

"...It won't be long...till He tried to destroy your world too..."

"Will you be ready Yomi...?"

She stared up at the dark blue sky.

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