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Chapter 12

Tsukushi stepped foot once again into the place she swore she never would: the Doumyouji mansion. The first time she was there, so many years ago, she was captured on her way home from school by a gang of men, molded by a bunch of maids, and offered carte blanche by Doumyouji Tsukasa. This time was hauntingly familiar too, the group of men surrounding her, giving her no route of escape. She was terrified, not so much for herself, but for the precious bundle inside her. "Bring my wife to our bedroom," Tsukasa commanded the guards. "I want someone with her every time when I'm not with her." He turned to her, "This time, you won't find it so easy to escape, my love. Don't feel too lonely, I'll be with you soon." Then he grabbed her to him and gave her a hard and dominating kiss, proclaiming his ownership of her. She could not stop shivering. She was dreading the moment when Tsukasa came to her again. She had to protect her baby at all cost, even if that meant pretending to Tsukasa that she wanted to be with him again. Every cell of her body was repulsed by the thought of submitting to his touch again, but she would do it, for her baby's sake.


A gentle knock on the door startled her out of her thoughts and a maid entered the room, her face, a stoic mask. "Mrs Doumyouji, would you like a bath?" she asked. Tsukushi shook her head.

Just then, Tsukasa strode in. "Leave us," he commanded the maid, who immediately bowed her head and backed out of the room. The gentle click of the door closing signaled an exponential thump in Tsukushi's heart.

He just stared at her, looking her up and down, then he walked right up to her, invading her personal space. "You look really good, dearest wife." Tsukushi tried to cringe away from him, but since her back was already against the wall, there was no escape from her. His voice continued mockingly, "Why, you are positively glowing" Then he put a proprietary hand on her stomach. The baby inside, sensing its mother's distress, started to move about agitatedly. "DO you miss me? I really missed you, having you next to me." For a moment, his voice was tender, and then it hardened again. "Do not ever leave me again, or you won't be able to contemplate the consequences!" Then he gripped her arms and threw her onto the bed.


Her body ached, inside and outside. He was rough, striving to imprint himself into her very skin. She could feel the bites and bruises he
had left on her, the bites on her neck, breasts and inner thighs, the bruises on her hips and arms, and especially soreness inside her very body. He had pushed himself into her, uncaring that she had been unprepared, just imposing his presence in her. After finishing, he had not withdrew, just turned onto his back and held her to him. She tried to move out of his arms but they tightened uncompromisingly around her. She felt defiled and wanted to wash herself so badly, however she had to resign herself to being in his arms. She had attempted desperately to not think of what he was doing to her, thinking only of the unborn child inside her that so needed her protection. To that end, she had succeeded, at the expense of her own self….Tsukushi was no more…what was left behind was only a shell with a precious burden.