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"What do you mean I'm not really the biiju?" The young Anbu asked as he stared at the elder sitting behind the desk. His dark blue eyes glittering dangerously through the slits in his kitsune mask as he stared at the man. If the Kage was saying that he had endured years of pain and suffering for nothing, he would reach across this damn desk and kill her with his bare hands.

The elder sighed and motioned for the Anbu to take off his mask so that she could see his face more clearly. She knew the boy was pissed now. She could feel it in the way his chakra spiked as he reached up with one elegant slender boned hand and peeled off his snarling kitsune face so that he could glare at the woman more effectively.

"I'm sorry Naruto. I didn't mean to quite blurt it out like that-" She hadn't meant to make it sound as if she were belittling his pain and suffering all these long lonely years. "What I meant to say is that technically you are the biiju, and technically you aren't."

The sixteen year old blond frowned and thinned his lips in displeasure. What the fuck did that mean? Either he was or he wasn't. She needed to find a better way to explain this shit. Draw him a chart or graph or something, Jesus Christ. For once he wasn't in the mood to be likened to a dumb blond. He wanted answers. Damn good ones if the woman wanted to live, because he wasn't feeling very forgiving right this second.

The thought that he had suffered all of those attacks, and shit as a child; all for nothing had pissed him off to the point where he could actually almost feel the blood in his veins boiling. "Make up you mind Tsunade and stop yanking me around. Am I the nine tails biiju or not?" Naruto growled as he leaned forward in his seat, Tsunade had the good sense to look nervous, afraid even. Good.

That appeased his anger some what, but it didn't answer his questions. "I already told you Naruto. Technically."

He narrowed his dark blue eyes. Technically... Technically didn't count for much in his world. It was the same as reaching for something and almost getting what you were reaching for. His blood heated in his veins, if Tsunade wasn't careful he would attack her. And he was pissed off enough that he wouldn't care if he broke every damn bone in her body or not.

"Explain." He growled as the woman paled and started shaking a bit.

"Well. We came across evidence that supports my claim. As far as Shizune and I could tell..." He stayed quiet as he tried to figure out what Shizune had to do with this shit, and silently swore that once he was done killing Tsunde he would work his way to the quiet mousy woman and bury the two in the same shallow grave as Tsunade started to explain.

"Naruto, only half of the demon's power was sealed inside of you. You got the darkest intentions as well as the predatory instincts of the demon-" Which was why he was a scary son of a bitch. Those predatory instincts were riding him hard right now, especially after his latest mission. He had spilled blood, and because of that he wanted more. It would take a few days for him to beat the feelings back and return to his senses.

Until then, she and everyone else would have to be careful around him or he would pounce on them and do terrible things to them. "And the other child used in the sealing ceremony got the other half of the Kyuubi's power." Naruto perked up as he caught that last part, his heart thudding in his chest as if he had run a marathon, his blue eyes darkened almost to a stormy grey with blue and green flecks in them.

The other child? There was another person out in the world who also contained the Kyubbi's power? Fucking hell... He was on his feet in an instant, his hand absent minded snagging his mask off of her desk as he turned and walked towards the door.


"Where is the other one?" He asked in a cold voice as he put his mask back on. Tsunade blinked. Why would he need to know that? Just what was he going to do? He stopped, his hand resting on the door knob to her office and turned around to look at her.

"Where is the other one?"


He narrowed his eyes behind his mask. "Hidden. Where?" He hissed as he bit out the words from between clenched teeth. He was so close to snapping in this moment that it wasn't even funny. He wanted details, goddammit. A name. A gender. An age. A location. And he wasn't above using pain and fear to get them. He took a dangerous step away from the door towards the woman to show that he wasn't playing around and nearly smiled when she swore and jumped out of her seat and went over to her filing cabinet across the room and pulled out a small blue folder and held it out to him.

He wasted no time in crossing the room and taking it from her, noting the way she shied away from him when his hand closed around the folder. Gods she really was afraid of him now, wasn't she?

He opened the folder and looked at the small eight by ten picture of a girl about his age with ink black hair and ruby colored eyes and sucked in a breath. His first impression of her was that she was beautiful. Perhaps the most beautiful female he had ever seen. Pale cream colored skin, long silky black hair, warm fiery ruby red eyes. His heart skipped a beat as his body hardened and he had to bite his lower lip to keep from groaning. Yup, definitely beautiful.

He checked out the information, quickly reading everythig there was to know about her. There was'nt much information, meaning that someone had done their job either half assed or not at all. It also meant that no one was watching her. And they should since the Akutsuki was still on the loose. But then again, if no one knew about her then-

His head snapped up and he looked at Tsunade for a second. A calculating look crossing his face behind his mask as he studied her for a second before asking. "Does anyone else know this? Does anyone know that I'm not really the biiju?" Tsunade looked at him and bit her lip for a second or so before shaking her head no. Once she had realised why Naruto had been told that he was the real biiju, she had decided to stay quiet and let him live his life as the perfect decoy like her late sensei had wanted him too.

Telling everyone that he wasn't really the biiju would only serve to get the girl-an innocent that the late third Hokage had tried to protect, killed. And that was the last thing that she wanted. "No. I haven't told anyone, and I never will."

Naruto processed the information silently before turning back to the folder in his hands. So that was why he had been told that he was the demon container. He was a decoy that was in some way bound to the true biiju. A protector for the girl that could draw on the demon's power and use it as his own when he needed too.

It was stupid. It was brilliant.

He hated Sarutobi for this shit, but he would get over it as soon as he found the girl and brought her back to the village to protect her. "What are you planning to do?" Tsunade asked as she chewed on her bottom lip. He glanced at her and let his lips curve up in a small smile.

"I'm bringing her back to the village and placing her in protective custody. Got a problem with that?" He asked knowing very well that she wouldn't say anything against his idea. She was too shaken to really care what he did as long as there weren't any body's to bury at the end of the day.