It's been a while.


The group walked through the village gates sometime after three in the evening four days later.

Naruto walking on one side of Uzu and Kakashi walking on the other side of her, both males making sure to keep the girl between them for reasons that everyone else could only guess at. "Is this your village?" Uzu asked as she looked around at the buildings, the crowded streets. Everything looked so odd to her. But then again it all probably looked that way because she had never really been in a village with an actual population of more than twenty people due to her upbringing at the shrine.

And there were people everywhere here.

In the buildings, in the streets, she heard some strange sounds above them and looked up just in time to see several dark cloaked figures running and jumping from one roof top to another. Uzu tilted her head back and tracked their movements, leaning back until she lost her ballance and fell back against Kakashi. The copy nin exchanged an amused look with his kitsune then looked down and smiled at Uzu as she blushed an adorable soft shade of pink.

"Careful baby. We would'nt like it if you got hurt." Kakashi said as he pushed her back upright on her feet.

"Sorry." Uzu muttered as she looked down at the dirt and kicked at a pebble sticking up out of the ground. Naruto chuckled and grasped one of her small hands in his and raised it to his lips and kissed her knuckles.

"Don't apologize, honey. It's normal to be excited when in a strange place. Especially when this particular place will be your home from now on." Naruto said gently and Uzu gave him a wide eyed look and grasped his wrist, her little finger nails digging into his skin. Her ruby eyes staring into his azure ones almost emploringly as if she was trying to silently ask him,

Really? The leaf village was really going to be her home now? She was going to get to stay with him and Kakashi? She was'nt going to be locked away in another temple? Naruto's heart clenched painfully in his chest as he stared at her pretty face and reached out and hooked his free hand around her nape and pulled her in close and brushed his lips against hers as Kakashi moved in close and stole a kiss from her too as soon as Naruto let her go.

"Your not going anywhere that we can't follow you, Uzu-" Naruto said roughly as he stared at her.

"You have our solem vow as your mates." Kakashi added as he put his hand on top of her head and ruffled her dark hair affectionatly.

Uzu nodded her head and smiled a bit as she lowered her head and hid her eyes from them, afraid that they might think her weak if they saw the need and raw longing in her eyes. "What do we do first?" Uzu asked quietly, knowing that there had to be certain prescedures that they had to follow before she would be allowed in the village.

She felt someone's hand slide along the curve of her cheek in a gentle caress before anyone said anything. "First of all the Hokage has to be notified that your here and the mission was a sucess. She might want to examin you to make sure that your healthy. Maybe assign some guards-"

Naruto reached out and lightly pushed at Kakashi's chest and growled at him. "Uzu won't need guards once Baa-chan knows that she's our mate."

Uzu cocked her head and studied the two males. Silver and gold. Moon and sun. It was funny how she had never noticed how well they equalled each other out before now. "Is my being mated to you really that big of a deal?" She asked curiously and everyone-Sakura, Gai, Tenzou, Sai, Neji and Lee, Shikamaru and the others all looked at her funny and said in unison.

"Yes. It's a big deal." And Lady Tsunade and everyone else would think so too.