|| Förordet ||

I ran down the dark alleyway, rain falling from the starry night sky. I swear I was going to fall over something, I was running so fast, nevertheless there was no way I could outrun him. He was a vampire, for Pete's sake. There wasn't a doubt in my mind that he would catch up to me and sink those teeth into my neck, or better yet, attack me. I jumped over a garbage bag that was sprawled out over the concrete. No lights were on to guide my way except a single flickering streetlight. For a split second I threw off my heels behind me and kept running, my bare feet were freezing against the damp, newly-rained-on ground. This alleyway seemed to go one forever, as I kept running, looking behind me, in fear that he would snatch me from behind and feed on my blood in the darkness. I tripped over something and I landed on my knees. I swallowed hard and realized within seconds that not only my knee was bleeding, but so was a deep gash that had formed above my chest. I cursed under my breath.

"Evangeline Stackhouse!" was yelled in the darkness, coming from somewhere far ahead.

It was an eerie, echoing sound, as if my ears weren't working right. Nevertheless, I knew it was Sookie's voice no doubt, with that cute, thick Southern twang to her voice, an accent I had always made fun of as a kid, even though she was and always will be my oldest cousin, the one I looked up to and envied the most. I looked up and behind me, my eyes reflecting the flickering single light. I yanked myself up off the dirty pavement and started sprinting again, my clothes filthy and wet, as the cold rain continued to pour down on me.

My blond hair was soaked and stringy due to the rainfall. I was crying now, nothing like sobbing, but tears blended in with the rain as I ran. The blood coming from my cuts and gashes were not bleeding as much, but you could still see and smell it, if you were a vampire. I didn't know where he was. He was so quick, swift - he could even fly. I didn't doubt he randomly sweep me off my feet and attack me while I was sprinting. Could I make it to where Sookie's voice was? Most likely not. I kept hearing the echoing, eerie yelling of my name by my cousin. I attempted to yell out back to her, to ask her where she was, but my lungs wouldn't allow me to shout; I felt like I had been suddenly hit by pneumonia and couldn't choke out any words.

I attempted to shout back to Sookie around three times, but it came out as hoarse whispers in the darkness. I eventually collapsed, exhausted and curled up against the brick wall in the alleyway, my eyes fluttering and flickering, in and out of sleep for what seemed like a minute. I leaned up against the wall, still sitting down, directing my gaze in Sookie's voice's direction. "Sookie!" I yelled, but again, it came as a hoarse cry. My eyes released a few tears, as I heard no response but only another eerie call for me. The tears rolled down my cheeks and stung my lips, which had an open cut because I had bit it so hard from running. "I'm right here!" I attempted to choke out through a frustrated cry. It was hoarse; I knew it was no use trying. I ran my hands down my face, attempting to wipe away the tears.

My eyes traveled down to my cuts; the one above my chest was bleeding rapidly, the one on my knee was deep and might need stitching. I ran my hands down both cuts and my hands were soon stained in blood. I almost screamed but I had to hold it in; maybe he had given up by now, maybe he'd lost his scent on me. I stood up against the brick wall quietly, but quickly and inhaled evenly. I closed my eyes for a minute and put my body against the brick wall, my hands clutching the bricks. I looked around the corner and saw no one, only the rain falling from the nighttime sky and the moon shining, which was peculiar. I exhaled, relived. I swiftly turned around.

I almost jumped out my skin when I turned around and realized I was an inch from him, our bodies almost pressed together, touching intimately. He had come so quickly and swiftly, not even making a noise. I almost screamed but somehow my body would not let me yell or cry, so I pressed my bloodied hand against my mouth. My eyes widened in horror at him. Instead I stood there, my mouth open under my cupped hand, frightened more than ever.

His tall, 6'5 brooding figure towered over my height of 5'7. His long blond hair fell in his face sinisterly, his fangs showing at full length, intimidation. His blue eyes stare felt as though he was looking at my soul. His black leather jacket was hitched on him, blood stains strewn on it. His mouth was in a nasty grin. His masculine jawline was arched aggressively. His skin was pale, a little darker than the moon. I trembled, shivering as I watched his hand slowly come to my face, which had blood on it from my hand. I quietly yelped as he brought his right hand to my cheek. Sookie's calls for me faded in echoes in the darkness. His eyes traveled down to my upper chest, as the blood cascaded down.

"Åh, Evie. Hur smygande och snabb du är." He leaned in and murmured in my ear in Swedish as I trembled, as I avoided eye contact with him, "Jag kan inte låta dig springa ifrån mig. Du bör inte köra ifrån mig. Eftersom det skulle kunna medföra allvarliga konsekvenser."

He retreated back, even though we were still face-to-face. His fangs in my face as he spoke, threatening to bite me and attack me. He grinned manically at me with a distrustful spark in his eyes. I trembled worse now, my entire body shaking with adrenaline and anxiety. He used that nickname he had come up with, Evie. Instead of Evangeline. He was toying with me, playling games with my mind, attempting to trick me and mess me up - his eyes screamed it. I tried to look away from him and I felt more tears falling down my cheeks, the rain blending in with them.

"Eric, please. Don't!"

I choked out a plea, but it was ignored. Flashing before my eyes, he moved in and sank his teeth into my right neck muscle, the pain unbearable as I let out a bloodcurdling scream, no doubt Sookie would hear it. I clutched onto his shirt tightly as support, my nails digging into his skin. I felt my veins pulsing as he drank from me, my eyes flickering uncontrollably as the rain poured down faster and harder than ever, the water soaking both of us and mixing in with the blood. He lifted up from drinking intently and smiled. I looked at him with disbelief and horror, as I watched the blood flow down from his lips. He swiftly dug back into my neck and I screamed bone-chillingly.

My eyes flashed open at someone shaking me. I looked up to see Sookie, who's blond curls fell slightly in front of her face as she looked down at me, "Evangeline Stackhouse! Are you alright? You've been screaming in your sleep. Almost knocked Bill right off his damn rocker, and scared me half to hell."

It had been a dream.

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