This is a response to the Terrible Two's challenge by Magicgirl29 :D

His Other Half

George sat alone in his flat, head in his hands. Today was his birthday. And he was meant to go to some stupid birthday party like nothing had happened. Like today wasn't someone else's birthday. He could remember that night in every detail, finding his brother's body lying in the hallway, Percy crying. He could remember sprinting down the corridor, almost in slow-motion, to the body. Percy had said something to him, but he had ignored him, instead just running and running. He had fallen down next to him, cradling his brother's body to his chest. Spells had been rushing all around him, but he had ignored them, tears seeping down his face. That day he had had lost half of himself, as well as his heart. Now, he just worked to the bone at Weasley's Wizarding Wheezes, creating new product after new product, trying to get away from the pain that still plagued him even after all this time.

Nineteen years later, he was still heartbroken.