CJ122: Ok I saw this new anime and I was like OMG! This anime is funny so I decided to make a story out of it.

Zero: How was this anime funny?

CJ122: Well since Nina always kicked your butt it was funny.

Zero: That was painful

Ichii: It was partly your fault. -_-

Zero: How is it my fault?

CJ122: Let's just say YOU are VERY inapropriate

Nina: Thats right.

CJ122: You know what? Lets just move one and go on with this new chapter or story.

Nina's POV

It's been a year since Zero and Ichii left. I'm starting to miss them and zura ofcourse.

"sigh, what am I going to do?" I asked myself to find sleeping pearl on the floor.

I giggled and picked up the little sorcer helper off the floor and laid it on my bed.

I stood up and got ready for school, as I ran downstairs to eat my breakfast.

"Nina, aren't you going to finish your breakfast?" Mom asked

"I'm fine mom I'm gonna be late for school!" I said and waved goodbye.


I'm walking to school alone.

I miss Zero and his big mouth.

I miss Ichii trying to be a peace maker.

"I MISS MY UNHAPPY, HORRIBLY, ANNOYING LIFE!" I shouted out loud when no one was looking.

"Aww how sweet you missed me"


I turned around to find..."Zero, Ichii!"

"Hey Nina" Ichii said.

"Ichii, Zero"

Oh no...

My eyes are watery again.

"It's ok to let it out Nina" Ichii whispered

"Your too soft on her" Zero mocked.

"At least his nicer!" I exclaimed

Zura was in the middle of the reunion not wanting to make a statement even after not seeing Nina so long with Pearl. His mind was to pre-ocupied by Zero's health.

"Zura? What are you thinking? Ryu?" asked Pearl

"Nothing, zura!" replied Zura

"Alright then if you say so, ryu" and Pearl flew to it's master me obviously making another complain saying 'why are you a human?' or 'I need some magician's magic to become stronger!'.

"Well sorry Pearl but as I said, I'm not...a sorcerer" I said getting ready to use Zero as my shield before Pearl bites her head again.

"Zura, is there something a matter?" asked Ichii.

We all looked at Zura noticing something is bothering him.

Zero's POV

We all looked at Zura and I knew what he was thinking. My health condition, I didn't tell Ichii or Nina yet Jeff and Sarasa already knew except for Jan(my nephew).
I told them to keep it a secret for a while eventually I will face Ichii, Nina and Jan sooner or later.

I took a deep breath and said " Hey who wants cake?"

But they ignored me and kept asking Zura some more questions.

Thanks you guys.

I looked up in the sky remembering what the doctor said to me after a little accident.

" Zero, Jeff, Sarasa may I speak with the three of you for a second?" asked the doctor.

We went in and he hesitated. "I am afraid Zero must not do anything reckless and he must stay here in the hospital until I say he is ready to leave"

"What! No sorry doc but I have an Advance Magical exam coming and I can't miss that!" I said

"Look Kid you have a terrible cancer called Leukemia and it can harm you while you are doing this exam" he said calmly.

I thought for a moment how am I going to see Nina again?

I love her.


"Zero this is serious after the accident you may look fine in the outside but inside you are breaking apart" said Jeff

"C'mon Jeff!" I wined

"I'm sorry Z-"

I interupted him and said "NO I NEED TO GO BACK WITH ICHII I PROMISED HER AND ICHII I WILL BECOME STRONGER!" I practically yelled.

"Fine" said Sarasa

"What?" both the doctor and Jeff said

"Jeff, Zero needs this opportunity to have some happiness before his..." Sarasa trailed off and looked down.

CJ122: Alright!

Zero: O_O I'm gonna die?

Nina: Good

Ichii: and why is this a secret from me?

CJ122: Ichii you are almost like a brother to Zero obviously he'd hide it from you!

Ichii: It still does not give a good reason too.

Nina: Please R&R thank you