Chapter 16

Zero POV

The walls began to close on me which was strange because I don't remember having dangerous walls in the mansion. I tried to run down the hall but it felt like there was no end to it. Blood pounding in my ears creating the ringing noises I held up my hands and began to use magic.

"Zero! Wait! Don't do that!"

What? Who's saying that? "Who are you?" I demanded.

"Zero, wake up!"


"Nina? Where are you? Nina!"

My eyes fluttered open, everything was a blur at first but my eyes soon adjusted and I saw Nina in front of me, asleep. I looked around the room and found myself to be in the clinic. What happened yesterday? I slowly sat up and sighed, stroking Nina's red luscious hair. She looked adorable asleep, a lot less vicious too.

"Mmmh. Zero?" She murmured in her sleep.

I chuckled at the cuteness, she even speaks my name at her sleep. I laid back down and sighed, one hand on her hair and the other behind my head. I didn't have the heart to wake Nina up just so I can wonder, what happened last night? But of course I'm a very considerate person with a soft spot for red heads with flat chest.

A knock on the door and Nina woke up with a start.

"Wha?" She said bobbing her head around. Nina touched her left side of her cheek and her face scrunched together. "Oh ew. Is this drool? Zero's rubbing of on me." She grumbled.

"That was an offensive insult." I remarked seeing as she never noticed I was awake.

Nina gasped and then suddenly smacked me on the head. "Idiot! What the hell were you thinking fainting in the middle of the night! Getting us all worried and-"


We both turned to look at a man with a strange suit. I certainly do not recognize him, but that's probably my on going amnesia talking. Nina stopped her lecture and turned around to face the man.

"Oh, um sorry but do you need anything?" Nina stammered.

The man shook his head and looked past Nina. His gaze staring intently at me that it gave me the chills. Seriously who was this guy?

"Sorry to disturb you but I am looking for Jeff?" The man said.

"Oh, he's in the study room. I'll ring for the maids to show you." Nina replied as she walked to the red button.

I noticed how she placed one hand on top of her now protruding belly. I couldn't help but smile at this image. A few more months from now she'll give birth to our new born child. I'll just have to be strong enough to be able to see it.

The man left with the maid and Nina shuts the door. She slowly turned around giving me her angry and irritated face. Is this what Jeff was buzzing about when Sarasa was pregnant? Something about hormones gone wack?

Nina took slow small steps towards me and smirked. "Seriously? What were you thinking?" She asked her voice was dangerously low.

Now if I didn't die because of leukemia it would be because of my hormone crazed girlfriend.

"I don't know. Just that the hallway was getting smaller, suffocating me til I pass out." I was technically telling the truth.

Nina sighed as she sat back down on the bed, rubbing her belly. Her eyes never leaving my face. "The doctor took some of your blood and are doing a test on it."

"I see." Was all I could say.

"Good news? Ichii was released from the clinic a week ago, so now he's off looking for the healer." Nina said.

"A week?" I yelped.

Nina nodded.

"I've been asleep for a week?" I said again.

"Yes, that is why the doctors find it strange because you were out for a week! They needed to do the blood test and currently they still haven't even figured out what's wrong with you." Nina huffed.

Just then the door flew open with a pale, really pale Jeff and that same man from before.

"Yo." I greeted Jeff happily.

Jeff didn't return my greeting nor did he smile back. He just simply looked at Nina and asked her to come outside. Nina reluctantly stood up and left my side, she kissed my cheeks and walked out with Jeff. The man let them through as he shut the door.

"Zero Fujiyaka, right?" The man spoke holding my medical file.

I nodded.

"I am Doctor Takashi. I was recently hired by your brother to check up on your case." He explained.

I nodded once again. I never liked talking to doctors it just reminded me of my mother on her deathbed.

"Now, I have the results of your blood test. Do you want the good news or the bad news?" Dr. Takashi asked.

I pondered on this for a moment and thought maybe the good news might be easier to hear. "Good news." I replied.

Nina POV

Jeff took me out of Zero's clinic room and dragged me to the library. I sat down on the arm chair stroking my enlarged belly. I'll be honest to the ladies out there who says being pregnant was amazing. They were lying. It wasn't the most amazing thing that was happening. In fact it was the most irritating, I mean everyday I have a craving for the weirdest things!

It began two days ago, the baby bump was obviously showing but at least I could tolerate it. Then I had this sudden craving for fish sticks, at nine pm in the evening! Then I would yell for no reason, cry for no reason, feel excited for no reason. Seriously, and this won't stop until two months from now.

I sighed defeated, this baby was going to be my first and last. I hope.

"Nina I want you to go back to earth." Jeff said urgently.

"What? Why? I'm perfectly fine here!" I exclaimed.

"Look, it's not safe anymore for you, Pearl or your unborn child."

I eyed him suspiciously. "You're hiding something Jeff. I want in on it. Now!" I demanded.

Jeff winced at my tone, probably reminiscing the time Sarasa was pregnant with the similar problems as I am having now. I crossed my arms on my chest and smirked triumphantly. Did I mention my boobs got bigger? This was probably the only upside to this pregnancy.

"Alright I'll tell you, but promise me this information will not leave this room!" He said sternly.

"Yes, Jeff."

"Before dad disappeared he left something, a heirloom to be precise. This heirloom came from the elemental tribe and is very valuable to them, until two hundred years ago. Our great grand father stumbled onto their territory. Now you see the elemental tribe are kinda...I don't know, possessive? Not to mention territorial, so what grandad did was he negotiated with them said he didn't mean to trespass and offered them the gem of desires, that was later taken back by father. He thought it was too dangerous for them to have the gem."

"When I was seven years old dad showed me the current research he was making. He was studying about the harp of hearts, he searched for the pieces and put them together, the gem of desires, the harp of love and the music sheet called Kibou No Kane Oto. Apparently it had the most beautiful melodies, unfortunately it destroys people. At least that's what dad said before he disappeared and hid all those pieces. I personally thought they were never to be seen again, not til recently." Jeff finished.

I then remembered Sarafina holding a green gem stone calling it the gem of desires. No wonder Sarasa was desperate to take it from her, it could cause a ruckus.

"So now what? Just for that you want me to go back home?" I said incredulously. "And what was the heirloom? The harp of hearts?"

Jeff scratched his head. "Yes and no. Yes because he kept the harp here, no because I don't think he wants Zero to find out. Especially since dad made sure only Zero's DNA compound can only access the security. And going home? I was hoping you'd agree."

I stuck my palm out on his face. "You thought wrong."

Jeff sighed sadly and got up. "Remember Nina, I usually get things to go my way. Don't blame me if I did something that you won't like." He warned me.

I snorted and waved good bye.

"Pregnant women." Jeff muttered.

Pearl flew and fell on top of my belly, snuggled closely and stayed there. Looking back at me with intriguing eyes. That was when I felt it, the baby's kick. I was pretty sure Pearl felt it too since he flew up with a shocked expression. Tears pooled around my eyes, as I rubbed my belly calming my unborn child.

"Maybe being pregnant isn't so bad." I sobbed quietly.

Pearl sat there not saying anything as he patted me with his small hands. I smiled reassuringly at Pearl. I was just hoping Zero would get better so I could tell him this news. I made my way back to Zero's clinical room and knocked.

"Come in." Zero said.

I let myself in only to find Zero lying on the bed with a grim expression. When he saw it was me his face softened and smiled. He motioned me to come closer and I did only to see tear streaked marks on his face.

"What's wrong?" I asked, worried for his well being.

Zero shook his head. "Nothing, Nina."

"You're lying."

"I'm not, trust me?"

"Always." I said, but still have a seed of doubt lingering in my heart.

A week has passed, and Zero began to gradually slip in and out of consciousness so frequently that it began to freak me out a bit. Every time I asked if he needed to see the doctors he'd refuse and tell me to go back to my room. I always followed his orders because if I don't I'm scared he might carry stress because of that.

I slipped out of his room because he told me too and that was when I noticed a standby nurse with that man who came in the other week. It seemed to me he was a doctor, probably checking up on Zero. When I met his gaze he gave me a sympathetic sad smile.

I questioned that look since it was engraved inside my head. What did that mean? Did that me they have the results of his blood test? If so maybe Zero will tell me tomorrow.

"Nina, over here." Sarasa said motioning me to the garden.

I followed her to the garden and sat on the bench. Jan was sprawled against the grass, sleeping peacefully.

"Nina did Jeff say anything to you, about Zero's condition?" Sarasa asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah, he told me about the heirloom and stuff." I replied.

"Not that condition-" Sarasa was cut of by Jeff's cough.

"Sorry about that but it's getting late." He said bringing Sarasa and Jan inside the house. Jeff looked back at me with the same sad smile that doctor flashed at me. What's going on?

The next morning the first thing I did was run into Zero's room. Slamming the door open startling him from his sleep.

"Wah?" He said disoriented and dazed.

"What's the results?" I asked straight to the point.

Zero was quiet for a while. "Good news or Bad?" He said quietly.

"Is there suppose to be a good news?" My voice shook when I said this.

"I'm dying."


Didn't think I heard that right.

Zero dying?


He told me he'll stay with me.

Guess forever was just impossible for him.

What about our child?

Will he or she now how amazing their father was?

How much time does he have?

I will never now, because right after the moment he said those two words, I felt like my whole world shattered right in front of me. And there was nothing that I can do to prevent this.


I felt helpless.


I felt like dying myself.

Funny how the tears didn't flow right after he said that.

Am I that heartless?

Or maybe it's because if I cried, I know that it's real...and I don't want it to be real.

Not now.

Not ever.

Zero, I love you, you know that right?

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