title: scar tissue.
prompt: Triangle by LazyBaby
rating: M
summary: She's not sure whether it's the physical scars or the mental ones that are killing her. Maybe it's both. Because after all, some scars don't heal if you keep on picking at them.

warning: SasuSakuNaru/NaruSaku

scar tissue




He had no sense of right or wrong. To him, nothing had consequences, and that just gave him license to do whatever he pleased.

Sasuke moved his hips against hers in an irregular rocking motion. He pinched the nipples of the girl under him in his fingers, teasing them, taunting her. She cried out, her hands clawing at his back. He was rougher than he normally was, and she felt her inner walls take the full length of him in completely.

"Shut up," he told her.

The girl sniffed. She lifted her head in an attempt to press her mouth against his. She always tried to kiss him. And he always refused.

"No," he muttered. He moved his head away from hers and began to quicken the pace of his thrusting. After making sure she realized how big he was, and after he felt the hot spray of his come collect in the rubber sheath, Sasuke rolled over. He took a while to catch his breath before he told her—

"Get out."

"But—but Sasuke-kun!" she began, desperate for the love she could never receive.

"Leave, Karin. Now."

She whimpered, grabbed her clothes, and left the room. He slammed the door behind her.

Sighing, he stared at his limp member. Throwing away the condom, he stared at his manhood. He was feeling evil, wicked, sinful—plenty more than usual. He deserved to be damned to hell, to pay for all the misery he'd caused to each woman who thought she could "change" him.

Sasuke wanted a virgin. A girl of innocence. Pure, untouched, untainted until he fucked her brains out until they came out as sweet, sweet cum.

And so he met her.

Because nobody goes through life without a scar.

—Carol Burnett.

september 12

"My name is Haruno Sakura. I enjoy living life to the fullest very, very much, and I am grateful for every blessing in my life."

Sakura stared out at the group of teenagers who would be her classmates. They yawned, bored with her introduction. Bored with her. All they cared about was boyfriends, girlfriends, sex, drugs, alcohol, parties...they had been with each other since Kindergarten, and didn't care for a new girl coming in to destroy the balance.

The boys perked up at hearing a feminine voice speak, and they began to eye her body. Sakura immediately felt uncomfortable under their gazes, and looked away to the side nervously while they showered her with unwanted gazes. Judging by the attention she was given and how she responded, Sasuke raised an eyebrow from the back of the room. Then he smirked.

He, along with everyone else, could tell that she was a virgin. She didn't belong in this crowd of people any more than he belonged with her. So, closing his eyes and folding his hands, the smirk still on his face, he thought of everything he would do to make her his next victim.




Sakura was nervous. Did they like her? Hate her? After all, she had come to upset the balance of the atmosphere.

She sat down next to a redhead with glasses, who chewed gum loudly.. An iPod blasted music into her ears, and Sakura smiled slightly, trying to catch her attention.

"Hi," she said, trying to make a new friend, or at least a good impression, on the first day. "I'm Sakura."

"I know," the girl said rudely, sighing dramatically as she took an earbud out. Sakura frowned. She thought back to what she did to make the redhead angry at her.

"What's your name?" Sakura asked, a little quieter this time. She instantly regretted it, because the girl flipped her phone shut so loudly that the cover nearly flew off.

"None of your business," she replied coolly, blowing a bubble into Sakura's face, aiming for her hair. "If I stuck this gum in your hair, you know, you probably wouldn't notice because it's the exact same fucking coloras your fucking pink hair."

This aroused snorts and giggles from the girls, and "ooohhs..." from the guys, who wanted to see a fight start with the new girl.

"Fight, fight, fight, fight!" they began, chanting, led by a boy with brown hair and an overcoat with a dog.

Sakura had no idea what was going on. She refused to let everyone see her cry, and ignored the wash of tears brimming at her eyes.

Looking around, Sakura saw that every other girl eyed her with suspicion. Nobody wanted to help her. Nobody wanted to accept her.

She knew she wouldn't fit in.




Sakura walked down the hall, her eyes staring down at her feet. She was embarrassed, beyond embarrassed, and she knew that she hadn't made a good first impression at all. She knew that she didn't belong in this crowd of prestigious kids. Girls stopped to laugh at her hair, or her hand-me-down uniform, and boys stopped to make sexual remarks or wolf whistles. And Uchiha Sasuke thoroughly examined her, because she would be his grand prize.

The good never had it easy, anyway.




"Hi, I'm Naruto!" a blonde boy shouted, his voice echoing through her ears. His blue eyes twinkled, and he approached her with a big grin. "I heard you're new!"

"Yeah," Sakura said nervously. He seemed nice enough. "I'm Sakura."

Naruto grinned, his two front teeth visible to the molars. He had a big smile, and he sure wasn't afraid to show it off.

"You're cute, you know that?" Naruto said, his hands folded behind his neck. He continued to grin, as if it was as normal to say that as it was breathing.

Sakura felt uncomfortable. "Thank...you?" she said. This conversation became a little too awkward for her taste. She turned to leave.

"Wait, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you," he said, a hand on her shoulder. "I just...I just get nervous around a really pretty girl. You know?" Naruto said, tripping over his words. Sakura could see that he was sincere.

She smiled a true smile at him. "Thanks," she said. "That's very sweet of you."

Everyone who was walking in the halls stopped to stare at the new girl and Naruto, wondering what they'd do next. When they continued to stare into each other's eyes like a lovesick couple, the crowd grumbled, and moved away.

"Well, I gotta go, Sakura-chan. My best friend Sasuke-teme is waiting for me. Bye-bye!" he waved, not looking where he was going. Because of that, he had an imprint on his face the shape of a locker.




A girl walked up to Sakura. She seemed okay—nothing too out of the ordinary—and Sakura hoped that this person would be like another Naruto she could converse with.

"Hey, why are you wearing long-sleeves? Are you cold or something?" the girl began mocking her by crossing her arms and pretending to shiver, shaking wildly. "Look at me. I'm the new girl. I have pink hair and I'm cold all the time."

This girl was nowhere like Naruto. Sakura opened her mouth to speak. She had already taken enough abuse today, and she would refuse to take any more.

"Out of my way," the girl laughed. She pushed Sakura into a locker, and she winced, holding her shoulder in pain. The girl laughed, and stomped on her foot.

"You're weak."

As she turned to leave, she saw the redhead approach, and welcomed her with a, "Hey, Karin!" while linking arms together, sharing an earbud.

Sakura wanted to cry.

In the bathroom stall, Sakura pulled up her shirt and winced at the purple spots all over her body—on her back, on her stomach, on her ribs, knees, calves, feet, neck, arms...

She rolled up the sleeves that hid scars that had healed overnight, and the layers of black and blue and purple and green and yellow surrounded every inch of her skin. Rolling up her pant legs, she gently touched a large bruise on her leg, wincing slightly.

Her most private parts were untouched. At least for now.

Sakura wasn't a self-harmer. No, it was quite the opposite.

She was an abused child.




Sasuke had overheard the conversation between Sakura and Ino. Really, he expected more of her—to fight back, to start a riot of some sort, (that would have made her all the more fun), but he realized it was only her first day and everyone was gang-banging up on her, closing her out from the crowd, excluding her.

He saw the pained expression in her eyes, cloudy with unshed tears and confusion. He never really understood why girls were so weak sometimes, and why they couldn't take it like men could. His memory flooded back to the time where he had this one girl under him at a party. She wanted him, and Sasuke had promised her something—he didn't even remember what anymore—and once she saw him leave, she began to sob.

Sure, he was a sadist of some sort. A sadistical heartbreaker.

But their rally—it made him think. Why did she wear those clothes? Sure, she probably got in on a scholarship, and not on money (judging by the condition of the uniform), but it was September, and it was an Indian summer, too. Outside was a fucking ninety degrees and yet she was wearing a long-sleeved turtleneck with matching pants.

Did she have some kind of problem that made her cold all the time? He figured no, but had no idea.

But she was hiding something, and he would find out no matter at what cost.




Sakura straightened her clothes and exited the bathroom. She'd spent a good fifteen minutes in the stalls, making sure to put extra ointment on each mark. Did anyone notice how long she stayed in there? Or did they not care?

They shouldn't have, judging by the way they treated her. It was as if she were an animal, a stray dog begging for food, and they'd kicked it aside like an unwanted toy. But their punishment for the dog was far better than Sakura's, and she felt jealous of the dog, wishing that at least, she could be one.

Sasuke was about to approach her, calmly, slowly, quietly. He would reach for her shoulder and give her that killer smile so many girls fell in love with. Then, he'd watch her as his hand slipped past her shoulder and down to—

Naruto beat him to greeting her. Running up behind the girl, he squeezed her tightly, and she let out an audible gasp—half in shock, half in pain.

"Sorry, too tight?" he asked, rubbing his head in embarrassment, blushing slightly. "I'm always unsure of how tight I hug people. You know?" Naruto continued as Sakura tried to fix herself.

Naruto's eyebrows shot up, and he screamed. "Teme!" He gave Sasuke a noogie and a headlock. Nodding to Sakura, he said, "Teme, this is Sakura! She's new!"

"I know," Sasuke said, putting on his best pokerface.

"So you're Sasuke?" Sakura asked, holding her hand out for a handshake. Sasuke did his best to hide a smirk. Obviously, she had no idea what she was getting into.


He grabbed her hand and shook it, his vice grip hurting her. She bit her tongue, trying not to wince, until he let go and the taste of metallic liquid was filling her mouth.

The bell rang.

"I guess I'll see you both later," she said in pain. A little bit of blood stained her porcelain teeth, but neither of them seemed to notice.

As she turned to walk away, Naruto saw Sasuke smirk.

"Don't even try, teme. You won't use her, got it? I like her. She's a good person."

"We'll see, dobe. After all, she will be special to me..."

They didn't know how right they were.

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