title: scar tissue.
prompt: triangle, by lazybaby. one of my favorite stories. and the scars i like to pick at.
rating: M
summary: She's not sure whether it's the physical scars or the mental ones that are killing her. Maybe it's both. Because after all, some scars don't heal if you keep on picking at them.

note: this is a MULTICHAPTER fic. which means that i'm probably never going to update frequently. maybe once every two weeks, LOL. until the end of the story, i expect lots of reviews! =D love you guys, haha!
warning: sasusakunaru. if you don't like narusaku, please don't bitch about it to me, because there's only gonna be a little bit. kthxbai.

dedication to; rhyrhy. ilymorethanfreakin'life.

scar tissue




He held her hand in his as they finished eating breakfast, snuggling together for a little bit as she kissed his jaw softly.

"Sasuke-kun?" she said quietly. Her arms were around his neck.


"I was wondering…" she began. Clearing her throat so that her voice sounded louder, she repeated, "I wanted to see…if we could go visit Naruto."

Sasuke half-froze. He knew that she cared for Naruto and he did, too, but after all that they had been through, and seeing his best friend again with the girl that they both loved…he was afraid that they would cause him pain, but at the same time he wanted nothing more than to give Naruto a hug.

"Sasuke-kun?" her soft voice interrupted his thoughts. He shook the bangs out of his face and tried to give her a smile. It was only a simple turning of his lips, but to her, it meant the world.

"Yeah. Let's go visit Naruto."




Sasuke punched in the speed dial for Naruto onto his cell phone, waited for the rings, before shoving it into Sakura's hand. "Here," he said quickly. "You talk."

She held the phone up to her ear and it continued to ring. Sakura was almost certain that he wouldn't pick up after seeing the caller ID, but on the sixth ring, she could hear the bright voice she missed so much.



There was an awkward silence, before he spoke again. "Sakura-chan."

"Hi, Naruto. It's me."

More silence. Sasuke held his breath as he watched Sakura's shoulder tense.

"I missed you," he said. "I hope…is teme treating you well?" he half-joked.

"I miss you too." She didn't respond to the last part. "I just…is it okay if I visit you? I want to see you again."

"Of course!" he said, almost too brightly. Sakura jumped at how eager he was. There was so much zeal in his voice, so much excitement. "I'd love it."

"Great. Great," she said, nearly tearing up. Her voice became unsteady and she almost laughed as she cried. "I can't wait to see you. Can we meet at the park?"

She heard him take a swift intake of breath and remembered what had happened so long ago. Where he kissed her and admitting everything. But instead of changing places, he said, "Yeah. Let's meet there."

"Great," she repeated. "See you soon."

"Bye, Sakura-chan."

She hung up the phone and handed it back to Sasuke. Then, tears pouring down freely, she hugged Sasuke around the waist and sobbed into his chest, laughing in the midst of it because she was so happy.

"Sasuke-kun, I'm so happy…it's almost scary. Is it bad to feel this happy? I can't…I can't explain it. It's like…do you know what I mean?"

He held her close to him and put his chin on top of her head, staring above her as he rubbed her back in small circles. "Yeah, sweetheart. I know what you mean. I'm happy right now, too."

Sakura pulled away and wiped her eyes with her sleeve, grabbing a tissue and blowing her nose. "I'm sorry. It's just—"

"Shh." He put a finger to her lips. "I know."

She sat back on his lap as he comforted her, giving her small kisses as she watched the clock.




It was still Naruto. From far away he looked the same, but from close up he was not the Naruto she used to know. His blonde hair lost its zing, and his usually sparkling eyes were a bit dimmed. There were bags under his irises from not sleeping very much (which she felt guilty about), and his lips drooped. But it all changed when he saw her again. He immediately brightened up, his eyes regaining that lost twinkle and his lips curving up into a bright smile, canine teeth showing.

"Naruto!" Sakura screamed. She let go of Sasuke's hand and ran up to him as he held his arms wide open for her. She jumped into his chest and inhaled the scent she was so used to—tangerine and ramen—but smiled and cried and laughed all at the same time. She could feel his own tears drip onto her hair and she pulled back, rubbing his cheeks with her thumbs.

"You're still beautiful as ever, Sakura-chan," he said quietly as he brushed a stray lock of hair out of her face. "And where's—"

"Dobe." The one word was hidden with teasing, but Naruto knew that it was also full of friendship and brotherhood as he looked up above Sakura's head to see Sasuke, hands in his pockets, looking straight at his best friend. Sakura, realizing the heaviness between the two, pulled away. She quietly walked towards the side as she saw the unfinished, silent business between the two.

None of them said anything for a while until Sasuke held out his right hand, his left still in his pocket. Naruto looked at it, and then back at Sasuke's eyes, before saying, "What the hell is this?"

Before Sasuke could respond, Naruto pulled him into a tight hug and buried his head in his friend's shoulder. "God damnit, Sasuke, I've missed you so much." Sasuke could feel his own happiness surge and put a hand on Naruto's back, giving him a brotherly hug, nothing like the loving ones he reserved for Sakura.

She, seeing this beautiful scene between the two, began to cry again and tried to stifle her noises. They both stopped to look at her, who was smiling and covering her nose and mouth with her hands. "I'm sorry," she said, half-laughing. "But you two are just so beautiful."

Then, Naruto walked up to her and held her small hand in his big, calloused one. "There won't be any more pain from here on out, you hear me? No more. It'll just be us three, and we'll be so happy that you'll be scared because happiness like this is unbelievable."

Sakura smiled. "I know." She reached up on her tiptoes and put her arms around Naruto's neck, giving him a small kiss on the cheek. A good-bye kiss. Naruto took a deep inhale and almost winced, as if he knew this was the end and the last chance that he could ever pursue her again. He would try and learn to love someone else, but at the same time, nobody could ever replace Sakura. "Thank you," she whispered.

She pulled away after her lips settled on his cheek. Then, she walked back to Sasuke, who put his arm around her shoulder, rubbing her softly. Naruto, giving a small smile to his love and his best friend, gave a chuckle and told another corny joke. One that they were both so used to hearing before. Although she wasn't his and never would be, seeing her happy made him happy, too. Maybe he couldn't give her everything Sasuke could. But she would have been happy with him, too. There would have been no pain. No suffering. None of this would have happened—with Karin, with the baby, with the runaways. If only she had been with him.

But sometimes life just works in really weird ways, Naruto knew as they took a walk in the park together. He eyed the bench that he gave his first kiss on, and what the circumstances were that night when he took her home after her yelling. But he smiled, watching as Sakura laughed while being with him and Sasuke, and how her hair flew softly in small parts, her eyes sparkled even more so when she was happy, her lips were more of a U shape rather than frowning, and her skin.

It glowed, like an angel's. There were no more blotchy colors. No purple, no black, no blue, no yellow. None of it. It was all gone. What was left was creamy white perfection. And when her hand was in his, he knew how smooth and soft it felt. And he was glad that she wasn't all the colors of the rainbow anymore.

"Let's sit down," she said as she took both boys' hands and led them to the bench. Sakura knew that she had shared memories with Naruto here, but that her memories would be with Sasuke now. She sat in the middle as Naruto sat on her left and Sasuke sat on her right. She folded her ankles and continued to hold both their hands in her own, looking up at the sky and laughing.

"Look!" she said. The sun was coming out from behind the clouds and nearly blinding their vision. But she continued to smile and look up anyway, squinting as she jumped up, yelling without a care, "Thank you, God!" For giving me a chance to make things right. For giving me a chance to live.

She continued to wave at the sky as people stared at her. But she didn't care. None of them did anymore. She was happy, and with two beautiful people always with her, how could she feel as if her life wasn't worth living?

There is something beautiful about all scars of whatever nature. A scar means the hurt is over, the wound is closed and healed, done with.

—Harry Crews

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