Now and Forever

"Caspian!" called Susan to her eldest son. The eighteen year old turned to his mother, giving her the exact same crooked smile that his father had.


"What in the world do you think you're doing?" she asked, trying not to smile.

"I don't know what you're talking about" he said, shrugging, still smiling. Susan put her hands on her hips.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. Get your sister out of that headlock right now!"

Caspian laughed and let go of his younger sister, a thirteen year old that looked exactly the same as her namesake, Lucy. She kicked him in the shins and Susan noticed that she was covered in flour.

"What in the world…" she started, but Caspian and Lucy were already gone.

"It's a long story," said her third child, a sixteen year old boy that looked like he could be Peter in his younger years.

"Oh, I have time" assured Susan and Edmund laughed.

"Maybe some other time. Arabelle is waiting for me," he said, winking.

"Alright, well, don't do anything to her!" said his mother, squeezing his elbow. Edmund rolled his eyes.

"Mum! We're friends, get it? FRIENDS!"

"Mhmm, sure, that's what they all say" said Susan winking. Edmund groaned and walked away. Susan watched him leave.

"You shouldn't be so hard on him," said her oldest son, appearing behind her.

"Don't you think that being sympathetic over him is going to get you out of trouble! Why did you cover your sister in flour?"

"Because she's as cute as a cupcake!"

"Yes, that makes sense. Alright, your punishment is… that Edmund will be king, and not you"

"You can't do that!" shrieked Caspian. Susan laughed and her son caught on that she was kidding. He bumped her playfully, "That wasn't funny"

"It was! Alright, but seriously, no horse ridding for a week"


"Next time you're going to do something stupid, think about it first!"

"You always say that"

"You never listen," she said, shrugging and walking away. She walked into her bedroom and out onto the balcony sighing. She saw Lucy playing with one of the dogs that they had living around the palace, the dog yelling instructions to some game that Susan had never heard of. She remembered when she had seen Caspian and Edmund down there twenty years ago, chatting away. Tears came to her eyes at the memory of her brother.

"I can't believe you walked right by me" whispered her husband's voice as he wrapped his arms around her waist. She rested her head on his strong chest and sighed.

"Do you remember twenty years ago? Just before Aslan came to talk to us? I was watching you and Edmund"

"And then I came up here and sucked your face" joked Caspian, kissing her one the cheek. Susan laughed.

"Yes, I don't think Ed was very happy about that" she said and Caspian laughed with her.

"I really miss them," said Caspian. Susan nodded

"As do I"

Something caught her attention. The dog that had been playing with her daughter had an object in his mouth and was handing it to her thirteen year old. Her eyes widened when she realized it was her horn. How had he gotten that? Her daughter looked up at her, a mischievous glint in her eyes and then brought it to her lips. Susan gasped, running down to where her daughter was. Too late, the horns sound was probably heard all the way into the Narnians old city. She didn't stop though, running to her daughter. Her daughter handed her the horn.

"Nothing happened" she said, shrugging. Susan snatched the horn from her hands. She had been afraid for so many years that she would call on her brother and sister and they wouldn't come because they were dead or had forgotten about Narnia. Aslan had said it could happen. She looked down at her daughter.

"Do you know what this is supposed to do?" she asked.

"Well, the Doctor told us that it summons the kings and queens of old," said her daughter innocently.

"And who are the kings and queens of old Lucy?"

"You and uncle Peter, right?"

Susan sighed. How many times had she told her children that she had two more siblings? More than she could count… it just didn't stick in their heads.

She walked away from her daughter, thinking about what she had just done. That horn was supposed to summon Edmund and Lucy, so where were they? She sat down under a tree and buried her head in her hands.

Her previous question was answered when a deep voice that could only be her younger brothers called "Um… could you help us down?"

Susan looked up into the tree, and sitting there, trapped between the branches, were King Edmund the Just and Queen Lucy the Valiant.

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