Authors note: Hi every1 this is the 1st ever chapter of my 1st ever fan fic so it might not be great so R & R so i could make it better. just to make things clear this story is set after Twilight but none of the events of the rest of the books have happened yet so Bella is 17. Also Will and Cornelia are 17 and Irma, Hay Lin and Taranee are 16.

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"Well here we are!" Charlie announced, trying to sound enthusiastic.

Bella scowled. She didn't want to live in Heatherfield. She and Charlie had to move as Charlie's job got transferred there. Bella had only just settled in Forks but then she had to leave everything behind again. The worst part? Being separated from the love of her life: Edward Cullen.

She remembered when she told him that she was leaving Forks. She was in the meadow with him at the time.

"Edward, I have something to tell you." Bella informed him.

"What is it love ?" Edward asked in his smooth voice.

Bella looked at his beautiful face and got lost in his golden eyes. Those deep golden eyes...

" Bella ? You had something to tell me ?"

"Bella ? What do you think of our new home ?"

Bella realised her dad had spoke to her. She couldn't even get peace to think about Edward who was going to miss her terribly yet wish her luck in Heatherfield. Still, at least she never got a chance to think about Jacob's reaction which was unexpected...

"Its great Dad " Bella said flatly with a fake smile plastered on her face.

"Look Bella, I know your going to miss your old friends especially... him"

"His names Edward."

" But you can make a fresh start here. Make some new friends. You will be starting your new school tomorrow."

All Bella could think about is how much she wanted to be bk in Forks.

Little did she know, that soon, her life is going to change...