Outside the home of Shinra, Zanaira came outside dressed up. Mist and Zack came following her.

"Okay, so Zanaira we wait for the school bus and check up on you?" asked Zack.

"No, you can come with me," said Zanaira.

"Scared of going to school?" asked Mist.

"No, it's just that you can come. I don't have a school bus," said Zanaira.

"You don't? Then how do you go to school?" asked Zack.

"I walk," she answered shyly.

"Who takes you there?" asked Mist.

"My mommy and daddy," said Zanaira. "Though sometimes Daddy carries me on his back," Mist looked at Zack.

"We got to help the girl. It's our job and besides she's late," said Mist.

"What do we do?" thought Zack out loud as Mist gave a grin.

"You can carry her to school," said Mist.

"I don't think I can, I still am hurting from my last…." Said Zack as Mist started walking without him, holding Zanaira's hand.

"Come on, hurry!" shouted Mist.

"Wait for me!" shouted Zack running after them as Cait Sith came holding a backpack

"Oh, they left with out me," Cait Sith. "I know!" he left running to a different direction.

At a corner of a street stood Zack and Mist waiting for cars to pass by while looking around they spotted a blond hair teenage boy about sixteen doing the cross road work in the middle of the street. Zack was carrying Zanaira horseback ride style.

"Okay, you may go now," said the blond signaling the cars to stop and Zack and Mist to go.

"Cloud…? Is that you?" asked Zack as the blond looked up with a smile.

"Zack…? Hey, how are you?" asked Cloud as a car honk came from a waiting white car. "Sorry, can't chat with you, but maybe we should hang out sometime."

"Sure thing," said Zack fast walking with Mist behind him.

"Hey, Cloud," Mist said saluting.

"Hiya, Mist," said Cloud saluting back to her.

At the elementary school, both Mist and Zack made it with time to spare. Zack had let go Zanaira and she ran into her class leaving the door opened for the kids to see her two bodyguards.

"Zanaira, where's your mommy and daddy?" asked a kid.

"They're busy with the company," answered Zanaira.

"I know they are Zanaira's parents," said another kid as Mist turned around and tried to ignore the comments. Zack left to go inside the classroom.

"Hey kids, who do you think is the man of the house? Me or serious Mist?" he asked jokingly as Mist turned back around with a shy blush angry due to the silly question but all the kids point at her and she recomposed herself.

"Looks like I win," she said in a singing voice.

"Aww man, I get bossed around by the mom," he jokingly said again.

"Come on, Zack we better be back on duty," said Mist.

"Right," said Zack looking serious. "So long, Zanaira, we'll see you outside when school's over."

"Okay," said Zanaira. "Bye." They both left and headed outside.

short chapter, I know