A/N: I saw a picture of this... don't ask, but I think it would be cute! XD It's like a spin-off of 1st anime Episode 13. You know, where Al finds the cat?


While Ed was mimicking what Roy would say when he found out they didn't get the Philosopher's stone, Al heard a small "nya" coming from the alley.

Yoru was in the alley, looking for Ikuto. Of course, he didn't know where he was. That's when he saw a large shadow. A shadow in the shape of a suit of armor. Al.

Al picked up the shugo chara, not really sure of what it was. Then he heard Ed calling, "Al!" Al quickly put the shugo chara inside his suit of armor, and went over to his brother. "Coming, brother," he said.

Suddenly, a loud scream was heard from inside. "What was that?" Ed wondered aloud. With that, they headed inside, not knowing what to expect.

While inside the suit of armor, Yoru was thinking. 'This suit of armor is hollow?' he thought. 'And where am I? Why did this... armor pick me up, nya? I was just trying to find Ikuto!'

Ed and Al had walked in on Hawkeye, Havoc, Falman, Breda on top of a filing cabinet, and Fuery with a dog, which was barking at their arrival.

"So," Ed started. "Should I come back later?"

"Hey Edward, Alphonse," Hawkeye greeted. "I guees this means you're back."

They both nodded.

Yoru had to get out of the armor. Thats when he meowed, "Nya~!" He hoped someone would notice and get him out.

Al became panicked by the meow. Ed wasn't happy by it either.

"Strange..." Hawkeye said.

"Excuse me," Ed said. "Al and I need to talk!" He grabbed his brother's arm and pulled out of the room.

Yoru didn't know what was going on outside. He hoped the loud meow would get him out. Suddenly, the front of the armor was opened and he saw a small kid with his hair braided.

"Al, what is this thing!" Ed shouted.

"I found him outside in the rain," Al said. "He's wet and hungry."

"How are you sure this is cat?" Ed replied.

"He has cat ears!" Al defended.

"Yeah, and it's also got a small human body!" Ed shouted.

"You have a small body too, nya..." Yoru said.

Although Al was focusing on how the shugo chara (apparently to him a cat) was talking, Ed was focusing on his words. "DON'T CALL ME SMALL!" He shouted while grabbing him.

Yoru slipped through Ed's grasp. "Ha!" he said. "Now I'm off to find Ikuto, nya~!" He then ran off.

Ed and Al stared at each other for awhile, taking in what just happened.

This was definately an event they were going to put behind them.