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Summary: Why Dorulumon protects Cutemon

Many have asked why it is that I protect Cutemon so zealously. I have answered none of them, because until recently I did not know myself.

I am no weakling, and although I might not have been able to vanquish MadLeomon, I could have stalled him long enough that she and the human girl could have escaped to safety. I did not expect to survive the battle, and then I was abruptly Digicrossed with that hot-headed Shoutmon and his comrade Ballistamon. We triumphed and the treacherous leader of the Green Zone was defeated.

This is all necessary, for you to understand that I would give my life for Cutemon.

Without him, I am simply a lone Digimon caught in the tug-of-war between the Bagura army and the resistance fighters. I do not wish to see the Bagura army prevail, but have little interest in being recruited for the opposite cause. I have remained carefully neutral, and not involved myself in the affairs of either side. My only thought was protecting Cutemon, the purpose which prevented me from being nothing more than a lost nomad, bitter and alone.

Cutemon had other ideas, and took a shine to the human girl, Akari. Hewanted to protect her, which meant that I wanted to protect her, for the sake of Cutemon's happiness. That is why I intervened in the battle, and why I did not simply snatch my friend away and flee.

For then Cutemon would be safe, but unhappy, and I would have been derelict in my duty of ensuring the reverse.

Thousands will perish, and thousands already have, sent back to their eggs to be reborn. And when all is said and done, it will be because of those like Cutemon, with the ability to bring hope to the hopeless in their unfailing optimism that ultimately we will be able to rebuild our beautiful world, talk and laugh with you and yours and enjoy the vision of a sky unmarred by clouds of fire and smoke and the howls of the despairing that will lead the way to a new dawn, not those with power like myself.

Violence is not always the answer. Some battles are won by hearts.