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~? POV

Finally, I was alone.

My friends had been bombarding me with apologies, tears, and anything else someone would say if they knew a guy who just had the love of his life run away. But well…I guess that's my fault. Let's just start with, I hurt her a lot.

She loved me, she truly did, and I treated her like crap. Well, that was a little bit of an understatement, yet a little harsh at the same time. Why? Well I did save her life countless times…And it's not like I hated her. Oh gosh, opposite of hate…wait what am I saying? Am I saying that I love her?- No. I don't LOVE her. Well she was a friend, and she was cute and sweet and-

Who am I kidding.

So much for trying to relax while I was away from the rest of them. I was more of working myself up even more. I just wish that things had gone differently, wish that I could have been nicer to her while she was here…

I guess I just have to find things to take my mind off it…well there's always my number one hobby, which helped to take my mind off anything.

And that hobby was just another one of the reasons that she left…well not the hobby itself, but some of the time, why I did it.

I guess…I really was awful to her. Awful to the one that I loved the most.

Ugh I said it again. Love. Damn word.

Right now…I guess I'll look around the bleak room. Her old room, before she left.

She took most of her stuff with her that she needed, but left behind things that I guess would get in the way. I picked up a picture of us that was next to her bed. Her hugging me, and me laughing at her. The picture made me smile, but only a moment, as the next moment that smile was replaced by a solitary tear.

God…I was gonna miss her…

Heh…maybe if I had stopped being so damn shy and just told her how much I loved her…ugh its cursed. Love is cursed, and I, Sonic the hedgehog, love Amy Rose.

~? POV

We all watched as Sonic got away from us. None of us dared to follow though, knowing just how upset he would be. I looked around the room. Everyone was upset, even Shadow. And the only times when Shadow was sad was usually when he was thinking of Maria.

Everyone was whispering quietly to another person, as if telling a secret they were afraid someone would hear. But no one really cared to listen to other people's conversations right now…they were only focusing on their own.

Suddenly , to our surprise, the door opened. But besides Amy, who was missing? As she walked in the door, only I was annoyed enough through my sadness to groan. Princess Sally Acorn. She looked around the room, and to everyone's surprise uttered, "I'm sorry for your loss." Then went to find Sonic. We would have warned her not to go and try to find him, but she wouldn't have listened to us anyway. She really could be stubborn sometimes.

Rouge walked over next to me, resting her head on my shoulder. Usually, I would have fought this off, because Sonic would have laughed at me, but now I didn't care. I just wanted to be close to my friends, hug them, while we comfort each other. And I knew Rouge had suffered only a bit worse than Sonic, as her, Amy and Cream had made the perfect team. Cream was crying with Tails comforting her.

"I'm really gonna miss her Knuckie…" I put my attention to the female bat in front of me, and gave her a comforting hug, much to her surprise. "I'm gonna miss her too Rouge. " I immediately noticed her cringe, as I only called her by her first name when I wasn't feeling up to call her by the nickname I had developed for her, "bat girl". I know, it sounds rude, but she likes it when I call her that. Well, at least I think she does.

We suddenly heard racket from where Sally had gone to find Sonic. Sonic sounded really angered and upset, and Sally sounded distraught. What the hell was going on in there?...

~Sonic's POV

What the hell!

Okay, so suddenly, Sally barges into my room, gives me a sympathetic look and tells me she's sorry, and then just sits there in silence for a few minutes. I was kinda pissed she just walked in, but she wasn't being snobbish, so I didn't care.

But then, Sally looked me in the eye, and do you know what she had the nerve to say to me? "Sonic…it's okay because now, we can love each other without her interfering." I was speechless, I was so angry she had the nerve to say that, but then Sally purred "and we'll finally be able to share a very special ritual together…"

That did it. Set me off. I got up, and I decked that chipmunk right in the face. I didn't care by this point. She insulted Amy after she ran away and I lost her, and I just couldn't control my temper.

"What the hell Sally? What the f*** is your problem? I lost someone near and dear to me, and you have the nerve to make her seem like a freaking obstacle ? Don't talk to me, I never wanna see your face ever again!"

Sally just stared at me wide eyed, and began to walk away. I didn't care how much I upset her, she deserved to be upset. I found myself exhausted from the entire Sally encounter, and I fell to the ground, breaking down in tears. But I didn't care that the door was open and all my friends were watching.

Because honestly, I just want my Amy back.

So how did I do? I know I know, it's a little OOC to make Sonic curse, but that's why I put the censoring. But come on, I'd be mad too if that were me.