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"Anyway probie you're avoiding the subject, how was your date last night" Tony badgered McGee.

"Fine if it will shut you up" he spluttered back "we had dinner had a couple of drinks and talked, it was nice."

"Anything else" Tony replied after a couple of seconds, a cheeky grin appearing on his face.

"No actually I can't see why you have to take things further on your first date." McGee replied frustrated

"I agree, just because we aren't all like you some of us actually are civilised" Ziva spoke up

"Yeah whatever I remember my first date..."

"You've told us several times DiNozzo now gear up we've got a dead petty officer." Gibbs interrupted entering room

"Yeah boss in your six" a slightly embarrassed DiNozzo replied

30 minutes later (which would have been 45 had Gibbs not been driving) they arrived at the crime scene and were taking witness statements and crime scene photos.

The victim was 26 year old petty officer Freddie Willis and from initial sight Gibbs thought COD was blunt force trauma but he'd wait for Ducky on that one.

Checking for other evidence around the crime scene Tony noticed a faint blood trail leading into the park a few feet away.

"Boss, check this out"Tony called to Gibbs

As Gibbs walked over he too noticed the blood trail.

"Follow it and shout if you get anything" Gibbs said to the younger agent.

"Will do boss" he replied while taking a sample of the blood.

Tony took extra care following the trail as to not damage any potential evidence. It lead to a small puddle where Tony assumed the person had gotten into a car. He started to click away furiously on the camera his mind fully on the job at hand. However what Tony failed to notice were quiet footsteps of a man careful to not be noticed who would probably win a game of blind man's bluff very easily if put to the test. Tony turned at the last minute but it was too late and the next and last thing Tony felt was a baseball bat round his head.

5 minutes later Gibbs came round the corner at Tony for not giving him an update, by the time he got there the only answer he got was the revving of a 4x4 as it sped off into the distance.

Please don't be too harsh this is my first fan fic! Please give any suggestions you have that I could put in the story or things to do to improve it I would be really grateful!