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Gibbs was at his desk, his head in his hands, he knew he was missing something important here but he just couldn't place it!

"Ziva, McGee, you got anything?" asked Gibbs

"Sorry boss still looking," McGee said never taking his eyes of computer screen.

"Me either, I have called all my contacts in Israel and Mossad they don't know anything, it's like Eli just vanished," Ziva said and hung her head. "I am sorry, if I had thought of Eli earlier we may have found Tony earlier"

"Don't apologise Ziva it's a sign of weakness" Gibbs said back, he knew that for the the team to find Tony they had to have clear minds and to be the best they could be, he couldn't have them doubting themselves.

Suddenly Gibbs had a thought which he shared out loud. "Was Petty officer Williams found with a cell phone?"

"No boss, there was barely anything found at the crime scene, why what you thinking boss?" Asked McGee.

"I am not sure yet but how did Rivkin know the petty officer would be there at that specific time, he's planned this he's not just going to go to a random location and hope that a petty officer comes out" said Gibbs and took a breath "Someone must have got in contact with the petty officer we need to by what means.

"Ziva, go to the lieutenant in charge of petty officer Williams' unit, ask if there was any unusual phone calls for the petty officer just before he was killed, if there's nothing on that phone check his locker for a cell, if there's a number ring McGee and have him run a trace" Gibbs ordered

"Yes Gibbs, I will be as quick as I can." Ziva replied and collected her things quickly and headed to the elevator.

"McGee, I want you to be ready for Ziva when she calls, go to Abby's lab tell her whats going on get her to help you, no mistakes McGee" Gibbs said to McGee

"On it boss" McGee replied following Ziva a couple of minutes later to the elevator.

Racing out of NCIS headquarters to her car Ziva couldn't bear to think about what Tony was going through, she felt so responsible for what had happened. She loved Tony but it was only now she was thinking she loved him more than just friends.

If anything were to happen to him she could never forgive herself! She was going to get him back.

Oh God what had he done he'd shot him in the stomach! He knew his intention had been to kill him at one point but he'd wanted DiNozzo to suffer, like he had made Michael and him suffer. Eli had pictured this moment for so long he had assumed that his vision was how it was going to go. He had tortured so many times, it had bothered him at first, but as he progressed it got easier, the people he hurt were just nameless and faceless he had no connection to them at all. This was different. He had let his emotions get in the way and he had no idea what he was going to do. "Just keep calm" he told himself and started to think about what to do. Rivkin looked at DiNozzo, he had lost a lot of blood, and his shirt was saturated with it. He stepped back in amazement as DiNozzo started to stir. He grinned; he had intended if DiNozzo survived to continue the hurt. He changed his mind. He was no longer going to physically torture Tony he was going to sit and talk to Tony and wait until Tony was in his last breaths tell him his plans for Ziva. If there was anything Rivkin knew was the love family could have. That would hurt emotionally so much more than what physical stuff could do. He leant against the wall and waited for Tony to fully wake up.

McGee had been sat in Abby's lab for about 45 minutes when Gibbs walked through the door "Anything from Ziva yet?" Asked Gibbs

"Nothing yet boss." Replied McGee.

While Gibbs asked if Abby had found anything else forensically (which she hadn't) McGee's phone started trilling.

"McGee," he answered

"McGee it's Ziva the lieutenant had no unusual phone calls before the petty officers death so I went to the locker and found a cell phone" she paused. "There's a number on it just before the petty officer was killed," said Ziva.

McGee's heart skipped a beat. "What's the number?" he asked

As Ziva read out the number McGee had butterflies, he hoped this was the breakthrough that would help them find Tony! As Abby started the search for the cell phone all that could be done now was to wait and hope.

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