The following story is meant for entertainment purpose only; not meant to infringe upon any copyright laws. No profit was or should be made on the following material. Story written: 2010. This is part one of a planned trilogy re-imagining the classic superhero. This is how


Based on the DC comics characters created by Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster

Inspired by: Superman by Richard Donner starring Christopher Reeve and Margot Kidder

Also Inspired by: the Popular DC comics and Superman: the animated series

Music composed by: John Williams

Chapter 1: Victory over Apokolips

Far into the opposite end of unknown region of space was a small ice planet of Krypton. This was a time of war and turmoil for the Kryptonians. As fire is the natural enemy of ice, so was the planet of Apokolips the enemy of Krypton.

Apokolips was feared amongst all planets in the system. Many planets have fallen to the might of Apokolips ruthless tyrant, Darkseid. Every planet conquered by this tyrant was transformed from a peaceful tranquil paradise to a volcanic red planet of death or was destroyed in the process. Krypton was one of the few planets that had the military might to stand up against the dark army.

A steady flowing stream of blue and red crossfire was lighting up the blackness of space above the atmosphere of Krypton. Darkseid had tried to achieve a surprise attack on Krypton, but had failed miserably as his fleet of ten red and black war cruiser met with a dozen of Kryptonians white defenders.

Darkseid s fleet did not retreat once they realized that the surprise belonged to Krypton as some of the council members had predicted. Jor-El was not surprised in the least. Retreating was not in Darkseid s blood; it would be a sign of weakness. No, but at the same time, even Darkseid would know that at a certain point that it would be in his own best interest to pull back to conserve his forces, yet all signs showed that Darkseid was being abnormally persistent. This forced the question: why? What was he up to?

Jor-El braced himself as the ground beneath him began to shake. He stormed down the narrow corridor. He was in a great hall, with all the walls and the ground were made of see through crystal. Small ruble from the crystals fell with each tremor. He would not allow anything to stop him from reaching his destination. He wiped the crystal ruble from on top of his family crest on his chest as he walked.

The family name was important to all Kryptonians. Each and every family had their own family crest, and all Kryptonian men that were in politics or science wore their family crest on their chests printed in black. Jor-El s family crest was in the shape of an S in the center of a diamond.

Jor-El stormed down the crystal hallway and stormed into the council chamber where the members were franticly prancing around the council table. "How much damage has our defenders acquired?"

"We have lost one defender for two of their war cruisers. We seem to be handing out more damaging blows." an old gentleman who had thick white hair replied.

"That's all the damage? Darkseid is not pressing as hard as you would expect."

"Just because we are winning, does that mean that Lord Darkseid is not trying?" a robotic voice echoed throughout the room. Everyone looked up to see a platform lower from the ceiling. Sitting on a chair on the platform was an android with a triangle on the forehead and a round white spot on each of the three corners. There were wires coming in and out of him from his arms and the back of his head and connecting to a supercomputer to his side.

"Darkseid is evil, and not to be underestimated, Brainiac. If he was serious about invading Krypton, he would have sent a larger army to do so. Something is amiss here!"

"Come now, Jor-El. You fear is illogical. There is no foundation for your reasoning. Our defenders are doing their job."

"I don't question how well are defenders are doing their job, but I smell a trap. Darkseid is up to something."

"If he is, we will be prepared!" Brainiac replied in his cold robotic tone.

"We have just destroyed another warship!" another council member cheered, walking up to the round table. "You see, I calculate a ninety-six percent chance of victory. Victory is all but assured."

Brainiac's assurance did not make him feel any better. He still had a deep feeling that a trap was being set. For the hope of his family, he prayed that he was wrong.

When another war cruiser exploded, Kalibak reported it immediately to his father. "Father, we have lost a third war cruiser!" He knew exactly what his father was about to do, and the more he thought about it, the more it excited him. Krypton would soon be no more.

Darkseid sat on his black thrown in the shadow. It was forbidden for anyone who served under him to behold him. The only thing that anyone could see was his glowing red eyes that occasionally released glowing red steam. "I think we have distracted them long enough. Launch the pod."

"Yes, Father." He turned to his father's minions who piloted his warship. "Fire the pod"

After a minute of waiting, the report returned to them. "The pod has successfully landed on the surface of Krypton."

"Excellent. Our work here is done. Cease the attack and let us return home to watch our victory unfold."

The council waited in the chamber. Jor-El was joined by his wife, Lara, as they waited on the next report from Brainiac. The intense silence in the chamber was finally broken when Brainiac made the announcement. "They're retreating!"

There was a great cheer among all people in the chamber except for

Jor-El. He stood there embracing his wife. Lara immediately noticed the lack of emotion on his part and gently squeezed his hand. "What's wrong? Are you not happy about our victory?"

"Victory," he replied. "Only time will tell if this was a victory."

"What's the matter, my old friend," a familiar voice called out from behind him. "We have just showed the armies of Apokolips that we are clearly far more superior."

"Superior, Zod?" Jor-El quickly picked up on his friend's choice of words. "Superior is not quite the word I would use, but then again, you have always seen yourself in a higher light."

General Zod smiled as he approached Jor-El and his wife wearing his typical all black military uniform. Only the military leaders like General Zod wore black instead of white. It was part of the psychological training that all military personal had to endure. "You worry too much, my old friend. We have nothing to fear from Darkseid, especially when I am in command. You should have joined me in the military. Together we could have ended this war years ago."

"No, my friend," Jor-El said, stepping from the side of his beautiful blonde wife towards his friend, placing a friendly hand on his shoulder. Placing his hand on General Zod's shoulder was an act of friendship, but it also served as an act of warning. "Science is the way of peace, something Krypton needs very much right now."

Turning to his wife, He reached forward and Lara by the hand. Together they departed from the chamber, walking past General Zod in the process. General Zod turned to watch his friend leave the chamber.

On the frigid surface of Krypton, no life could exist. There was no breathable air. There, embedded in the ever-stretching, smooth, icy shell was the pod that was launched by Darkseid's warship. The atmosphere was now clear from the massive battle that was once blazing above the planet. The pod laid there in silence, seemingly forgotten…or perilously ignored.

From inside the pod, a dark, deep breathing could be heard. Awakened from its slumber, it had one purpose in mind: the destruction of its intended target. With a terrifying roar and strength beyond comprehension, it took one punch to send the hatch flying off the hinges.

A giant grey hand was the first to experience the harshness of the bare Krypton environment. Any life form exposed to it would not survive for more than a minute, but this was no normal life form. The extreme temperatures of Krypton did not faze it in the least. The enormous hand clenched into a giant fist, revealing sharp, jagged bones for knuckles. Let the hunt begin.