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-7:35 a.m.-

"Oh Madison, you're being dramatic again. You really need to stop it."

I tapped away on my iPad thinking of the argument that took place only five minutes earlier. I hated this, Mother did this to me every time. It's stupid really. I hate her. And I hate that stupid husband of hers too. I sigh and throw my iPad aside letting it hit the floor with a loud thump, stupid batteries always dying on me. This is the 12th school I've ever been to. Steven says moving around is supposed to be adventurous. Adventurous my ass.

-8:02 a.m.-

"Thus, the square root of pie is undeter-" The brown haired teachers rambles stop short upon my entrance, I glance over at him boredly as he gets a dramatic, too wide of a smile.

"Well hello there, you must be Madison Cowell." I snort at his friendly attempts and voice, but mostly at that stupid name he called me.
"It's Underwood. Get it right next time." I snear rudely at that stupid imbecile. Who does he think he is calling me by that retard's name? Tch, Cowell, just because my mom was dumb enough to marry him doesn't mean I'm dumb enough to take his name.

"Very well. Take a seat wherever you like Ms. Underwood." He politely smiles at me with a look of pure kindness. So, I snort at this loser and walk to the back of the classroom chosing the last seat in the corner, away from everyone else. I noticed noone was sitting in front of me or to the lone seat on my left. Which was good, I don't like crowds and I don't need friends. I'm only going to be here until I turn 18 and can legally sign my papers to say 'I quit school', without parental consent. Oh how I'm counting down those final months. I didn't bother to listen to this stupid teacher ramble on about math as I zoned out and closed my eyes falling asleep instantly. I awoke to the sound of the bell ringing, so I stood grabbing my bag and headed for the door; until Mr. Umino called me back and requested me to return to his class after school to serve a detention. FOR SLEEPING! How dare he give me a detention for sleeping in his class, it's not my fault his class is droll and made me fall asleep. Ugh. Stupid math teachers. After that unfortunate event, I decided to skip the rest of my classes for the day and just hung out in the bathroom looking over my schedule:

1st Period - Math, Iruka Umino

2nd Period - English IV, Kurenai Yuhi

3rd Period - History, Asuma Sarutobi

4th Period - Chemistry, Orochimaru Oto

5th Period - Home Economics, Might Guy


6th Period - Anatomy, Jiraiya Kono

7th Period - Art, Kakashi Hatake

I listened as the afternoon bell dismissed everyone to go home and I briefly entertained the idea of just going home and pretending I had entirely forgot about detention, but I decided against it and headed towards Mr. Umino's class once again. Along the way, I ran into a tall man, I estimated him to be about 5'6" and he had dark spikey blue hair. Tch, boys these days, dying their hair all the colors of the freaking rainbow. I glared at him and said in a snobby voice "Watch where you're going freak."
He didn't seem to like my response as he parried me with a deep voice that had a harsh edge to it, "Listen princess, I'm not interested in your 'my life sucks' stories. So save it." I was slightly surprised at his response, but I just felt myself get angrier, "Shut up freak and get out of my way." I then pushed him aside and continued my trek towards Mr. Umino's classroom and upon arriving, I sat in my seat I had assigned myself and boredly watched the second hand tick slowly away. Whatever, I didn't mind I suppose. Anything's better than being home with that loser of a man called my step-father.

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