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Kisame: You called?
Me: Uhhh... No?
Kisame: *sweatdrop*


I sat in the waiting room for what seemed like days but I knew it was more realistically just a few hours. Dangling in my oversized hand was Madison's black flats. When she took Kaito away from me, she had made such a mad dash down the stairs that I was unable to stop her and remind her to put some shoes on. For the past few hours I had played the scene out in my head on repeat. Now, I was looking up into the face of a middle-aged doctor. His hair streaking snow white contrasted greatly with his naturally black hair. He heaved a sigh as he grabbed a chair and sat next to me. "You are Kisame Hoshigaki, I presume. The father of Kaito correct?"
I nodded, "Yes, will he be alright?"
"He will be fine. He suffers from Hemophilia1, which would explain why Ms. Underwood was so adamant on getting him here as soon as possible."
I looked down, Hemophilia huh? "What about-"
"We don't know yet. Unfortunately, there is not much we can do about her either."
I didn't like the response, "What do you mean doctor? That you cannot do anything about her?"
"She has no insurance, not a dime to her name, she doesn't even have a bank account Mr. Hoshigaki. You must understand, this hospital is a company too and we cannot have liabilities like that running around receiving free, expensive treatment. We have her hooked up to every machine possible but my boss has ordered their removal. I do apologize Mr. Hoshigaki but she cannot pick up her tab it seems."
My eyes flashed angrily at that, no treatment just because she was poor? That was ridiculous, I shook my head, "What do you have to do?"
He raised an eyebrow, "We don't know what's wrong with her, so we're just running the basic diagnostics. I was contemplating giving her a X-Ray and maybe a MRI, if I get desperate enough I might even run an ultrasound. But, I cannot do anything without any cash Mr. Hoshigaki."
I scowled, "Yeah, don't worry about it, I gotta pick up the kid's tab anyways so you might as well throw her's in there as well."
He smiled then and nodded but then faltered soon after, "Mr. Hoshigaki, you both share a child. This would imply you two once had a functional relationship."
I crossed my arms, "Didn't know I had a kid til yesterday so I'm not sure if that counts as 'functional' to you but what're you getting at anyways?"
"Well, you see, I was wondering if you knew of any pre-existing conditions she might suffer from."
I told him I did not but recommended he try tracking down Kevin, her older brother she mentioned before, because I'm sure he would know. Hopefully.
He nodded and took his leave then. "Very well, I thank you for your time, Mr. Hoshigaki."

It wasn't long before he did track down her older brother, which kind of shocked me. I didn't really expect him to find him that quickly, actually I didn't expect him to find Kevin at all. But he did. Not even 72 hours after I informed the doctor of Kevin was he busting through the door way. I had allowed Kaito to visit Madison and at this very moment he sat curled up in bed with her reading, or attempting to read, a book with her. Madison had been placed in a medical induced a coma to prevent any stress from bothering her and giving her the possible potential to have another heart failure like that. I suppose it wasn't right to call it heart failure because if it had been she wouldn't have survived. But, I'm not sure 'cause I'm no medic, maybe it is possible to have heart failure and survive. Who knows. Like I said, not a medic. The first thing I noticed about him was that him and Madison were like night and day. While Madison bore beautiful emerald eyes with dirty blonde hair, Kevin had deep set brown eyes with matching dark brown hair and he, oddly, did not have the standard military buzz-cut, instead his hair was a tad bit longer, not short but not long either, although it was long enough for him to have a brown curl brush along on his forehead. If I had to guess his age, I would say he was about 32, he had a strong, pronounced jawline and his muscles weaved perfectly with his military uniform that he still donned. I suppose the worry of his sister's health drew him away from work so suddenly he hadn't even taken the courtesy time to prepare. His eyes fell on me almost immediately as he sweeped the room with his gaze. But just as soon as my presence was acknowledged by those eyes it was ignored. He walked to the side of the bed where Kaito watched him with wide, frightened eyes. He held no interest for Kaito and instead peered down at Madison; Whom looked small and frail in the hospital-issued bed. Her body had gathered a pale and sickly appearance about it. After a good ten minutes it was as if he finally noticed that there was people in this world aside from his comatose sister. The first thing, or person I should say, who received his attention was Kaito. He glanced from Kaito to Madison, Madison to Kaito and rinse and repeat. He then turned to me with a strange expression on his face, I suppose by the blue hair he felt he didn't need to do the quadruple-take like he did with Madison. He then turned his full body to me and offered his hand out for me to shake, "My name is Kevin Underwood, Madison Underwood's older brother. You are?"
I grappled at his hand to shake it and tried to stand at the same time out of respect, "I'm Kisame Hoshigaki and this is Kaito... ahh... Forgive me, I'm unaware if Madison gave him her maiden name or what..."
His brow furrowed at that and I could tell he didn't like that response, "You don't know your own son's last name?"
"We were forced apart before I was aware she was even pregnant."
"Forced, you say? Steven, correct?" He questioned.
"Yes, Steven. He didn't, how do I say this? Particularly like me. I wasn't aware she was with child until a few days ago."
"Steven didn't like anyone and I must say I never cared for him personally either." He responded.
The doctor walked in at that time, interrupting any further conversation we could have gotten into, which was okay, I felt him and I had much to discuss at a later date in time.

The doctor's entrance in the room had taught me much at that time. For example, I now knew what Kevin did on the frontlines over seas. He was a medic. A doctor of sorts. The minute the doctor entered the room, he bombarded him with questions of what he has done so far and what he had yet to do. Lecturing him on some things he neglected and things that just didn't have any point with the here and now, but I didn't dare stop him. He was on a roll. It had been about a week since that point and Madison had exited her medical induced a coma. She was even released, but not after she was diagnosed with Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy2. She was given a series of medications she had to take to help her and the doctor told me that although at this very moment she may seem all happy and healthy, repeats of that night can take place. Any place, any time. He said if her heart got too bad she would have to get a myectomy3. I felt kind of bad too because he said what most likely triggered it was all the stress and trauma that was going on in her life. He said it was a pre-existing condition that sat in her system latent4, but all the action was what caused it to surface. I felt really bad for treating her so harshly before. But, you have to give me some credit. Lately, I've been feeling pretty crappy and some of the drugs that my psychiatrist has me on really messes with my mind. Nobody knew about those, my drugs that is, well they're not drugs, they're just these pills that the psychiatrist prescribed to me to help with my depression. Mood enhancers I think is what they are called. I ran a few fingers through my hair, I knew I was going to need to have this discussion with her. Explain why I was such an asshole to her before. Although, no excuse can excuse me for what I'd done. I mean, even Kaito was still leery of me. I felt bad for the kid too honestly. Caught in the middle of all this, he was going to need some help. Therapy perhaps. Kakuzu was gonna kill me, all this cash I'm spending.
I walked into Madison's room at that time, she had just taken her pill that the doctor handed to her.
I took a deep breath and said, "Madison?" Might as well get this over with, "Could we talk?"

-Madison's POV-

I tilted my head back, swallowing the pill the kind doctor had given to me when I had heart a deep, rough voice speaking my name, so with my eyes slitting open, I locked eyes with my visitor, Kisame hovering in the doorway. His omnipresent blue hair brushing into his eyes, only eyes that held a seriousness I don't believe I've seen him have before. I froze in place, extremely tense after his statement requesting my presence in a discussion. I nodded, of course I had to consent to this, what else could I do? It's not like I could say no to him, not with that intense look in his eyes I couldn't. He walked over to me after shutting the door. His steps uncertain and I knew it must have been something serious because he had failed to bring Kaito with him. He stood before me, shuffling from leg to leg uneasily. I sighed and patted the bed beside me to give him permission to sit next to me. He obliged and sat down, I was tense as he finally began to form his words.
"I'm... I owe you an apology... From before... The way I reacted was wrong. I shouldn't have yelled or threatened to take Kaito away. It's just... I haven't been myself lately."
I frowned angrily, "I hope you are not under the impression that you can just stride in here, apologize for almost ruining my life, and everything will be okay as you take away my son." I spoke in a cam, even voice hinting anger.
I saw his eyes flash angrily, but as soon as it manifested, it disappeared. Instead, he responded in an apologetic tone hinting an underlayer of stress and tenseness, "I don't expect you to forgive me and I no longer wish to pursue custody of Kaito. I never intended to, I only spoke empty threats. It was wrong of me to threaten you to begin with. I'd like to make it up to you if it's possible."
I nodded and deliberated what I could ask from him, I finally came up with what I wanted, "What is it? I mean, everyone said you've been acting weird lately and Itachi even went so far as to say that you are ill. What is it that you are 'ill' with?"
I was met with silence, he didn't respond for a long time. When he did, his voice was a hushed whisper, as if he were telling me one of the most sacred secrets of all time, "My mother died not too long ago. Madison... my mother is all I have... after you disappeared I didn't have anyone but her. Throughout my rise to fame I've had just my mother. And just like that, she died. It hurt... a lot. When she died it hit me pretty hard and I became immensely depressed. I was diagnosed with depression and finally went to a psychiatrist, my psychiatrist prescribed me these pills that are what is called 'mood enhancers' they have nasty side affects and I'm afraid you and Kaito witnessed firsthand one of the nasty side affects."
I watched him with a hawkish gaze best identified as analytical suspicion. I accepted his apology and looked down, "These side affects, how long do they last?"
He shrugged, "They come and they go. I ran out of my prescription yesterday so today's been pretty tough. But, I shouldn't be complaining. I mean, what with you being diagnosed with heart disease and what not. My depression is nothing compared to you."
I laughed dryly, "Yeah, thanks."
He glanced over with a horrified expression and apologized repeatedly and obsessively, which made me laugh a little bit, "Stop worrying Kisame. I didn't take offense in it. It's alright." I looked down at my hands then and sighed, "Kisame... it's really been a long time."
He nodded in silent agreement, "Yeah... I suppose it has. Madison... What're you going to do?"
I looked at him confused, "Do about what?"
"I mean, now that you're diagnosed and stuff. I would rather you didn't work and stress yourself out. The doctor said it's not a good thing to overexert yourself and I know how you have that habit of yours."
I blushed then and shrugged, "I'll do what I have to, I understand the doctor's orders and worries but I don't have the time to worry about my health. I have a son to raise and now medical expenses to pay."
He seemed to take that, albeit reluctantly, but he still took it, "What medical expenses is that?"
I looked at him like he was stupid and had suddenly lost the ability to comprehend, "Well, someone has to pay for Kaito's and my hospital stay."
He shrugged with a small smirk, which I found strange might I add, "It's already paid Madison."
My eyes widened and even though I knew the answer, I still asked the question, "What? Who-?"
"I thought the least I could do was pick up your tab," He interjected.
I repeated what he said in a slow voice as if I couldn't comprehend, "Pick. Up. My. Tab?"
"Yes, I picked up your tab. As in, you no longer have medical bills."
I watched him, bewildered by his actions but watched him no less.
"I would also like you to come back. I'm not asking for romantic relations or anything that you don't want. I just, I would like you to stay with me so that you don't have to worry anymore. I worry about you and Kaito."
"Please Madison, I've missed so much of my son's life as it is and I don't want to miss another second."
Again I repeated, "No."
"Please. You're ill Madison, what if something happens to you? Kaito's too young to comprehend that he has to call 911, it's not safe for you to live alone and the stress of bills and other things could put you through another heart failure and could kill you. Is that what you want? To die and leave Kaito all alone?"
"He wouldn't be alone, he has you. Remember?"
"Sure he has me but I cannot take the place of his mother. You want to die so your son grows up not remembering what it's like to have one?"
As much as it bothered me, he was right. Damn all these people being right. I sighed, "Fine. But I want to finish high school at least."
"Fine with me, but I don't want you on a high school campus. It's not a good environment for you."
I scowled, "Don't start bossing me around and I don't intend on going to school at a literal high school, a 21 year old has no place as a student of high school."
He turned to me then and smirked, which made me picture me as a high school student at this age and laugh as well. It was nice today, very nice.

-5 Years Later-

It was 7 a.m. and a booming male voice could be heard yelling, "KAIIIITOOOO! GET UP! THE BUS IS GOING TO BE HERE IN AN HOUR! COME ON SON!"
In the kitchen was rustling, where a large bellied woman was putting a pan on the stove and soon the scent of pancakes wafted throughout the air. Her voice also took on a louder tone as she ushered the before mentioned child down the stairs. Said child came scampering down the stairs at that moment and scarfed down his pancakes as if he had never eaten before. The boy had dark blue hair that with age was slowly fading from blue to black while his eyes remained their burning onyx color. In a high chair sat a girl, roughly the age of two blubbering and making a mess of her food. Her light blue hair was standing on ends waiting to be cleaned and styled for the coming day ahead. A horn somewhere outside blared alerting Kaito to his bus, he hopped from his chair and hugged his mother and father goodbye. Kissing his sister on the forehead he shouts a, "Seeya after school baby sister!" Before he bounds onto the large yellow chariot best known as a bus. Shortly after Kaito's leave, the male retired to his 'study' where he fiddled with his drums for a while, the girl who's dirty blonde hair fell to the middle of her back, her belly swelled before her caused her to adopt a sort of waddle and in her arms was the child from before. The girl now bearing neatly combed hair and a clean face, absent of sticky hands. Her squeal of joy upon seeing her father seated at the drums could be heard throughout the house and he gladly obliged in taking her. He placed his drumsticks in her hands and guided them so that she was drumming and with each noise she made, she cooed and squealed from the joy and amazement. The woman's lip twitched into a smile as she watched, her emerald eyes lifted and locked on with molten onyx gaze and with softening eyes she whispered,
"I love you Kisame..."

1Hemophilia is actually a Greek word which is correctly spelled Haemophilia. It is a hereditary disorder where there are problems blood clotting. While it's not unheard of female's having it, it is very rare. Women are mostly 'carriers' for the disorder and men are the one's who suffer from it. It is in fact impossible for men to carry it, they cannot give Hemophilia to their children but a woman can to her sons. Hemophilia was once known as the 'royal disease' as it was most naturally occurring in those of royal birth, however, my hypothesis is that is due to all the incest. However, I have no evidence to back that so don't listen to me. Back in the old days, people who suffered with this disorder had a life expetency of 11 years, but now with modern technology they live a long and normal life, unfortunately they usually die 10 years before the average male does. It's a sad and unfortunate disorder really.

2Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy is actually one of the most rarest heart diseases out there. There are three different types of Cardiomyopathy there is Hypertrophic, restrictive, and dilated. Dilated Cardiomyopathy is the most common of the three while Restrictive Cardiomyopathy is the most rarest of the three. Nobody knows what really causes it but we have a few theories, however it is not the case for all with cardiomyopathy. The type I gave to Madison is a not the worst one but it's still pretty bad. Everything I mentioned about it is based on facts. For example, a person could be fine one minute, like they could literally feel fine and doing physical exercise and everything, then the next moment, heart failure and they die. It has happened before. Unfortunately, Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy can happen to ANYONE at ANY age, and the only way to find it is through physicals and a few other tests, which is why it was so hard for the doctor to find it via MRI's and such. A person could go practically their whole life without knowing they have it while others can't go past childhood without finding out.

3Myectomy is a surgery that is given to patients suffering from Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, what they do is go through and cut out a hardened part of the heart. Usually it is given to patients who's blood flow is severely blocked and when it is performed patients show significant improvement.

4Latent means dormant pretty much. Whenever something is inactive it is latent. It is another medical term. XD

I actually liked writing this chapter because I'm in a number of health classes and am getting my CNA's and CMAA's at the end of the year plus I major in psychology, anyway, writing this chapter allowed me to use some of my knowledge in disorders and diseases, especially a rare heart disease known as Cardiomyopathy.

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