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Chapter 9 – Football Fantasy

"Oh come on guys," Angela said, practically whining as Booth went out to load up the car. "It's still early."

"Yep," Booth answered, kissing her cheek as he walked past. "It sure is. That means I can get home before the first game starts."

"We have a television, Booth," she said. "Several, as a matter of fact… and Jack's is bigger than yours," she added with an evil grin.

"Oh, I highly doubt that," Booth answered, just as saucily.

"I think she means televisions, Booth," Brennan whispered, not so quietly.

"Yes, baby, I know," he said with a wink. "I'm just giving her a hard time."


"Sorry, Ange," Booth said. "It's kind of a tradition. Me and Parks, and Jared if he's in town, always sit at our house and watch the Bowl games."

"I understand," Angela said, pouting as Hodgins pulled her close to his side.

"Thanks for having us," Brennan said, walking over to hug her friend. "That was the best New Year's Eve party I've ever attended."

"We should make it a regular thing," Jack offered.

"I like it," Booth said, nodding. "Another family tradition."


"Man, Seel," Jared said, leaning back on Brennan's sofa and propping his feet up on the table. "Does it get any better than this? This homemade pizza is fantastic. Who ever would have thought they'd see the day that Temperance Brennan went all domestic?"

"Shut up and don't let her hear you say that," Booth said, punching his brother playfully. "I don't intend to sleep on the couch tonight paying for your stupidity."

"We are a couple of lucky bastards," Jared said, laughing. "Aren't we?"

"We do have it pretty good," Booth answered, looking over his brother's shoulder and into the kitchen where Brennan and Padme were quietly talking.

"That we do, bro," Jared agreed. "That we do."

"Now, if only Penn would get it together and win this game…"

"I don't know, Dad," Parker piped up from his spot, sprawled out on the armchair. "The Gators are looking pretty good this year."

"Bite your tongue!" Booth said, looking at his son incredulously. "Are you or are you not a Booth?"

"Of course I am, but…"

"No buts, son," Booth went on. "You're a Booth and Booth men back Penn State."

"He's right, Parks," Jared agreed. "Although… Booth men also root for the Eagles, and your old man here never quite got the hang of that."

"Come on, Jar. Give me a break. Who didn't love Mean Joe Green and that Coke commercial? Dude, I was ten. I wanted to be that kid."

"Yeah, yeah. So, drink Coke," Jared said, holding up a can. "But don't betray generations of Booth men and proud Philadelphians."

On that note, Booth got up to get another beer. He walked into the kitchen and greeted Brennan with a kiss.

"Hey, baby," he said softly.

"Is your game almost over?" she asked. "You've been watching football all day…"

"It's New Year's Day, Bones," he replied. "Bowl games as far as the eye can see. This one is the last one today, though. And it's almost half time."

"So it is almost over," Brennan stated.

"Sure," Booth answered with his head in the refrigerator.

"Tempe," Padme said, "football time isn't like real time. We're not going to get them out from in front of that television for hours yet."

"Wonderful," Brennan said, rolling her eyes. "I'm beginning to wonder why I bought the thing in the first place."

"Because you love me," Booth answered, slipping in another quick kiss as he headed back out into the living room.


After Jared and Padme had gone, they sat quietly in the living room; Booth going over reports, schedules and agent rosters he'd need to know before starting his new job in the morning, Brennan stretched out across from him on the sofa, her feet in his lap and her laptop on hers, working on her manuscript, and Parker once again sprawled out on the armchair with his nose in his DS.

Booth looked up from his paperwork and glanced at his family. His family. He never thought he'd have any of this… but everything that he needed was right here in this room. He had everything he ever wanted and everything he never knew he wanted. It didn't matter that he and Brennan weren't married. The commitment that she'd made to him meant more to her than a ring and a piece of paper ever could. He looked over at the clock on the mantle and realized the only downside to this idyllic little world… Parker had to go home to Rebecca's.

"Hey Parks," he said. "Time to start gathering up your gear. We've got to get you back to Mom's."

"Aww, Dad," Parker whined. "Do I have to? Can't I just hang out a little longer? I'm almost on level nine…"

"And you can play the game in the car on the way back to your Mom's," his father said, interrupting him. "You know the rules, Bub. You've been here more than a week, and you've got school tomorrow."

"But I can go to school from here," Parker said, protesting.

"Now, Parker."

"Yes, sir," Parker answered, head down as he walked to his room.

"I hate this part," Brennan said, looking over at Booth.

"I know, Baby," he said, rubbing her foot. "And unfortunately, it never gets any easier. I mean, the older he gets, the more time Becca lets him spend with me…but I hate taking him home now as much as I did when he was a baby."

"I wish there was something I could do to make it better," she said, shutting down her computer and setting it on the coffee table.

She pulled her feet out of his lap and scooted over to sit next to him. She leaned in to him and rested her head on his shoulder as he pulled her close.

"You do," he answered. "Just by being here. Now, when I take him back to Rebecca, I don't have to come home alone. I have you and that's more than I could ever ask for."

"I love you, Booth," she said softly.

"I love you, too, Bones… more than you'll ever know."

"Oh yeah?" she asked, looking up at him with a half smile.

"Yeah," he answered, leaning down to cover her lips with his.

As the kiss came to an end, she stretched to whisper in his ear.

"Take your son home," she said. "And when you get back, I might let you show me just how much you love me."


"Dad," Parker asked from the passenger's seat.

"Yeah, Bub?"

"Are you and Bones gonna get married?"

"Probably not, Parks," he answered honestly. "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know. I mean, you guys love each other, right?"

"Right," Booth answered. "Very much."

"And you live together…"


Booth didn't elaborate. He wasn't sure where his son was going with this line of questioning and he didn't want to lead him down any more complicated roads.

"Well…" Parker began, and then stopped with a sigh.

"What is it Parks?"

"Don't you want to have more kids?"

Wow… talk about left field.

"Well, yeah," Booth answered truthfully. "I might like to have more kids some day…"

"I think Bones would be a really good mom," Parker said.

"Me too," his dad answered with a smile full of love.

"And I'd really like to have a little brother."

"Maybe you should talk to your mother about that."

"I did," he said. "She said I was enough for her, and Drew loves me but he doesn't want any more kids."

"I see," Booth said warily, keeping his eyes on the road, but casting a sidelong glance at his son.

"She said it was up to you and Bones."

Thanks, Becs.

"I had a really good time with you guys this week," Parker said. "I'm really glad we're living with Bones now."

"Me too, buddy," Booth said. "Me too."


Booth got home and found the apartment dark and quiet. His thoughts quickly went from his conversation with Parker on the way to Rebecca's to his conversation with Bones before he left. Smiling, he locked the door and did a quick check around the apartment before heading for the bedroom.

He opened the door and his heart melted at the sight before him. The room was illuminated by candles and smelled of vanilla and sandalwood. The bed was turned down, revealing his favorite deep chocolate brown sheets. He didn't have any idea how high the thread count was or what the hell a thread count was, even. He just knew that sleeping in those sheets was like heaven. Bones always said that there were certain things you splurged on when you could afford the things that she could, and good sheets were at the top of her list.

Then he looked over at her. She was wearing what appeared to be a new peignoir set… deep burgundy in color, it was a short nightgown with matching robe. The gown top was made of sheer lace and the satin robe hung open.

She was drop dead gorgeous, sexy as all hell, and sound asleep.

Laughing softly to himself, he walked around the room putting out the candles. He stripped down to his boxers and walked over to her side of the bed. Gently, he slipped the robe off her shoulders and laid it across the foot of the bed. He picked her up and pulled the covers back further so that he could lay her back down underneath them. He lovingly kissed her lips as he tucked her in and walked around to climb into the bed beside her.

"Sleep well, Bones," he said.

"I'm awake," she mumbled.

"Yeah," he said, laughing. "Sure you are."

"No, really," she said, turning to settle herself against his chest. "How was the drive to Rebecca's? Did the two of you get a chance to talk?"

She had made a concerted effort since she and Booth had been together to make sure that he still had ample alone time with his son. That would be even harder now, with them living together, but they would manage. She knew that father-son bonding time was important to both Parker's development and their relationship.

"We did," he said.

"Good," she answered, snuggling closer as she rested her hand over his heart. "I'm glad."

"Wanna know what we talked about?" Booth asked.

"No," she answered. "The two of you need things to keep between yourselves."

"Maybe so," Booth answered. But this wasn't it.

They were quiet for a few minutes.

"He wants a little brother," he said, looking up at the ceiling while subconsciously tracing small patterns on her shoulder.

"Oh, yeah?" she asked, wondering what her partner's thoughts were on the subject.

"Yeah," he answered without giving her a clue.

Another long silence passed before he spoke.

"Becca told him it was up to us."

"And what did you tell him?"

"That we'd take his request under advisement," he said, showing her his charm smile before leaning in for a passionate kiss.

It was better she not know about their discussion regarding marriage and children. Even though he was resigned to the fact that marriage probably wasn't in the cards…even though he knew all the things that Dr. Temperance Brennan always said about the institution of marriage… even though he knew they could be happy without it, building a life just the way they were… even with all that, there was still a part of Seeley Booth that was an old-fashioned Catholic who wanted nothing more than to marry the love of his life and have a whole house full of kids. He'd told his son that he'd like to have more children, but that he hoped that he and Bones would be married first.

This, of course, had made little sense to Parker who had just heard his father tell him that he and Bones probably would never get married. Grownups could be really confusing sometimes.

"We've just moved in together," she said, punctuating her statement with a long, passionate kiss. "And I don't know that now is the right time to start adding to our family," she went on, kissing him again. "But I do think that it's a topic worth pursuing…"

This time, she climbed on top of him as she kissed him.

"Now might not be the right time," he said, breathlessly. "But maybe we ought to practice a little."

She looked down at him hungrily, her eyes dark with passion and still sparkling with love.

"I think perhaps we should practice… a lot," she said.

And practice they did… all night long.

The end…

…for now.

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