This is not the dream I dreamed - Rachel faces up to the fact that her Broadway career could be over before it had chance to begin.

Rating - T

Character - Rachel [and her fathers]

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"Daddy, please don't be angry" Rachel had tears rolling down her face as he spoke to her father on the phone.

"Oh baby" he sighed, "I'm not angry, I'm a little bit disappointed, but I'm not angry Ray-ray, whatever you decide to do I'll be there for you, and don't worry about your dad, I'll sort it"

"Thank you." It had been little over three months since Rachel Berry had left Ohio for the bright lights of New York, and now she was on the phone to one of her fathers, telling him that she'd never be able to be the star she'd always dreamed of being.

"Do you want to come home?" her father broke her from her thoughts.


"I can book the flights for you Ray, if you want to come back home."

"I. . ." Rachel chewed her lip, "I, I've got the apartment, I signed a lease. . ." things were happening too fast for Rachel, she couldn't think properly.

"If you want to come home baby I'll sort it, don't you worry your pretty little head about it."

"I like it here" she sighed truthfully, after 19 years Rachel Berry had finally found a place where she felt like she fitted in.

"I know you do, but I thought you might want to be here with all your friends and your family. You don't have to make any decisions right now, but there'll always be a room for you here if you want it".

"I like it here" Rachel repeated, unable to believe that her Broadway career could be over before it had even begun.

"I know you do" her father repeated, thinking for a moment, "there are other options you know"

"Like what?" Rachel snapped, "because if you say what I think you're about to say then, then. . . "Rachel couldn't finish her threat as sobs took over her tiny body.

"Oh baby, I wish I was there to hold you. I miss you so much."

"I miss you too daddy." It was true, although she loved New York and all the people she'd met, but she missed being able to curl into her fathers after a bad day, she missed having someone to kiss her and tell her things were going to be okay.

"Your Dad's going to be home any minute, I guess you don't want to talk to him right now"

Rachel shook her head, "I'm sorry."

"There's no need to apologize Ray. It'll be okay"

"You don't know that."

"I promise you Ray that it will be okay, I've never lied to you before, I don't intend to start now"

"Love you Ray-ray"

"Love you too Daddy."



"Promise me you'll ring me if you need me. I don't care if it's 3am and you just want to cry, you ring me okay." There was silence. "Promise me Ray"

"I promise."

"Good girl". Her father allowed a small smile to cross his lips, "Take care of yourself Ray"

Rachel said her goodbyes to her father, before placing the phone back on the sideboard in the kitchen. She wanted to believe her daddy when he told her everything was going to be okay, but she couldn't, all she knew was that she'd finally made it to New York, her years of dance classes, voice coaching and ritual humiliation had finally paid off, only for the rug to be pulled from under her feet almost instantly.

Rachel opened the cupboard under the sink, and pulled out several bottles of spirits, various levels of liquid in each bottle, left over from a party she'd held to try and get to know people when she first moved to New York, just three short months ago. Still choking back sobs, Rachel managed to empty the remains from three of the bottles before stumbling to her bed and climbing fully clothed into the covers, covers which were pulled over her head as she cried herself to sleep, praying that she'd wake to find this was all just a bad dream.

Rachel groaned as she woke, the pounding in her head matching the rhythm of the person banging on her door. She groaned as her mobile began to ring louder than she thought possible on the table beside her bed. "Go away" she groaned, covering her ears with the pillow.

"Rachel, open up baby, we know you're in."

Rachel cursed as she sat up far too quickly, only serving to worsen the pounding in her head. She rubbed her eyes, grimacing at the mascara that rubbed off onto her hands, she NEVER went to bed without taking her make up off. She sighed as she pulled back the covers to reveal yesterday's clothes too.

"Rachel Berry, I will break this door down if I have to." She froze, both her fathers were outside her door. She couldn't let them see her like this, she just couldn't. Empty bottles littered her kitchen, she was still wearing the previous days and make up, and she couldn't remember the last time she'd eaten, but she was sure she was about to see it again.

"Rachel" her dad shouted again, "I will count to five, if this door isn't open by then, I WILL break it down" She moved slowly towards her door as she heard her daddy try and calm her dad down, to no avail, "One" she heard him begin to count, "two, I mean it Rachel." She knew her dad would break the door down if he got to five, "three" she was relieved that he stopped counting as he heard her shaking hands fumble with the stiff locks. "About time" he said as the door swung open.

"Oh my baby" her daddy took one look at her and almost burst into tears himself as he pulled his daughter into his arms. "We got the first flight out here" he explained.

Her dad meanwhile shut and locked the door to Rachel's apartment, before moving his husband and daughter to the sofa, Rachel's arms never once leaving her daddy. He walked into the kitchen and cleaned away the empty bottles without a word, before opening the cupboard by the sink and pulling out the glass Rachel had been given by her mother, filling it with water from the fridge and taking it back to his daughter. He pulled Rachel from her daddy and passed her the glass, his arm around her shoulder as she emptied the glass. "We're here for you Rachel" he spoke to his daughter for the first time since he'd entered the apartment, "we'll stay for as long as you need us" he promised.

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