This is not the dream I dreamed - Rachel faces up to the fact that her Broadway career could be over before it had chance to begin.

Rating - T

Character -Rachel (Also features her fathers, Finn, Will, Shelby, Beth and others)

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Rachel was woken a couple of hours later by someone banging on the front door, luckily Lyla was still out of it from the antibiotics she'd had at the hospital and hadn't woken. Rachel waited for a moment to see if one of her fathers would get it but as she heard a second knock she knew she'd have to go. She managed to lie Lyla on the sofa without waking her and stretched out her back before walking towards the door, "I'm coming" she mumbled under her breath as the person outside knocked for the third time. "Will" she gasped as she opened the door, "what are you doing here?"

"I'm here to pick up Lyla and Beth, we agreed I could pick them up at 10" he glanced to his watch, "it's 9.58 that's close enough."

"Lyla's sick Will, she's been in hospital all night, Shelby and my Dad have been trying to call you, they left messages."

"I'm sure she'll be fine, they wouldn't have let her come home if she wasn't."

"Her temperature's still high, I need to keep an eye on it to make sure it's going down and she had a seizure in the hospital Will, I'd rather keep her with me today. She's sleeping now and the doctors think she'll be out of it for a while because of the antibiotics they gave her at the hospital or I'd let you stay. You could come round tomorrow if you like, spend an hour or two with her if she's feeling better, or we can arrange something for next weekend."

"Just pack a thermometer in her diaper bag Rachel, I've looked after Beth when she's been sick before, Lyla's my daughter too you know. We agreed I could see her at 10 on Saturday, you can't just change your mind just like that."

"I'm not doing this to be evil or to get one over on you Will. Lyla is ill, do you think I want her to be sick, do you think I wanted to watch her have a seizure in my arms last night Will, that I enjoyed sitting in the hospital well after midnight waiting to hear she was going to be okay? You said you wanted to be a part of Lyla's life Will but where were you last night?" Her eyes filled with tears as she became increasingly upset and frustrated.

"For fuck's sake Rachel" neither Rachel or Will had seen Beth enter the hallway and quickly run up the stairs when she heard the shouting, "I have a life that doesn't involve you you know. I can't drop everything and come running every time you click your fingers."

"Mommy" Beth climbed on the bed where Shelby was still sleeping, "Mommy wake up."

"What is it baby?" Shelby asked as she sleepily sat up and rubbed at her eyes.

"Da" Beth wasn't sure what to call the man downstairs, "Daddy's here and he's shouting at Rachel, I think she's crying Mommy."

Shelby quickly jumped from the bed, "Where are Hiram and Leroy?" she asked pulling on a pair of sweatpants.

"In the garden, we were playing Mommy but I came in because I needed the bathroom but I heard Daddy so I went to see him but he was yelling at Rachel so I came to find you."

"Okay" Shelby brushed Beth's curls back off her face, "you go to the bathroom then go tell Hiram and Leroy that your Daddy's here and Rachel's upset"

"Are you going to go and make Rachel better?"

"I'm going to try baby."

"Will please" when Shelby reached the bottom of the stairs Rachel was stood in the doorway to the living room trying to stop Will from entering, "you'll wake her up."

"Will" Shelby snapped, "what the hell are you doing."

"Shelby" he hissed,she'd never seen him so angry, "is Beth ready to go?"

"I don't think Beth will be going with you today Will."

"What? Why not?"

"She's terrified Will, she just came upstairs to tell me you were yelling at Rachel."

Almost right on cue Beth came down the stairs. She stopped by Shelby and Will crouched down and held his arms out, "Hey Beth" he smiled softly, his tone vastly different to the one he used just moments before.

"It's okay darling" Shelby ran her hand over Beth's hair, "you go outside and find Hiram and Leroy." She glanced up at Will, "don't even think about touching her."

Beth ran as fast as she could into the back yard, "Uncle Leroy" she called, "My daddy's here and he's shouting at Rachel, I woke Mommy up and told her and she said I had to tell you and now she's downstairs shouting at Daddy too."

Leroy stood up, a look of complete anger on his face, "you wait here with Uncle Hiram, I'll fix it Beth" he paused for a moment, "do you want to see your daddy?"

Beth shook her head, "not if he's being scary."

"I think you need to leave now." Leroy said as soon as he walked into the hallway, finding the three adults stood in silence, the tension could be cut with a knife and he knew instantly that Rachel had been crying.

"I'm not leaving without my children" he told Leroy, "we agreed that I could see them today."

"Lyla is sick Will, I'll give you some advice, father to father, the key to having young children is flexibility, you can't set plans in stone. Kids get ill right before you're meant to go on vacation, if you need to leave the house at noon you can guarantee your child will be asleep for 11.30. Similarly if you get a call late on a Friday night to tell you that your daughter has been rushed to the emergency room you drop everything to see if she's okay. If you're working on something important, you're in the middle of dinner and your daughter falls over in the back yard you drop everything to make sure she's okay. When you have children Will you need to put them first. Hiram was at an office party last night, when I told him Lyla was sick he came straight home just to sit and wait for Shelby or Rachel to call. When you become a father your life takes a back seat. Nothing should be more important than your children." Will sighed before Leroy continued, "I asked Beth if she wanted to see you. She said not if you were being scary, they were her exact words, so I think you need to leave right now and maybe come back tomorrow, next week, whenever you've calmed down. I don't know what your problem is but I wouldn't trust you to look after Beth or Lyla in the state you're in." He moved to open the front door, "goodbye Will."

Will scowled as he moved towards the door, "this isn't over" he growled as he left.

"Wow" Leroy sighed once the door had shut, "that was. . ." he didn't know how to describe the situation he'd just witnessed as he turned to find Rachel already in Shelby's arms.

"He'd been drinking" Shelby informed them, "that will be what he was doing last night."

"He's been like that before?" Rachel asked as she moved into Leroy's warm embrace.

"Once" Shelby sat on the bottom step, "we split up for a while and I went to stay with my parents. He told me that was when Lyla was conceived. He went to AA for a while before we got back together."

"AA?" Leroy asked, his arm around Rachel's shoulders, "he's an alcoholic?"

Shelby shook her head, "I don't think so. He doesn't usually drink too much, he'd just have a beer at night when we were watching tv, I'd have a glass of wine he'd have a beer, but we went out and he just didn't stop, I honestly don't know how I managed to get him home. He collapsed in the hallway and I just left him there. In the morning he was a mess, he was just laid in his own vomit and he'd obviously not bothered to get up to use the bathroom in the night it was disgusting. I went to pick Beth up from my mom's and spent most of the day there. When I got home he'd cleaned up the mess but he was like that." Shelby gestured to the now closed door, "I packed a bag and went back to my mom's."

"I don't want him seeing Lyla if there's a chance he's going to be like that."

"I didn't want to say anything" Shelby said, "but I think if he wants to see Beth I'm going to take him to court and insist on supervised access."

"Could I do that too?" Rachel asked.

Leroy nodded, "of course you can Sunshine. But let's just see what happens if he comes round again."

"Has he gone?" Hiram asked as he walked cautiously into the hall with Beth on his hip.

Shelby nodded and held out her arms for Beth as Hiram hugged Rachel. "Are you sad Rachie?" Beth asked from Shelby's arms.

"I think if I could have a cuddle with my favourite little sister then I'd be a lot happier."

"Mommy" Beth said sternly, "put me down I need to make Rachie smile." Shelby laughed and kissed Beth's head before putting her down and watching as she ran towards Rachel and wrapped her arms around her sister's legs for a moment before Rachel picked her up allowing Beth to squeeze her tightly. "Is that better?"

Rachel nodded, "it is."

"Is Lyla still sick?"

Rachel nodded, "she's going to be sick for a little while longer until the medicine the doctor gave her starts to make her better."

"I hope she gets better soon." Beth sighed, "I get bored playing with grown ups." She sighed again before wriggling to be put down, "I'll be in my room if you want me." she said before pushing past Shelby and making her way upstairs.

Rachel laughed, "I'm gonna move to Canada before she turns 13" she joked, "I do not want to be around when she's a teenager!"

Hiram laughed too, "remember that your dad and I know what you were like as a teenager, I'm sure there are many stories we could tell Shelby that would make her want to move to Canada before Lyla hits puberty."

Rachel shook her head and looked at her mother, "maybe we should go to Canada together and leave these two with Lyla and Beth."

Shelby smiled as she stood from the bottom step, "that sounds like it could be an excellent plan" she grinned and stretched, "now, I'm starving, does anyone want vegan pancakes?"

Rachel, Hiram and Leroy all agreed that pancakes were a great idea, "I'll go see if Beth thinks pancakes are too boring." Rachel smiled as she squeezed past Shelby and up the stairs, "Hey Beth" she didn't knock, just pushed open the door to the room Beth shared with Lyla, "we're going to have pancakes, do you wa. . .Oh Beth, what's wrong?" She saw the girl curled into a ball on the bed, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed and Rachel quickly lifted her into her arms. "Beth baby, come on, you can talk to me."

"Why was my daddy so mad?" She asked quietly as she sobbed.

Rachel sighed and wiped at Beth's tears, "he came to take you and Lyla out for the day but I said he couldn't take Lyla out today because she's too sick and he got angry."

"Oh" Beth sighed, "I bet Lyla would have liked to go out with him if she wasn't sick. I've not seen my daddy for a long time."

"I know Beth."

"When I saw him I wanted to give him a cuddle and show him my new jigsaw but he made me scared."

"I know he did and that's not right, he's a grown up so he should know better than to behave like he did. That's why Mommy wouldn't let him take you out today do you understand that?"

"Mommy didn't want Daddy to be angry with me?"

Rachel nodded, "Mom didn't want him to yell at you and make you upset Beth, she didn't send him away to be mean."

"Why doesn't he live with me and Mommy any more Rachel, was I bad?"

Rachel sighed, "Daddy did something that made Mommy really sad and she asked him to go live somewhere else because she was too upset to live with him any more. Then you came to live here when I had to go to hospital, do you remember?"

Beth nodded, "Mommy tucked me in at the other house and then I waked up in your bed. I was really scared but then Uncle Leroy came and said there was pancakes for breakfast so I was happy again."

Rachel remembered the reason for her trip upstairs, "mommy's making pancakes now, do you want to come eat them with us?"

Beth nodded, "can I sit next to you?"

"I'm sure you can" Rachel wiped the last of Beth's tears away before walking downstairs hand in hand with the young girl. She crossed her fingers and hoped that she'd seen the last of Will Schuester. Little did she know Will was soon to be the least of her problems.