Agent Maria Rainer stepped off the bus and started her short walk towards the Von Trapp house. She was dressed in a cream and brown dress, her carpet bag and guitar in hand. The others had tried to convince her to dump the old carpet bag seeing as it was old and rugged and practically falling apart, they had tried to convince her to go and get a new one but she insisted she keep it and knowing how stubborn she was she had eventually gotten her own way. She always did. Though her mouth did carry her away sometimes, she did her job well and that was all that mattered.

As she walked down the dusty road she specifically remembered how she had gotten into this job, it had been the most frightening night of her life, even now her parents were being watched and a single wrong move from her and they were gone. She had been 18, watching as young new Nazis had stormed into her and her parents' house threatening that if she did not co-operate her parents would die and she would end up with a fate worse than death and not for one second did she doubt it.

And that was how she had ended up becoming Secret Agent Maria Rainer; spy for the Nazis, gathering information from people anyway way she could. She had changed so much since then she had been so free spirited when she was younger and everyone knew she still was but she was more defined now, more grown up. She had learnt to stand up straight, how to mask her feelings which was brilliant for poker and learnt how to flirt and have a man eating out of the palm of her hand. Yet she had still managed to keep her kindness and wittiness about her.

To get information she usually used seduction and though she had been brought up with morals and that such a thing as seduction and more was wrong, she did it anyway to save her parents, for they meant the world to her. But Maria had a line which she had set herself and did not cross, she may be a professional at seducing people and there was no doubt she was, she was the best in her field and everyone knew it, but she never gave up her body.

No, to this day Maria had never failed a mission and had kept her virginity intact which was rare for most of the Secret agents. Everyone knew she was still a virgin and even without bedding anyone she had gotten amazing information and had not once failed a mission, she truly was the best. But that being said she hated the Nazis, she despised them. They were cruel and killed people for no reason, for what? Because they didn't have right eye colour? Another ridiculous reason why they had forced her to join, because she simply had blond hair and blue eyes, Preposterous!

Maria shook her head. She couldn't think like that she had to keep her parents alive. She had thought many times of taking information to people who could stop the Nazis but had quickly dismissed it. Even if she did, she would have either been shot for being a double agent or just shot for betraying them and of course her parents would die and she couldn't risk that.

She sighed as she wondered how could have god have blessed her so, blessed my ass she thought swinging her bag around in anger. Before she had been forced into working for the Nazis she had just finished her teacher training, she had always been good with children and could sing till her lungs had no more air, but her dream had been shattered in the blink of an eye, fate entangling her with these people.

She knew it was wrong to hate them so much but she couldn't help it. They had tortured people so severely that they had had the victim begging to be killed and the soldiers and spies and laughed in their demise. How she wished things could be so different. But though she hated it, eventually over the years she had become successful, she had made friends and gotten on with her life, she used whatever god gave her.

Walking up the road she went over her mission and what that pompous ass of a man Herr Zeller had said to her. Apparently if she did this right it would severely help the Nazis. She sifted through the information in her mind; Captain Georg Von Trapp, born April 4th 1880, married to Agathe whitehead in 1911. Agathe tragically died in 1922 from scarlet fever and had seven children, seven children! When Maria had first heard this she had been astonished she knew that people had big family's but she had to be their governess. Not to mention she had to do this while she seduced their father to gather information and convince him to join the Nazis. Everyone had known that this would be difficult, for everyone knew how proud Georg Von Trapp was of being Austrian and he didn't hide his dislike of Hitler and the Nazis. Something she admired secretly.

And so they had sent Maria their best agent. She had seen his picture and had to admit he was handsome but over the years, after his wife had died, she had heard he was unreachable and left his children as often as he could. How could someone do that? Then again she supposed it was the same reason she was doing this, because she couldn't live without her parents, it would be too hard.

Alright so she knew who he was what her mission was and last but not least the most important rule in being a secret agent, the one that could mean life or death, stay detached. She could seduce him but never get attached and as far as the children… well that would be hard but she had to stay detached, for her parent's sake.

Maria walked up to the gates and slowly stepped inside, taking in the enormous house and grounds. "Oh help" she said to herself as she tried to gather herself. She hadn't been nervous since the day she had had her first mission. She had been terrified but somehow passed with flying colours all thanks to her canny ability to climb trees but that was a different story.

Gathering herself up, she straightened her back and held her head up high. Think positive this could be fun! I mean look you get to live in that! She said to herself "I have confidence in confidence alone!" she sang "Besides what you see I have confidence in me!" quickly running to the door.

Out of breath she ran the doorbell slumping against the wall for a second before it was opened revealing a hard face man, probably a servant she thought, she didn't have anything against servants god knew she got on better with them than the high society farts. Forgive me god she silently said. but he looked rather up himself anyway, be nice she reprimanded herself.

"Hello here I am" she said cheerfully, he looked her as if she was mad "I'm the new governess" she said.

"And I am the butler" he said with his stout posh voice.

"Well how do you do?" she said shaking his hand politely, she drew away when he didn't really respond and he opened the door prompting her to go in. She walked in cautiously something she learned from past experience, always be cautious of where you are, watch everything around you. Even at high society parties whilst she was dressed in an elegant gown, she had watched everyone, every exit and as she entered she did just the same.

She looked around at the impressive entrance. Who has an entrance this big? She thought gob smacked. They had a chandelier! In the entrance!

"You will wait here" the butler said stiffly as he walked into the other room.

She nodded and walked down the few steps placing her bags by the side. She looked around memorising every door and every exit imprinting them to her mind. For a house with seven children it seemed awfully quiet and too neat, still looking around one door spotted her eye. She walked towards it slowly and tried peering through the crack. There was a glint of light that shone through the crack but other than that it was dark.

Her mind swarmed with possibilities of what could be inside jumping from fancy balls rooms to hidden lairs "What are you hiding my dear captain" she whispered as her hand descended on the handle, she turned it and…

"What do you think you are doing?" a deep voice boomed.

Maria jumped and she spun around quickly to face none other than Captain Georg Von Trapp his face creased with anger.

Well this wasn't a good start she thought.

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