Champion: A Long Road To Love

Chapter 16

Dewford Island

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Ash watched as Dewford port suddenly came into view over the horizon. It was fairly early in the morning. The sun was just coming up and the sea sparkled with the morning rays. The millions of pokemon that inhabited the oceans had yet to get up and around. The countless number of wingulls and pelippers that soared through the salty skies of the sea were only seen sleeping on the random patches of rock that poked out from water. Everything was quiet and peaceful.

To Ash, it was a beautiful sight that he could stare at for hours. He thoughts, though, drifted to more important matters. His talk with May two nights ago had really brought old problems to the surface and he realized how long he left them unsettled. His friendships with Misty and Brock had remained on bad terms for the better part of two years. He never tried to call or write to them. At the time, his training and battling seemed far more important then trying to fix two friendships that most likely couldn't be salvaged.

It's a mistake that he gravely regrets. He promised himself (and May), that he would resolve old issues with them. Whether they decided to accept his apology or continue to hate him, that was their choice. He really hoped, deep down, that it was the better ending in this scenario. As soon as they arrived at Dewford, Ash would write a letter to both of them. If they accepted, he would meet up with them at the Pokemon Center on Dewford. He also hoped that they could become good friends with May.

Speaking of May, Ash really had to congratulate her with her progress so far. It seemed that she already picked up a trait that Ash was famous for: to bond with your pokemon to the point of complete trust and friendship. He saw how she and Torchic acted around each other. They were like best friends and were a heck of a team to battle up against. May proved that when she wiped the floor with Roxanne. She showed brilliant maneuvers that would even give him a run for his money. Honestly, he didn't expect her to do so well. Thinking back to his first gym battle with Brock, made him feel a little embarrassed. He rushed into a battle without a plan or strategy, and it resulted in Pikachu getting severely injured. He still berated himself today because of that.

"Good morning, Ash!" The soft voice that called his name made Ash turn around. His apprentice, May, stood there, smiling sweetly at him. She always seemed to have a smile on her face.

"Good morning, May! I take it Pikachu is still sleeping?" A small giggle confirmed his suspicion. "Sometimes I wonder how he's one of my most powerful pokemon." Ash muttered.

May was now laughing at this point. She knew how much Ash detested Pikachu's lazy habits and the many failed attempts to break them. "Give him a break, Ash. He's competed in an insane number of championships, he's battled countless times, and given you many titles. I think he deserves a little break." Her logic was solid, but Ash hated to admit when he was defeated.

"That maybe true, but the only reason he won all of those battles was through intense training and constant awareness. He's getting out of shape, and that's something that should be changed." He loved Pikachu like a brother, but all he did nowadays was watch TV and eat junk food.

"You might be right, Ash, but at least let him relax every once in a while. In fact, you should give all your pokemon a vacation. Even sailing on this boat, you still have them training. Promise me you'll do that." She gave him the puppy eyes that always worked on him.

'Damn. Too cute!' Ash thought as he realized that resisting would be pointless. "Fine. When we arrive at Dewford I'll let them have a day off at the beach."


Ash blinked. "What else is there?"

May gently poked him in the head and started to giggle. "You should take the day off too, silly. You always train yourself until your exhausted. I even remember a couple of times finding you passed out in the middle of a field with no shirt." She fought back a blush at the memory. He did look good without a shirt on.

"That can be arranged. It would be nice to take a break. Besides, after we defeat Brawly I plan on staying for at least a week." His expression immediately changed to a serious one. "And I have to contact Brock and May."

At seeing him sadden, May placed a comforting hand on his shoulder. She knew that he hated himself for how he treated them in the past, and that he wanted to reestablish the friendships they used to share. She was also interested in meeting the two people who had helped Ash with the first months of his pokemon training.

"It will be alright, Ash. I'm sure if you explain to them how you feel and admit to the mistakes you made, you'll be chatting like friends again in no time!" She assured him.

A smile came to Ash's face. "Your right, May. Thanks." At times like these, Ash realized how much May was there for him. Whenever he was angry or upset, she would always find a way to cheer him up. He was really lucky to have her as a friend.

"Ah! Ash, May! I see you two are up!" The two turned around at Drakes voice as he descended down to the deck. "We have arrived at Dewford and are ready to dock. Gather up all your belongings and head on down to the dock!"

Ash and May both looked ahead and realization hit them. They had arrived at Dewford, but were completely oblivious to it. It made them blush in embarrassment.

After saying their goodbyes to the Elite Four member and gathering up their belongings (and Pikachu, who was still sleeping), Ash and May found themselves mesmerized by the large area of vendors and stores that littered the docks of Dewford. Everything from pokeballs to clothing could be found. This absolutely terrified Ash, because he knew how much May loved to shop.

"Look at this, Ash! It's only one hundred dollars!" May held up a beautiful blue dress that didn't leave a lot to the imagination. It would leave a lot of back exposed and the front would show a fair amount of cleavage. A vision of May in the dress, caused Ash to fight back a nosebleed. "Do you think I should try it on first?"

"No! I mean...I can already tell you'll look good in it. Go ahead and buy it." He doubted he would survive seeing her in it, and he did not want to die young from loss of blood.

May sent a wink at him.

"Thanks, Ash! We should find something for you too!" As quickly as she appeared, May dived back into a random clothing store.

Ash let out a sigh of relief. He was able to avoid looking like an idiot in front of May, but now she would have him try on about a hundred different shirts, fifty different pairs of pants, and she would try to get him to take his hat off. She said he looked good without it, but he felt almost naked without his hat. It was like a part of him.

Sighing again, Ash shook his backpack and out came Pikachu, who looked like he was enjoying a nap. It annoyed Ash to no end at how lazy his starter pokemon was.

"Your going to waste your life away if you keep sleeping so much, Pikachu." A tick mark appeared on his head when he realized Pikachu wasn't listening. "Will you pay attention to me!"

Pikachu practically jumped a couple of feet high from the tone of Ash's voice. "Pika, Pika?" He mustered up his best innocent face and added the teary eyes for effect. If it worked on May, it should work on Ash, right?


"Don't try that on me, Pikachu! I know all your tricks! Starting from here on you will be on a strict exercise and training program! And no more sleeping in and eating endless amounts of junk food!" Each demand brought dread over Pikachu. Oh, how he wish he could retire and settle down with a cute Pikachu and have a couple kids. He would watch TV everyday and sleep in until noon. But Ash would be a wreck without him, so it was his job to get Ash out of the harder and more dangerous challenges that laid ahead in life. Life as a pokemon was never easy.

"Pika." Pikachu muttered. He would play along for now. If he could just get May to be on his side then Ash would be defeated. A sinister smile crept across Pikachu's face as he began to think of his 'master plan'.

Ash caught sight of this and knew what he was thinking.

"Don't even think about going to May. She's with me on this decision, so don't bother trying." Though Ash was bluffing, Pikachu's expression turned into one of defeat. "But for now, just relax. I planned on giving you guys a break from battling. A trip to the beach tomorrow should do the trick."

Pikachu immediately perked up at this and nodded. He always loved the beach, but he refused to get in the water. The last time he did, Pikachu electrocuted about a dozen water-type pokemon and Ash. Besides, he needed to work on his tan.

"Ash!" Both Ash and Pikachu turned around and saw May carrying at least five bags of purchased items. Somehow, Ash had a gut feeling that his wallet would take a severe hit by the time they left Dewford.

"Hey, May! I see you did some shopping." Ash could hear Pikachu chuckle at that understatement.

May nodded.

"Yep! I got myself a new bathing suit and a few new outfits!" Ash gulped at 'new bathing suit'. "I also got some new clothes for you that I think you'll like!"

Ash smiled. "I'm sure they'll be awesome, May. Tomorrow, we'll be heading to the beach and enjoy a day of relaxation. The gym battle with Brawly will be the next day." He shifted his bag and motioned for Pikachu to hop onto his shoulder. "We should head to the Pokemon Center and get our rooms settled. I have to write that letter to Misty and Brock, too." He felt a little nervous writing to them, but he needed to do this.

"Sure thing, Ash! Let's go!" May was also a little nervous, not for herself but for Ash. She wanted everything to turn out well. She knew Ash was sorry for what he did and that he wanted nothing more then to rebuild his friendships with Misty and Brock. May also hoped that they could all become good friends after this. 'I guess we'll find out, soon.'


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