Soooo I know I promised you guys a Sherlock Holmes story and since that's still in the works I wrote this little one shot for the BBC Sherlock which is AWESOME! I love it very much. Please read and review and send me a case. I need cases or you'll have nothing to read about. Soo here it is Just Another Day.

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"Sherlock, what are you doing?"

Sherlock was laying on the couch with his arms extended upwards, texting. John's voice had caused him to drop the phone on his face with a small thunk. He picked it up off his forehead and continued texting.

"I'm texting the entire press room at the police station."

"Is that my phone?" Sherlock sat up a bit and gave him a look that clearly stated of course it is.

"You really need to stop the whole pickpocket thing. I needed to use that." John began to unload the cold things into the fridge before stopping and picking up the jar that was already inhabiting it.

"Isn't this your microwaved eyeballs experiment?" He asked in disgust. Sherlock sat up quickly and pointed at the jar.

"Quick! Put those in the freezer! It could save a man's life!" Hearing the sense of urgency in his tone John did as directed.

He continued to unload the groceries when he paused again.

"Sherlock, what is your skull doing in the bread box?"

"Hiding from Mrs. Hudson."

"Ok then."

After he finished putting away the grocery's he decided to sit and write a bit on his blog.

"Where's my laptop?"

"In the dish cupboard."

"Now may I ask why it's in there?"


John sighed. He got up to go save his laptop from the evil cupboard and bade Sherlock a goodbye as he went upstairs to write in peace. Before reaching the top step he turned back to Sherlock who was now preparing himself for a nap.



"Will that experiment really save a man's life?"

Suddenly the fridge shuttered as if an explosion went off in the freezer.

"It will now." Sherlock muttered before turning over and falling asleep.

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